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Aw poor Reese he's trying!
I loooove how you draw Mew and Mega Rayquaza. They look so beautiful!
@Flavia-Elric: Alright that's good then! I wasn't sure and I know several authors aren't fans of getting grammar critiques without asking for it. ^^b
She's back!
@I'm here for the comics.: I mean you could just not correct the grammar.
Blackmoss? Is it poisonous?
Crys' face is priceless
The plot thickens! I like where this is going. I'm all down for these intermissions. Great work and keep it up!
Congrats Silver! You've earned it!
It’s the once a year update!

See ya next year folks
Played Smash Ultimate for the first time last night. My friends are still mad that I managed to destroy them with Pichu.
Superstitious much?
Glad to see an update. Hopefully you're settling well in the new job!
CHapter 2 begins!
... character sheets?
... character sheets?
@Glameow: The more you ask for them the more people don't want to do them.
She? I wonder who “she” is.