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I only have an account so I can favorite comics and send in Character Applications to Survivor Fan Characters. but... Hi.
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, bathroom. Can relate
Something tells me there will be fried duck by the end of the episode
kitsunie sucks

i don't have much else to add. good night!
Ally........Or betray?

lol @ the advantages being totally disregarded
OK, so either E.T really is insane and is just good at hiding it, or he picked a REALLY bad time to make some tinfoil hat jokes.

anyway, this is kind of.....yeah no
I smell Atlas shooting up at least one ranking rn...

press F for Kasai missing his show
I imagine that Ethan was playing Pursuit~Cornered in his head as he took down lady Bit.

Anyway, meh. She was funny I guess but we fucking get it dude, OP characters are annoying and you don't like Neptunia

ALSO: Kasai, you're the man, man
lady bit more like lady idiot

also she ded
yep. that was a comic. i'd say Shin's gonna stress himself to death but then kasai would fade out of existence
Ah, the no twist twist!

Meh, she was ok i guess. Probably the best possible first boot, I think.
Spwinkles gonna get voted off by those bif fat meanie weanies ;-;

vote predictions is everybody murders her the end
He's the mayor of alliance town, now.

....i r noot funy ;-;
That was a fun one.

I don't expect this challenge fuck-up to really bite Shin or Yessi, honestly not sure who's gonna go out, yet
My theory: Boot to the head. number 1 cause of amnesia.

Lady Bit is awesome, btw
Ehh, I prefer ???. But, oh well, Forgetting shit daily should make an interesting character.

Kasai is a trust-no-one kinda dude.....probably not a bad mindset
And thus started E.t's quest to never, ever meet another alien in his life.

poor, poooor Yessi
Well shit i'm changing my mind, Sprinkles lasts twice as long as her future counterpart

Nolaa, you're a life saver (and ender...)
Sagiwhatever: reverse Clarissa lol

Shin: gonna have a meltdown or something

Sprinkles: LOL, so young and naive, before EA possessed her. First Boot I think

Yessi: seems like the CPP type who goes far