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I only have an account so I can favorite comics and send in Character Applications to Survivor Fan Characters. but... Hi.
Literally just wish for Kade to never be able to touch the ring again

Personally, I prefer Greymatter or Diamondhead alliance
Yeah welp, i'm lost here. Time to haphazard guess, i guess

Cutiecat: Kade

Derek: Cutiecat

Jeannie: Cutiecat

Jenny: Kade

Kade: Cutiecat

weird shit happens, i don't know, I don't care, i have a headache
Jeff is Otterphobic!

Anyway, Bulu had no chance against CIP and a robot, so it makes sense they lost. Who goes home? Not a clue

At least Raiza feels better? That means something I guess. Too bad moonwalking Otter wasn't enough because that would've been so badass
Haha, she acts fine, but she gonna go coo coo for cocoa puffs sooner rather than later. Let's just hope nobody is hurt and/or maimed in the process

Poor, poor Derek. TBF, I wouldn't trust Kade either

Poor Josh, yeowch. At least he's got some power in his pocket, i guess

Of course, this means there's one on Bulu too, likely to go to Kade. Bleh
Freudian Slips, they get the best of us. He's lucky he wasn't slapped with sexual harassment right then and there lol

RIP Ollie
Beware the Pikakade!

All this talk about Jenny going, means lol she isn't going

CutieCat is going to lose it for sure
Wowser! Twisto Twist

This is...not sure to describe how I feel about this. Jenny got split from her extra vote so that's a pretty big deal, I guess

poor CC, this has been a bad few days for her
holy shit man


Jahira was decent enough, I liked her.


is this the craziest tc ever??
yikes. Uhh, Ghost Bro knows what the final wish is, not sure if that matters. Uh, yeah, i'm lost.

for the fist time I've been completely discouraged from making a prediction, this is...impossible
Yikes! uh...yikes. I don't know man. This is gonna get crazy, probably Ollie will draw the rock lol

Kade must have used the magical never fails Double Team from the Battle Tower
Yikes. I hope Jenny didn't re-install the missiles when she fixed that thing

this won't go to rocks (there's no super forgettable woman to draw the purple one + we just had one 2 seasons ago). It just ain't happening
i don't think it has anything to do with Amadeus' ship, Ollie is a 90's robot and 90's kids were obsessed with those 151!

nobody likes Kade

Derek's pissed lol. Nice challenge
Busted! Lucky for Ghost Bro, no one seems to trust Jeannie's judgement on things.

Eavesdropping on confessionals seems mildly unfair
You tried, Parm, you tried.

Honestly, if Kade just sat in the shelter and did nothing that big group would've fell apart anyway. He just sped up the process.

No one is getting any sleep tonight! I uh, feel really bad for them... At least Jahira won't be pissed off after this! hopefully
He was a stupid meta joke. Bye.

Now watch as Kade sneaks his ass into the final 5!
yeesh, this looks hectic, Giving me a headache!

ok, so, i don't have the patience to write each name on a individual line, so you're getting them in bulk for a few rounds

CutieCat, Derek, Jahira, Jenny, Mele, Ollie, Parmesan, Slash: Jeannie

Jeannie, Josh, Kade, Raiza, Tony: Jahira

Idol either played or it's not, i'm leaning towards it is and Jahira leaves 5-0
hey Raiza, is Jahira a jerk? *ANGRY MONGOOSE NOISES*

somehow I don't see either of these plans working out. going to be a hard to follow vote, for sure.

I just realized I have to predict the votes of 13 people *cries*