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ohmygodthey'resocute ahhhhhh
I don't think having a stroke is one of those things that falls into the category of being able to "handle it", Lasse.
I'm looking at you, Morgan Rhodes.
Just some expression practice for our serperior hero.
Some snoot and hairstyle practice for Sloane the Ninetales
Lol Jawz.

Also I wonder how much that hurt.
This page was drawn courtesy of LKWayvern! Great job on this page, LK, and now we're finally somewhat back on track for the adventure. Let's see how long that lasts.
Battle music is always necessary.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one counting.
Well it's saddening that work is keeping your busy. However, hearing you're turning this into an animation sounds exciting! I'll stick through no matter what you do! You have my full support.
Ohh another gorgon appears! I didn't realize snakes were okay with being braided.
@Blue Umbreon: Flash animations usually are the only things that work on smackjeeves.
I also thought he was going to do some sort of proposal. Though a promposal seemed more likely.

*hides behind desk*
So whilst discussing Luna's reference with some friends I had the realization that the reason I've always disliked Luna's design is that she's too round. I use the classic sugimori teardrop face for Umbreon when in reality the snout style fits Umbreon much better. So I did some practice the following day of some snouts for Umbreon. I tried different shapes that were recommended to me plus used some real life animal influences to see what Umbreon would be suited best with. As you can see I used the red fox, a rabbit, and a thylacine for the real life animal influences. Though the thylacine one and the one beside it kinda make Umbreon look more like a dear.
Uhh I think Saku's words didn't quite process in Kanetsugu's head.
PMD: PPF will return!
So if you didn't see my news post (http://pmdppf.smackjeeves.com/news-archive/posts/147264/the-future/) then here's the news you weren't expecting, PPF is going to be rebooted. I'm working with several people to make this into a story worthy of your attention. After debating it for a bit, I realized that I couldn't do the story I wanted with the current set up. So I'm going to be starting over. I'll be moving all of the current pages into their own chapter so you can still read them if you want, but I hope to have the reboot ready soon.

Until the reboot is ready, however, I plan to upload sketches and pictures of characters, scenes, etc. That way you guys can see what I'm doing in the mean time. You'll get to see sketches of the main characters, some of the minor characters, and maybe learn a few things about the characters you never knew before! So until the reboot, I hope you enjoy what I've got planned!

Also in the mean time, if you haven't noticed yet, I've got two custom pages! The first, the fanart page, has some fanart some friends of mine drew for me! The second, Lucky Travels, details the journeys of Lucky the Shiny Eevee, Isaiah the Bayleef, and some of their friends through various comics across the universe!
Looking good, Rym! Super excited for this!
Aw right as I start reading too. Oh well! I enjoyed your comic so far so keep it up!
An evil mew? Plot twist!