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@SWSU-Master: Lisa can attest to that.
@SWSU-Master: Hold on, what are the stakes for if you guess incorrectly?
@Sonofhades: Whoa, we're having another Fans vs. Canons?
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I'm betting an infinite amount of imaginary monopoly dollars that it's released in the November of 2077.
I bet those wishes are foreshadowing the winner of this season to somehow wind up being both Boston Rob and Cochran.
@Guest: Wait, so are they not going back to the old jury questioning?
Y'know, I've been holding onto the possibility that Vinnie might wind up actually being the winner for awhile, but I've realized that's a pretty unrealistic belief, but I'll still have hope that he still gets more votes than Sierra.
I have no idea why this page gave me so much pain, even before I actually read it.
@Tailslover13: Wait, they were? I can only remember a couple times (at best) where he seemed to have a good chance of leaving, and one of those times only counted if you had forgotten about his idol.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I'm pretty sure they had the wedding and honeymoon at the Mushroom Kingdom.
I'm happy with the background used for Bowser's second final words.
I'm getting the feeling the Kopeii arc is going to conclude with this tribal, and I doubt it's just going to end because Riley's eliminated. Perhaps he'll still be voted out, but I have a feeling something different's going to happen with Kopeii.
@Zentillion: It makes you wonder how Bowser would have done in all these challenges.
I'm gonna guess Sierra leaves due to her disinterest in playing along with the others.
@anime9001: a person who brings leaders to power through the exercise of political influence.
I totally didn't copy and paste that from Google.
@Yumichika Time: While my feelings toward Sierra are not nearly as strong as most here, positively or negatively, her winning would not be satisfying.

Throughout this season, when she wasn't being milquetoast, she was buckling under what Thorne believed to be best for their game, with the exception of Damon's elimination, when she worked with Bowser Jr to take Damon out, which I at least recall being a smart move. Unfortunately, the next round she returned to doing what Thorne wanted despite the other option being better, and being surprised when the people she betrayed and the two sneakiest players gang up on her and Thorne to take them out, especially due to them being the last pair left.

She has also shown a lack of self awareness to the problems with her game, shown with her disbelief of Tialayla's skepticism and the latter's bitter comment upon knowing that the bait had been pulled away once again.

Besides, the way I've seen her game progress doesn't seem like a winning one, as she's been criticized for the other contestants numerous times this merge. Compared the Bowser Jr, Doris, and even Riley, it just doesn't make sense for the season to end with her victory.
Tialayla's gone.

Next Vote Predictions:
Thorne - Bowser Jr, Doris, Riley, Vinnie
Doris/Vinnie? - Sierra, Thorne
@Tailslover13: Shoot, I made a whole comment detailing my GENIUS discovery that Sierra and Dustin are similar, and then I see I skimmed over your mentioning of that. And now I realize others have probably noticed that before. Well, I guess I'm deleting a comment.
@rac567: Honestly, I think the idea of her just being a villain is a bit much, but that's mostly just my neuroticism over definitions (shown by my searching the definition for neuroticism. I'm still uncertain I'm using the word correctly).
@ChronoAlone: I am so annoyed. My annoyed levels are off the charts. How dare you? I don't like being annoyed.