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I only have an account so I can favorite comics and send in Character Applications to Survivor Fan Characters. but... Hi.
Is this the most obvious double boot in SFC history? I think it is

Derek: Lester

Jeannie: Lester

Lester: Jeannie

Parmesan: Lester

Slash: Lester

5-1, no idol play i cri but not really
what is this, Mortal Kombat? using K's in place of where there should be a C?!

CutieKat: Nezumi

Jahira: Nezumi

Jenny: Nezumi

Nezumi: Ollie

Ollie: Nezumi

Raiza: Nezumi

5-1, it won't actually be that simple but i'm too tired for this crap
Tony: I want to throw this challenge

Also Tony: lol imma fuck over this other team about to win

Kade is a douche

also, trying to shapeshift into the Spinda would've been genius if they had a dummy Parmesan to fool Jeff into thinking he wasn't disguised, but obviously they didn't have the foresight to do that

Lester and Nezumi are getting voted out, yawn, next episode!
greeeeeat job Nezumi, way to make your allies wanna keep ya! idiot

What a shock! Naomi's talking to Ghost Bro! No one saw this coming!....except everyone! And yeesh Alf, she's not your girl! get over it!
Very interesting confessional there, Kade...

Shouldn't Josh be ejected or at least warned for attacking another competitor outside of a challenge?

in other news, Nezumi is almost definitely gone this ep! And Ollie loves Jenny, aww

*entire crowd applauds the amazing argument*

I have to assume Kade has the heart to give back the ring? pffft as if
poor Josh...except not really, that guys blander than a piece of stale bread.
No way those three get away with this somethings going to happen to that ring

Ollie's now a hugger, not a killer! uh..just not a good one
What a shock!...said no one with basic reading comprehension skills

Quickscope was fun but the joke was getting tired, this was good time for him to leave. Adult Quickscope for a returnee season many years from now...?
SHOCKING NEWS: The 8 and a half year old COD player is hard to deal with!!

Josh: Kade

Kade: Quickscope

Mele: Quickscope

Quickscope: Mele

Tony: Quickscope

3-1-1, Quickscope complains about FUCKING HAX
Jeannie either gets medevacced or gets the ring back, i'd bank on the latter

I have a bad feeling Ollie will be the Ertfelda to Jenny's Cesternino and betray her.. or kill her at night. Either or
No one there gonna consider Parmesan took it?

Can Ollie become super mech Ollie with some Ex Machina upgrades?
how tf does Lester even know what a Nurse Joy is?

and..uh oh.. Doll is pissed off!

wait that's a terrible life lesson!!

Tony is a superdouche
yay! getting munched on my a killer robot is AWESOME!

now there's gonna be mass paranoia but watch it not even be on the tribe anymore lol
Always be careful with who you entrust information to.. Kade won't be happy to here this
Joy got voted off. That means she lost.

(good move by everyone there)
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you..

Poor Jeannie, so worried about the ring

anyway I think both sides turn on JOy here, so vote predictions are CANCELLED.

...april fools

Derek: Joy

Jeannie: Joy

Joy: Parmesan (or maybe Slash idk)

Lester: Joy

Parm: Joy

Slash: Joy

Penalty: Parmesan

5-2, bye Captain obvious. or maybe both sides just vote for each other and Joy really decides who goes home! pffft as if