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I only have an account so I can favorite comics and send in Character Applications to Survivor Fan Characters. but... Hi.
Ah, the no twist twist!

Meh, she was ok i guess. Probably the best possible first boot, I think.
Spwinkles gonna get voted off by those bif fat meanie weanies ;-;

vote predictions is everybody murders her the end
He's the mayor of alliance town, now.

....i r noot funy ;-;
That was a fun one.

I don't expect this challenge fuck-up to really bite Shin or Yessi, honestly not sure who's gonna go out, yet
My theory: Boot to the head. number 1 cause of amnesia.

Lady Bit is awesome, btw
Ehh, I prefer ???. But, oh well, Forgetting shit daily should make an interesting character.

Kasai is a trust-no-one kinda dude.....probably not a bad mindset
And thus started E.t's quest to never, ever meet another alien in his life.

poor, poooor Yessi
Well shit i'm changing my mind, Sprinkles lasts twice as long as her future counterpart

Nolaa, you're a life saver (and ender...)
Sagiwhatever: reverse Clarissa lol

Shin: gonna have a meltdown or something

Sprinkles: LOL, so young and naive, before EA possessed her. First Boot I think

Yessi: seems like the CPP type who goes far

Claire: Stereotypical shy girl becomes...

Clarissa: Super successful person in life cliche. *ding*

Deimos: Is this Donovan's boss? lol. He's gonna be great I bet.

E.T: I'm not saying it's aliens but....It's aliens.

look at me guys, I commented on the reunion! now to maybe like, actually read it
Literally WTF

This season was just incredible. Every arc, every story, comes together perfectly to create a web of amazing tribals, gameplay and relationships. easily top 3.

Now to break the page with my needlessly long rankings

Unranked: Lester

Woo boy, what a rollar coaster of emotions this was. Having my own character on a season of SFC, something most everybody strives for. Lester sucks. No joke. He was
conceived by a 14 year old dumbass. Why was he accepted?? Well, he kinda wasn't tbh. He was a joke through and through, not a funny one bout you get the point. His whole
shrick was supposed to be he didn't really care about the game,, and just wanted to push everyone's buttons and get under their skin. He also hates everybody. So kind of a
little troll, I guess. It was dumb, but not taken seriously. Whatever the fuck SWSU regurgitated onto the comic is even dumber. Sorry.

19: Tony

He was cast to spout SWSU's survivor opiions and hate Josh. That's it, and he's really irritating while doing it. Worst character of the season.

18: Josh Thunderbolt

Josh started this season as a boring but inoffensive character. Later on, he got slighlty annoying with his whining but it wasn't unbearable. But then Raiza left. And that
was basically it. He became unbearable. Insulting people trying to help him, then wondering why nobody likes him, and then he gets to FTC by hook or by crook and he fucking
disregards his time spent with Raiza as a waste and then he TRIES TO BRIBE THE FUCKING JURY. Disgusting. He was at least somewhat interesting so he gets the rub over Tony,
but for everyone's sanity he should've been rejected on principal.


17: Nezumi

I don't hate Nezumi. She's just what happens when you design a character just to have a downfall. She's condescending. You ever had someone be condescending to you?
Congrats, you met Nezumi.

16: Charity

She looked OP and then got pwnt by Amadeus. Great character.

15: Joy Stiq

Joy competed on the seventeenth season of Survivor Fan Characters.

14: Naomi

Naomi was decently interesting....after she got voted out lol. Props for destroying Lester and her ''relationship'' with Alfredo was fun. Also, best family visitor.
Also, quick note, Medium Curse is real, I relapsed back into TOS recently lol

13: Quickscope

He was a funny gag character and I enjoyed him. But sadly on a season with lots of great stories and depth, the funny gag looks quite a bit out of place. I wish I could rank
him higher or say anything about him, but...he's just funny. That's it.

