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"i bet my ass"
fall fall fall fall
I know this since 2015, It would make me really sad not to be able to read it now. You can make the choice to go to patreon, but that doens't mean you should. Keep in mind that one of the reasons you are here today is bacause of the support of people that have known your comic for maybe a long time, and have commented and shared, and now may not be able to see the development of what they followed. Idk about your other projects, if you have any, but in my opinion if you started this here you should end it here. I only typed this cause I really love and aprecciate your comic, whatever is your choice, kisses and hugs from Brazil.
"was he thinking that every time i cried in front of him?"
@uhheythere: I don't think He's unhappy at all. Furthermore, I think they they did it in front of him in purpose.
I got the flowers.
Dear author, I'm happy men.
for some secs i tought the towel knot was a inverted erection
I feel more blessed each page that passed o m g
"Seeing your bae in garters fills you with determination"
tarot said i was goin' to have a good day, tarot didn't lie
I saw this joke coming and even so I'm dying jesus
that's so sweet <3
my kinky side is dancing and celebrating right now, my non-kinky is either
It's been a year <\3 I love this comic
Thanks for taking care of our baby Tinah!:') (love from Brazil <3)