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Comics like this are why Damon is in my SFC top 10. In fact..

10: Spongebob 9: Alex 8: Taro 7: Cherman 6: Vinnie 5: Gatemaster 4: Ky 3: DAMON 2: Kala 1: Malik

Pretty high ranking.

Anywho, this little coup oughta be interesting. I don't exactly want to see the Deer leave, nor do I want Damon to take out Vinnie and Jr, but I love Damon and want him to succeed. UUgh this season is too good...
How often does someone find two Idols in a single game of SFC? Brad is one lucky buck.

Now, Brad once again has to play Idol roulette and select the right ally on which to play his Idol. Last time, he fucked it up and we lost the best character of SFC 14. This is not going to go well, is it?
Gonna be weird seeing Rogueport in sprite form and not Paper..

Another masterpiece of a challenge. I want an extended version of this to be the FIC..
@Tailslover13: I liked JoJo. But Liz sucked. Big time.
Yes Vinnie, fill up the jury with people who you royally pissed the fuck off.. Can't go wrong..

Vinnie's downfall will probably be a lot more satisfying here than in 2, cause here i'm not rooting for him to win.
Yet another tribal that has me shocked. Thought for sure Brandi would go deep, and take out Jr.. But I don't care about her. Also surprised Brad flipped of all people, but might be obvious in hindsight.

Preview intrigues me.. Unexpected twist? Please don't be a fucking bottle..
@dat4yc: Yeah, agreed. All the bitching abut the Sierra hate is 20x more obnoxious than the actual Sierra hate.
I honestly think Jr flipping was a bad move on his part, at least in hindsight. Now nobody trusts him at all and half the game wants him gone.

You some vote predictions? Too bad!

... Nah I love ya too much

Bradley: Jr

Brandi: Jr

Bowser Jr: Brandi

Damon: Brandi (though would NOT be surprised to see him flip)

Doris: Jr

Riley: Jr

Sierra: Brandi

Thorne: Brandi

Tialayla: Jr

Vinnie: Brandi

5-5. 4-4 on the revote. ROCKS. Sierra drawing the rock would fit the running theme of of purple rock drawers being boring females. And the flip flopper losing because she finally picked a side feels like SWSU-type irony.
I knew this challenge the minute I saw barrels adrift. I like how Damon's 'DAAAAANIGT!'' contrast's with Angelo's ''DAAAAMNIT!'' from the other Mario Party esque challenge.

No idea what happens at TC, TBH. Sierra's the deciding factor probably, and she's about as reliable as a dead man driving a tractor. I really hope this somehow ends with her drawing the purple rock, that would be oh so fitting.
Even the super badass military men aren't immune to temptations of Cake..

Is Sierra finally picking a damn side? YAY. Watch her be out next.
LOL Damon. If only you knew how gullible you are..

Well Vinnie knows Jr flipped. These people are smarter than Jr thought.

Vinnie seems poised to take on the main villain mantle once again. Interesting..
Y'know something funny? I was going to log in after reading the comic, and one of the comics on spotlight was called.. Give up the Ghost.

I love the Mario Party style Boo reveal. Challenges this season are top fucking notch.
Awww.. Good ol' character moments. Good to hear that T beat the fuck out of a cheating scumbag.

Looks like Damon is also doubting his group.. That alliance is doomed.
Brandi, the other person who comforted you after you and your dad fought was Cassidy. Who you then coldly dumped like yesterday's trash.

Brad knows that all of his allies die eventually lol. Seriously, everyone he talked to in 14 was booted, followed by him himself. He's smart to try and avoid that this time..
Who's that sexy turtle on the left side of this comment?

Uh, so yeah, if I was them my very first suspect is the guy pointing fingers at other people. Jr, you're lucky they're all dumb..

Ohh Sierra... Can't catch a break, can she? She really should just give up on her sister and flip for real. Assuming Jr actually plans to stick with the deer, then that's a comfy majority with all her buddies.
So if you don't mind me posting twice: Here's my final predictions and thoughts on everybody this season.

Bonnie: DIE DIE DIE/Early Boot

Sarah: Meh/Mid-Merge

Bowser: AWESOME/Early Merge

Bowser Jr: Meh/Goes Deep (potential main villain)

Bradley: Cool/Mid Merge

Doris: Not Bad/Late Pre Merge-Early Merge

Brandi: >:(/Last Pre-Merge Boot

Lake: Yawn/Early Boot (potential early blindside)

Damon: AWESOME/Late Pre-Merge

Angelo: Also pretty awesome/Goes Deep

Eli: Not Bad/First Merge Boot

Cassidy: Meh/First Boot

lyzebel: Bleh/Early Boot

Scott: ??/?? (can't get a read on this guy) (maybe HE'S the main

Thorne: Not Bad/At Least Jury

Sierra: Not Bad/Mid Pre Merge

Tialayla: ??/?? (despite Anime's help I still have no memory or opinion on her)

Riley: Pretty Cool/Goes Deep (potential winner)

Vinnie: AWESOME/Goes Deep (other potential winner, give him the story Minerva SHOULD'VE gotten in BotT)

Rosella: Bleh/Eliminated at Swap

Final Five prediction: Angelo, Bowser Jr, Riley, Vinnie and.. A female, maybe Tialayla I guess. I didn't mean to be so sexist with these predictions O_O
@SWSU-Master: The Father of Satan is actually God because God created the Angels, witch Satan was before falling.

OK Bowser's coming back, the only beacon of light in SFC 12! Well him and Spongebob. Ohh bring Bob here too with Patrick. But for Bowser the obvious beat-your-head-with a club loved one is Bowser Jr. But I think Peach would be more interesting.

Stagg! His wife is here with him. If you can't see that you didn't look at the comic.

Damon! I don't got a fucking clue. Maybe the Blond dude on the blocks in Panel 7.

I would murder someone to have Sponegbob and Patrick, also Kala and Dmitri (was that his name? been forever since I looked at SFC4) Ky and and a robot loved one would be interesting as well.

I love the setting, Mario's always been my favorite series (yes I like it better than Pokemon, shocking I know) I love that one of the challenges looks like it's in the old school Donkey Kong arcade game. 25M or 75M? OK now i'm just rambling. So hyped for this though.
any day now... anyyyy day now..
@Guest: Come on dude this thing has to take a long time to make. He has to write and sprite the whole thing on his own.