12: Allison AKA CutieCat

I would like CutieCat better if her development didn't happen in litterally one comic. It completely destroyed the suspense of her TC, who's going home, the person's story
who just ended or the main villain?! Other than the cat puns, she had a fun personality though and her development WAS good. Alas, that FTC speech was awwwwwwwwful

11: Amadeus

Amadeus was the best meme. I hated him at first but I guess absense makes the heart grow fonder. This dude went on Survivor and lounged on chairs and watched TV, that's
WWE heel levels of douche! And then he fucking exploded which while cool, didn't feel like a great end for him. Pwning Charity though....Badass

10: Ollie the Otter

Let me say this. He's this high because I find him to be a funny, enjoyable presence. Not because of his placement or status as winner. He is frankly a bottom 5 winner, he
has a decent story involving being all of leader/follower/beast/eccentric, and beating his creator Jenny, but dear lord, there is no depth to this character.
And yes hot take winners should be in depth characters not jokes.But he's top 10, so I will say he was my favoritethis season for one liners and punchlines, so he gets
points on that. I just wish he got voted out lmao

9: Jahira

My personal favorite of the Koko Girls alliance, Jahira honestly would be me on Survivor. I have....anger issues. Unlike most of the ''bitchy'' characters on SFC, she feels
like a human, not a bad joke, and so she's the best. Also RIP she got fucked up by ring shenanigans

8: Slash The Hedgehog

Dad the Hedgehog, him coming bac because production forgot him was lol. He played his role well and I liked his story of mending the bridge between Jenny and Derek and then
soon leaving. But, voting for Josh, really dude?

7: Derek Linz

Derek was an enjoyable, complex character. He was likable but flawed, his relationship with Jenny was was one of the best in the comic, and his ouster was one of the best
ever. Great character imo. Would like to see return

6: Kade Spicer

Amazing villain, interesting backstory but that wasn't really explored in comic, understandably. He kept the season interesting first with the ring stuff and then with his
sneaky play, so props for that. His FTC speach is top 5, possibly best ever. SILENCE!

5: Raiza

Interesting character, the stuff with the EX Machina was a good storyline, but her relationship with Josh was lol. Not baaaaaad but he was so shit lol she carried it. If
you swap her and Josh this season goes up at least a rank or two.

4: Parmsesan And Alfredo

These two are one of my all time favorite archtypes, normally a trio but works as a duo: The idiotic, night-and-day group who still hang out despite being nothing like each
other and failing at every turn. I like these two a lot and I loved their story despite it being mostly self contained. Would not have minded these two as a winner actually.
Definitely ones I want to see back.

3: Mele Nanbera

I loved her for A: shitting on Josh, B: Being the passive aggressive person i'm too pussy to be, and C: I like third person characters tbh. She was always fun when she was
on screen and the season was better off having her, eve if she was off to the side for long chunks.

2: Jenny Wily

Amazing arc, good character. Her bombing at FTC ad pissing it all away was laid out very nicely, if very subtle. Like I said with Derek, their relationship is an amazing arc
that works perfectly. Every interaction she had was interesting, right down to her showdown with Kade at FTC, which she got destroyed in but I digress lol. Absolutely needs
to return some time.

1: Jeannie

I've changed a lot, but dammit I still love my OTTP's. Granted, Jeannie is a lot more complex than the normal member of that archtype, she's just an amazing character,
funny, complex, adds a lot to the season via ring shenanigans. Her bringing down Kade was fucking incredible, there's no better downfall. Also, she kept ruining Lester's
day <3
Kade is now awesome. this is what i wanted to see from the start.

anyway congrats Ollie the winner of SFC17
What the fuck Jenny
you could've won by making fart noises the whole time, HOW ARE YOU BOMBING THIS BAD

no joke these are the worst speeches in FTC history
OLLIE PLZ QUIT FOR ME I NEED IT-Josh Thunderbolt 2018
i appreciated mele for passive aggresively shitting on Josh at every turn. the hero we needed.
Absolutely demolished. The way it should've been. You made for an interesting villain, Kade, I guess
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: you could have literally said nothing and looked less suspicious