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I'm an artist. I make pretty things ^_^ I also like playing games with my friends.
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Anticipation! xD
She's so lovely, both in this and the cover page. I can't wait to learn more about this new girl <3
I love love love the comraderie and the chemestry with these characters. You can almost forget that there's _big things_ in the wings and just enjoy the slice of life.
Aaaaa, why is she so adoriable!? xD

I love the way those two banter like old friends :3 you have to wonder how they met.
~Echoes the long low whistle~ Such a hottie XD

I like the slouchyboots a lot.
Get him corseted up and steampunked out? Yeah that would work xD

I'm still loving V standing there like "I'm not sure what I'm stuck in the middle of here."
Heee! Charitable mystery strangers <3
How to break the ice: show up naked.
Excelent. Both the pages and the story <3

I love her determination and her beautiful pudginess.
I'm loving the exposition here. Her narrative voice feels very natural, and I like how she's basically talking to us ~laugh~ It doesn't feel like a breaking of the 4th wall as much as an inclusion of us in the story, which is magnificent <3

Also: Vernal and his snaky tentacle arms and super-happy baby loving is amazing. I love his everything.
Ahhaha, she's so cute :3 I love her expressions and how strangely emotive her breasts are XD
Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy was exciting. We lost power for about 27 hours.

This presumed brother of Zee's doesn't seem too happy to have at least one of the others on board, does he?
About damned time!
I have been sitting on this page, and the next, letting depression have its way with me for far too long. But thanks to some help from Fiona and a few other positive mental health factors like InterventionCon, and Autumn, Ive gotten both pages done and we are set for regular updates again!

If I ever miss more than a week of updates, you guys are free and welcome to email me at my artist name at gmail and ask whats keeping me. I'll do my best not to give you all the excuse!
January 4th, 2012
Sorry for the recent lack of updates ^^, my current status was, until three days ago, best described as "working retail over the holidays" and "suffering from depression." Now that I'm down to one of those, I'll be getting back to work.

Thanks so much for the kind words!
October 27th, 2011
Next page up Wednesday :) Happy Samhain everyone!
May 15th, 2011
Finally back! Though look for another shift in art style for the upcoming pages <3

Also, for the record, Mr. Moris sounds like Foghorn Leghorn in my head XD
March 21st, 2011
Thanks so much, Frost <3
~laugh~ Oh, how cute XD
"But this isn't Annie related" you say?

The person in the coat is Ani, alterverse male version of Annie >.> He has existed since well before this picture. It's a long story XD

Happy Valentines Day!
I did xD I said I would <3 I just needed some time to deal with Christmas+retail and seasonal fluctuation in depression ^^

And you totally should <3