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@EeveeEon: can I appear in the battle as a medic?
@EeveeEon: I'm so small and cute.
@EeveeEon: I meant with the apprentice apprentice thing.
@EeveeEon: I feel like mentioning something about star wars and something to do with the dark side apprentice list but the comment would be huge and I can't be stuff writing it. Also who's apprentice am I?
@EeveeEon: apprentice's apprentice could work, couldn't? Also who's Devin's master or mistress?
@EeveeEon: please call me Greath it's my name, I am also a medic and can I be Devin's apprentice?
@EeveeEon: I'm finally gonna be in a comic strip of yours, thank you thank you thank you thank you. Also please call me Greath.
@EeveeEon:Imma hoping it's me, cause I was told I'd apear in a comic and haven't yet (Devin is also in the room), oh yea were going to an ice cave we found and will be back in 5-6 days, we'll try read the comic if we get a connection.
@Pinkeevee222: Hey pinkie I had an idea, which is that you could make some more smakjeeve comic files and put some of the other comics you've made in them so us on smackjeeves can read them without having to go to a diffrent sight.
@EeveeEon: I hope Imma gonna be in the next one, yolo but I live forever.
@EeveeEon: yassss special comic in 'bout 9-8 days.
@EeveeEon: You can add me scince your doing this.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm back from diemension 16 (visted my cousin), I like tangerine, tangerine tasty, tangerine scrumcious, tangerine precios, tangerine mine (starts peeling tangerine with one paw) it's quite hard.
@EeveeEon: I'll try to, but I'm not to sure if master devin will. Oh and do we have to drw one of your caracters cause I wanna try draw master's young nephew oliver (oli) the halfling.
Imma back, sorry Could'nt chatch up earlyer, master Devin will comment later as well I'll just have to remind him.
The hole is from "The date" 2 comics ago.
@Pinkeevee222: who are two background eevees and is one missing part of ear?