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"was he thinking that every time i cried in front of him?"
@uhheythere: I don't think He's unhappy at all. Furthermore, I think they they did it in front of him in purpose.
I got the flowers.
Dear author, I'm happy men.
for some secs i tought the towel knot was a inverted erection
I feel more blessed each page that passed o m g
"Seeing your bae in garters fills you with determination"
tarot said i was goin' to have a good day, tarot didn't lie
I saw this joke coming and even so I'm dying jesus
that's so sweet <3
my kinky side is dancing and celebrating right now, my non-kinky is either
It's been a year <\3 I love this comic
Thanks for taking care of our baby Tinah!:') (love from Brazil <3)