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Kade's done. He's got the decoy ring, and he's going to have a breakdown that makes the last tribal look like a kid's whimpering, and he'll leave with his tail between his legs.
Something tells me that Kade isn't really sad about his dad dying...

What a tribal. While by the time tribal rolled around I had figured out the basics of what was going down, the execution of this whole thing was superb. From the flashbacks that connected all the dots that had already been placed (something I assumed wouldn't work on Survivor) to Kade's cocky speech playing over the crumbling of everything he had built up, the entire thing was so satisfying, and it ended with the easy winner pick getting picked off, even if that last part wasn't what you had in mind. Derek was a real cool bro, having been involved in a lot of good shit throughout the entire season thus far, but it was his time to go. But who cares about him when Ollie's cemented himself as a god in this comic and the #1 winner ever?

1. Ollie (My One True Love)
2. Parmesan (One Radical Bro)
3. Kade (My Man)
4. Derek (R.I.P. Dude)
5. Jenny (Gamer Girl)
6. Jeannie (Ex-Waifu)
7. Mele (New Waifu)
8. Slash (Super Dad)
9. Josh (Bro)
10. Raiza (Awesome)
11. Jahira (Tubular)
12. Amadeus (Bodacious)
13. Quickscope (Pwner)
14. CutieCat (Sweet)
15. Nezumi (Nice)
16. Joy (Good)
17. Tony (Uh)
18. Lester (Erm)
19. Naomi (Meh)
20. Charity (Meh)
Well, CutieCat's gone. That makes me happy. I was never really that big on CutieCat. Throughout the entire season, she just existed and cracked jokes and cracked for a bit. The one bit of intrigue I got from her was following the Jahira boot, when she started showing signs of going off the rails. However, that would only lead to disappointment, as this would only go on for a couple comics before she cleared it all up. My dreams of a batshit insane CutieCat had been shattered and for that you must pay. But even though I hated her more than I've ever hated anything, she was fine. Her presence was never something I got bothered by, which is good enough for me! So, yeah. I can empathize with her frustration at her elimination, considering not only did she get betrayed by her closest ally once again, it happened because she was too irrelevant. She lost her chance at the million dollars because she wasn't important enough to consider in future plans. Despite my bitching about her, she's actually pretty alright. Just worse than everyone else, so I'm glad she left now rather than later.

1. Jeannie (Still the Top Waifu
2. Kade (Pretty Darn Great)
3. Ollie (Beautiful)
4. Derek (Pretty Darn Good)
5. Jenny (Pretty Darn Good)
6. Parmesan (Real Good)
7. Mele (Ultimate Good)
8. Slash (The Father of Good Stuff)
9. Josh (Not A King, But Also Good)
10. Raiza (Not Queen, But Still Good)
11. Jahira (There Are A Lot of Queens)
12. Amadeus (God)
13. Quickscope (King)
14. CutieCat (Yet Another Queen)
15. Nezumi (Other Queen)
16. Joy (QUEEN)
17. Tony (Meh
18. Lester (Meh)
19. Naomi (Meh)
20. Charity (Meh)
Well, that sucks. I'll be honest, my first impressions of Slash weren't that great. Something about the way he carried himself and talked didn't sit right with me the right way. But that started to change with the reveal of his true identity, and I began to better appreciate him and the moments he had along the way. I wasn't really sure how much I liked him most of the way through a good part of the season, but your final comments on him made me appreciate his role better. Not to mention his final words to Probst were a good conclusion to his original appearance. So yeah, I liked it. I'd go as far as to say that he's fat, but he's good.

I'm quitting this comic.

Slash didn't deserve this.

You suck.

