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I only have an account so I can favorite comics and send in Character Applications to Survivor Fan Characters. but... Hi.
Parmesan: I got a good feeling about this one. Whilst the other 4 people on his tribe will be varying levels of trainwreck, he'll be controlling the whole thing. Goes deep.

Quickscope: Secretly an angry 13 year old? Merge boot because LOLCHALLENGETHREATS.

Raiza: not the leader type. Probably an early out after playing too hard, somewhere middle pre-merge.

Tony: Gonna try to be the villain and he's gonna flop. Late Pre-Merge, I feel.

I don't have a winner pick yet, but i'm thinking between Kade and Parmesan.

This season is gonna be AWESOME
Mele: Interesting talent. I don't really know how ell she can do tbh, but I think she'll be a fun presence.

Naomi: Oh man, a ToS character?! A game known for it's angry playerbase, and she's with LESTER?! this gonna be good. I think she'll she'll go out around early jury.

Nezumi: Sounds like a less game-savvy Jessica. On a tribe of people like the Eccentrics, i think the ego thing will ruffle some feathers. Early to mid pre merge.

Ollie: Either a real nice guy or the first SFC murderer. Will go out early for the same reasons as Delta. As a matter of fact, I;ll haphazard a guess and say he's first boot. Bad reputation for animatronics, can't go in water, limited communications, etc.. Yep. First Boot.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: 9 had guys from Sonic and Son X, so it's nothing new
@Tailslover13: Lester is just the first name that popped into my head, but that joke's just too good xD
Josh: Total Team Rocket Meowth knockoff. Know way he gets underestimated more than Amadeus, I think he could do well.

Joy: Either a red herring or we got our mysterious backtory end gamer here. Otherwise, I got nothing.

Kade: Oooh Ninja from Ace Attorney? I like him! Finally an Ace Attorney character that captures the absurdity of it all! I think he might do well.

Lester: My personal contribution to SFC. Won't say much because lolbias. I doubt he goes far though.
Derrick The Hedgehog: Dad the Hedgehog? that's actually pretty original. I think he can go far by being a father figure to the younger guys, and being undersestimated because of his age.

Jahira: 50.50 on this one. Could do well if she keeps her emotions under check, otherwise will go out very quick. I hope she does well though.

Jeannie: Who's gonna be the Arnold this season and abuse the fuck outta magic? you all know it's coming. I think she goes out arund the merge because of her magic being a massive threat.

Jenny: Ugh, making your fan character a family member of a canon is..lame. Will dominate the meathead tribe strategy wise, and probably goes the farthest of all of them.

Mystery Gift Twist is very interesting..
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I'll be down for a Discord server, though my username over there is different

Amadeus: Hello early blindside! Something about this guy just screams Riddle. He'll try to be the leader of the leaders and I..don't see that going over very well.

Charity: Seems like a nice girl. Will fly under the radar on the leaders which will be great for her. Will go far, I think.

CutieCat: Ehh. Is probably gonna be irritating to everyone. Probable early boot here.

Derek: Possible stoner? Ehh, just going off the cast release I think he can tolerable. Will probably be the first to go after the eventual collapse of the beasts, I feel. Mid-Late Pre-Merge.
@Guest: I'm over here bouncing up and down like an excited child. Man I've never been more hyped for this comic before!

Pikmin character! Genie! Some frat guy! Other Person!

Alola! Can't wait to see somebody get eaten by a Pokemon. This is gonna be awesome.

Badass looking TC area, too! I got a feeling I'll have more.. personal investment in this one ;)

Pokemon Stadium inspired challenges or riot
The suspense is killing me, SWSU!
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Oh don't get me wrong, it's gonna be an interesting season for sure. Plus if its 18 or 16, 11 is a more sizable majority
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Assuming this is a 20 person season, that's 11 apps and 9 SWSU's. Not TOO big of a majority.
@DryIceBros: I'll read it on Alpha Centauri
The only surprise here is Brandi sticking it to me one last time with that stupid vote.


20th: Bonnie. FUCK YOU BONNIE QUINN. Like, need I explain?

19th: Sierra. Just....ugh. Flip floppy useless MORON

18th: Rosella. Oh my gooooduh SHUT THE FUCK UP

17th: Angelo. Just a useless bargain bin Damon. Also a bit of a douche.

16th: Lake. Oh, Lake. I liked you, at one point. But then it alll went down hill.. Why'd you have to be such an idiot?

15th: Clydia. Who

14th: Brandi. Congrats, Brandi. You went from ''please die'' tier to ''who was this again'' tier.

13th: Thorne. You're just kind of a delusional moron if you ever thought your sis had a chance. Other than that, why are you here again?

12th: Cassidy. Meh, you were decent. I didn't like the way you went out but not your fault.

11th: Eli. Annoying some times, some times cool.

10th: Iyzebel. Best Exit. Ever. You actually got me to like you, Good job.

9th: Scot. Gone before his time. Jr was right, he's cool.

8th: Bradley. I wish he got to play a more cutthroat game like he wanted, but oh well. Basically full blown Dad Stagg al season. which I like more than seargent stagg.

7th: Tia. Ehhh, At least I remember her now.

6th: Bowser Jr. I liked him here a hell of a lot more than in real Mario.

5th: Bowser. GREATEST KING EVER!!! Plz come back as a villain in SFC20


3rd: Doris. The most obvious winner ever, but she was good.

2nd: Vinnie. The GOAT. But not socially. Or physically. I love ya, Vinnie.

1st: Riley. Good dog! I love the werewolf
.. Wow xD

It's gonna be tough, with out this comic.. :(
If Sierra somehow wins by some INCREDIBLE stroke of (bad) luck, she''d be the worst winner EVER.

Vinnie, I love ya, but you getting more than one vote would be a miracle of the lord.

Doris, enjoy the money.

Vote predictions will come after the questions