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@Nashew: That'd be a twist.
I love how you draw Shaymin!! So cute!
I love how the Ho-oh looks. Feels like there should be just this giant Mimikyu underneath. I love it.
@Shotgun Chuck: He was indeed trolling. I understand your conclusion and as one of the authors I'm simply trying to correct you. It's blue fire.
@Shotgun Chuck: Nope, that was also blue fire.
@Shotgun Chuck: Given the Ninetales has a silver coat with blue tail tips and has breathed fire on multiple occasions and does not have the distinctive light blue coat and curly fur of its Alolan form nor has it used any fairy or ice moves, safe to say, it is a shiny kantonian Ninetales.
It's time to party!
Where's Greg???
@BudgieGryphon: No they were always on the right eye. Roland was looking into a mirror earlier
Your style is so pretty!
No Magnezone is wrapping Rowlet's wounds.
Aw poor Reese he's trying!
I loooove how you draw Mew and Mega Rayquaza. They look so beautiful!
@Flavia-Elric: Alright that's good then! I wasn't sure and I know several authors aren't fans of getting grammar critiques without asking for it. ^^b
She's back!
@I'm here for the comics.: I mean you could just not correct the grammar.
Blackmoss? Is it poisonous?