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Protecc teh Delcatty!
Also I need a Nego!
I was hoping that Vay was gonna crack a small smile towards the end. Cute either way. Some wholesome bro interaction ^w^
Ahh, I spot a Vay peeking through~
Blizz hits the fat nae nae to save the box.
I know vay is small compared to the others but here he looks smoll!
There is a difference
I love the interaction between Night and Dusk. Also Vay is slowly climbing my favorite character list :3
Yeesh ^^;
Too much?
Name: Neon Jian Rings

Eevee number:45

Grades: 10th 11th or12th

Patient, calm and brave Neon is an all around dependable guy. Although he struggles academically he shines emotionally. With him being in tune with his emotions he finds it easy to help out any eevee in distress. Ask him for help and he would gladly accept. His sense of humor is odd to say the least, chuckling at the simplest things. Personality wise he is rather attentive, choosing to read situations from afar and staying quiet. Although his personality often shifts from introvert to extrovert depending on his mood, he can easily go up to someone and give them a hug. With the thought of keeping everyone happy, he will not hesitate to show affection to those around him in order to help them feel needed. Romance wise Neon treads carefully, with the intentions of not hurting anyone he is open to finding somemon special to him although it's not his top priority. That being said his loyalty is second to none. Neon mostly comes out as a softy but can be assertive and straightforward when need be. He is also a weeb and is not afraid to suggest a few anime with slice of life and romance being his preference. His dream eeveelution is Umbreon due to his strong attraction to the moon.
Also Gib me fish aswell!
I can only imagine being called "daddy" by a smol kiddo at this age. Feels kinda off putting.
Yo Blizz!

Chill out~
Man, I hate it when my orange juice runs away.
Why NOT the fridge?
Now this hits close to home.
Saw it, this was amazing!
Hush child, you draw great humans!
Hmmmm, I wonder when was the last time I ate a veg e table?
Such a colourful comic xD