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Definitely totally not suspicious in any way shape or form. Nope. Not at all.
Will our protagonist make it to class on time? Will she develop a reverse harem and use them to save the world from the evil Vegetalo? Find out next time on Slumber Town!

Nah but seriously good update. That intrusive thoughts thing is too accurate.
@Flamel: I think they're all factors in the decision. It does have to do with the models and animations, as well as storage space and time constraints. If you look at all the pokemon that have appeared in previous games and compare their models and animations to previous games, you'll see a lot of distinct differences. Most of them have new battle animations, the idle animations are also more active from what we've seen with Scorbunny constantly hopping for example, and they are using newer models as, for example, Growlithe's facial expression is different from how it looked in USUM.

I think the decision was long overdue, but I don't think it's a bad thing either. Like this comic points out, it leaves potential for new features and other stuff. I think dismissing the games right off based on just this is not giving Game Freak enough credit to come up with something great despite this.
Gasp! It's my favorite of the lake trio!
@Flamel: While true just because they aren’t included in one game doesn’t mean those Pokémon have been Thanos snapped out of existence. They’ll be available in future games.

Been when you consider the fact that each Pokémon has a plethora of animations just for each battle, with like 900 and something plus models to make currently when you including megas, alternate forms, etc., it’s a lot to include and those animations add up fast. It’s why certain mons doesn’t move around during Z-move animations, it’s just too much to do, unfortunately.
Great update! I completely understand if you've lost your motivation to update, that's fine, but I look forward to any more updates you may put out.
@Samadriel: He's got a very diverse moveset, I like it!

Good guest filler art! Glad to hear you're still resting well.
Digimon and Monster Hunter haven't included all their monsters for years and they've been fine. Pokémon will be fine without all 1000 in a single game.
Ooh is he using Toxic?
@Machamrick11: Well I'll be excitedly looking forward to seeing it!
Loving this so far! Keep up the great work!
A very cute! Love them!
Love the designs on these kiddos. Great work!
Yay! Glad to see you back!
I wonder how long he thinks has passed.
Sad to see it end but I loved the run while it lasted!
I love how you draw Marill and Azurill. Such good little round boys.
Oooh I live this interpretation of smeargle. The dog like appearance suits them.
@Nashew: That'd be a twist.