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Hmmmm, I wonder when was the last time I ate a veg e table?
Such a colourful comic xD
...What is this "sleep" thy speak of?
Pancakes are yummy XP
Iv been gone for far to long. I need to catch up ^^;
Still a interesting comic as ever. X3
Not TM-15 again!
What a beautiful couple! XD
No lie tho. That is one good looking cactus!
I Realy love the diversity of the expressions of their faces!:D
Eyyy its neon on the 4th panel!
Eyyy I'm down for a live stream.
This is scarier then that "It" movie.
Lol I like how you kept rhyming after the comic.
Huh that is actually an interesting poster. Id watch it lol
Its that time again. Ima look for that gold togepi.
Wait so the live stream is tomorrow?
I cant wait for merch! also poor bolt. we lost a good one. lets bow our heads for bolt.
*sigh* oh well i guess waiting doesnt hurt, hopefully it nothing alarming.