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Kinda just lurking now, lol. Bowser Jr. <3
I suppose it's time for me to rate all the contestants so far since I've fallen behind and didn't post opinions on the last few cast releases.

Bonnie: GTFO
Sarah: Oooh, she seems nice. Hopefully she is and makes it far ^_^
Bowser: Yessssss <3 I love him.
Bowser Jr.: Omggggggg, I love him even more <3 <3 Honestly one of my two favorite Mario characters with Yoshi being the other one.
Bradley/Stagg: HYPE He's amazing
Doris: Surprisingly my opinion of her is the same as my opinion of Sarah, which is funny seeing how different their loved ones (Can you really call Sarah Bonnie's "loved" one though?) are.
Brandi: Ew.
Lake: Ewwwwww
Damon: Yasssssssss
Angelo: Even more yasssssss xD
Eli: HYPEEEEEEE Could see him getting annoying if he lasts very long though.
Cassidy: Huh, honestly not much of an opinion of her so far.
Iyzebel: Stole Ivan's spot -__- (jk) Don't care for her.
Scott: Douche, gtfo
Thorne: :) Pretty cool.
Sierra: :) Seems cool too.
Omg, I'm so excited for this ^_^
Working on a big brother brantsteele with this cast, will try to finish up and post tomorrow :)
LOL thanks Dustin. I was worried for a bit after Taro lost the challenge, but then I realized there was still a moron left in it that would be very likely to throw away his game to someone like Taro that played better than him in every possible way. This is very similar to how Woo took Tony to the end, except there I was still hoping for Woo to somehow win since I loved him and he was one of my fav players in survivor history, Dustin.... not so much.
Um.... Shaega..... Nothing you say is going to make me see you as more than just an evil, twisted sociopath mkay? Please let the challenge be one that plays to Taro's strengths <3
Oh my god.... If Taro leaves before FTC I'll be so pissed. If our winner is the moronic Dustin or evil sociopathic Shaega this season will turn from a great one into one of the worst imo.
:) Can't wait until one of those two leaves. With Shaega being evil and chaotic and Sylvia being slightly entertaining but tiring by now as well as Taro's biggest threat seeing one of them gone will bring me some joy in a time when I'm needing it.
Hmm, I'm glad my favorite character left won immunity, but I'm getting worried that he won't win the next. I guess we'll just have to see how things go~
._. Bye Ky, good luck Taro <3
LOL the karma at Shaega screwing over Ky (D:) and then immediately getting hit by Taro's ball (:D) is amazing. The only thing that would have made this better is if Shaega had been medevaced for that "unfortunate incident". (I'm starting to sound almost as evil as Shaega xD)
@shaegatard: Lol...
Other reasons to hate him:
Wants to make other people miserable including sweethearts like Ky more than winning the game.
Gets too much focus and time committed to him instead of Ky.
Cheats, he was on the normal tribe so he should stay normal and not "mostly normal but possessing the power previously belonging to a super".
Overall being a terrible player and person.

That should be enough reasons for you :)
@Fern111: That would be cool, any situation that results in a Ky or Taro win is good imo.
I like how Lucy's trying to get Shaega out :) He really needs to leave soon, even if he makes f3 chanced better for others he really doesn't deserve making it there.
@DrMarble: I honestly forgot that's what happened with Tapioca. I remember very little from that season.
@qazox: Dustin's actually a genius and his idiocy is just a cover?
@Sonofhades: Yesssss, they definitely should adopt Ky. It would make perfect sense and make the ending to the comic even better.
Omg, that was amazing. Ky was already an amazing character and being with Tails made him even better. Ky's the best character in sfc history honestly.