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Yo Blizz!

Chill out~
Man, I hate it when my orange juice runs away.
Why NOT the fridge?
Now this hits close to home.
Saw it, this was amazing!
Hush child, you draw great humans!
Hmmmm, I wonder when was the last time I ate a veg e table?
Such a colourful comic xD
...What is this "sleep" thy speak of?
Pancakes are yummy XP
Iv been gone for far to long. I need to catch up ^^;
Still a interesting comic as ever. X3
Not TM-15 again!
What a beautiful couple! XD
No lie tho. That is one good looking cactus!
I Realy love the diversity of the expressions of their faces!:D
Eyyy its neon on the 4th panel!
Eyyy I'm down for a live stream.
This is scarier then that "It" movie.