1. Jeannie (Top Tier Waifu)
2. Parmesan (Ghost Bro)
3. Kade (Bro)
4. Derek (The Chad)
5. Jenny (The Good Virgin)
6. Ollie (Godly)
7. Slash (One Cool Dude)
8. Raiza (Also Bodacious)
9. Josh (Bodacious)
10. Mele (Uber Radical)
11. Jahira (Radicalest)
12. Amadeus (Radicaler)
11. CutieCat (Radical)
14. Quickscope (Tubular)
15. Nezumi (Sweet)
16. Joy (Sweet)
17. Tony (Meh)
18. Lester (Meh)
19. Naomi (Meh)
20. Charity (Meh)
@SWSU-Master: How much of the shit that we give Jeff do you think was really Burnett or some behind the scenes guy?
@SWSU-Master: It's a bit of both. I do like Ollie, and the backlash towards him has heightened those feelings, but I still exaggerated it some more for the hell of it. If I were to put him where I actually think of him, he'd probably be right below Jenny at #10.
@SWSU-Master: Oh dear god, they're conspiring.
What A Bitch But Male
So, uh, that was pretty good. I was thinking Jahira would be going home but then she didn't due to Kade's trickeries and Josh not working with his mortal enemies, and Tony went home looking like a total idiot after the person he trashed on tried to save him. But he didn't listen and now a laugh track will be playing over him for an eternity... Does Family Guy even have laugh tracks? Anyways, rankings. Sweet. Alright. Cool. Yeah. Okay. I like zooming in on these comics and looking at the sprites and stuff up close and all that stuff because it's cool to see what goes into each little thing and if you do this you may find some pretty neat stuff so give it a shot and maybe you'll find the secret ingredient to becoming woke. Or maybe you won't. You never know when it comes to blindly looking for something. Maybe you'll wind up finding something you didn't even know you were looking for, but now that its existence has made itself known to you you can no longer bear to live without it for even a second, throwing away all semblances of sanity so you can become an uglier Gollum. Or maybe it'll just be a piece of chewed up gum inside your internet.

1. Ollie (I want to die and be reborn as Ollie so I can attain perfection)
2. Jeannie (Super Great)
3. Mele (Great)
4. Derek (Bodacious)
5. Raiza (Radical)
6. Jahira (Queeeeeeeeen)
7. Parmesan (Nice)
8. Slash (Epic)
9. Jenny (Sweetness)
10. Kade (Probably good)
11. Josh (Pretty swell)
12. Amadeus (Tragic)
13. CutieCat (Alive)
14. Nezumi (Pretty good)
15. Quickscope (Not Bad)
16. Tony (Alright)
17. Joy (Yeah)
18. Lester (Meh)
19. Naomi (Meeh)
20. Charity (Meeeh)
This comic was fun and all, but which song was Ollie playing?
Ollie is the greatest character SFC has ever created and all you non-believers will soon be proven wrong, whether that be by SWSU or God.
@SWSU-Master: Pretty soon this will be the only reason to read this comic, and all your beloved followers will flock right over to me. You'd better watch yourself.
Sick, dude. Okay, so I don't like the formatting that goes on with my avatar, so I'm just gonna do some rambling about stuff until this looks good. So Lester was pretty fun when he wasn't serious, but he was serious fairly often, which sucks. Ollie and Raiza are cool if they don't just act as Jenny's henchmen for the duration of their time in the game. Overall, this season sucks and I hate it and SWSU should've used my character.

Oh. I guess that wasn't enough. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm lost and afraid and crying and being a baby and I'm sad and help.

Ok, I'm done being a baby.

1. Jenny
2. Parmesan
3. Jahira
4. Derek
5. Mele
6. Raiza
7. Jeannie
8. Derrick
9. Amadeus
10. CutieCat
11. Ollie
12. Quickscope
13. Nezumi
14. Joy
15. Tony
16. Josh
17. Lester
18. Kade
19. Naomi
20. Charity
Hasn't Tony been taught the Golden Rule?
@Blastoise_FTW: I'm pretty sure the worst he'd get is a penalty vote, and besides, for all we know he could've gotten a warning that wasn't shown.
Did Parmesan and Alfredo have some sort of falling out, or did they just happen to be separated during the last panel?
Quickscope was cool. I liked him.

1. Quickscope (Perfection)
2. Who cares? (Ehhhhhhh)
17. The Fini members still in the game (Pure Loathing)
"And wouldn't that be a big ol' dick up his ass"
Maybe Raiza and Tails have the right idea...
Hell. Fucking. Yes.
That was pretty cool.