@anime9001: HE HAS NO- Oh wait, everyone's lacked a mouth at some point in the series.
@RedBeryl: "Come on, Riley. Buck up!" He should go to Brad to find out how to do this.
I don't think Damon's version of the Ghostbusters theme song flows very well.
Tialayla can stand toe-to-toe with a werewolf and a man with muscles half the size of her, but she doesn't stand a chance against a loving hug.
@DryIceBros: Or is it Bowser?
"1. Bowser Jr. -- That right blend of sneaky bastard and precocious kid. One might even say quite similar to Sky...?"
@anime9001: Sometimes it's nice to be helpful for a change! It's also nice to apparently be a doctor!
Bowser Jr needs to do a better job at hiding. He's lucky Doris didn't vote him. Well, it seems like either Damon or Angelo is going home tonight, and I'm leaning towards Angelo and hoping I'm right. I seem to recall that being his ideal target before Bowser vetoed the plan, so he may take this opportunity to take out the brains of the Bros.
Edit: Actually, there is a possibility he's just eavesdropping, but I get the feeling he was put in the last two panels so his vote wouldn't be completely out of nowhere.
Edit 2: There's also a fact that him sneaking there without being noticed seem so like a stretch.
@Tailslover13: I've never played GTA, so I'm guessing you either jump off it, or the helicopter randomly self destructs if you do that.
@Slicer: I don't see why not.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Hurry, everyone! Let's all spam this series to him! Maybe we'll be lucky and he explains his frustrations with the community at some point, somewhere in the future!
Well, this episode is the best that's ever existed forever.
Doris is the worst player this season for hating Waluigi.
@Misterjakester: Ah, so that wasn't just one of my spurts of insanity. Good to know.
@DryIceBros: Oh, and since I have to:
"Expecting the two tribes to meet? Too bad, Waluigi Time!
Well, this comic is the best in this series thanks to Waluigi. It's only downhill from here.
@Tailslover13: Yeah, that's true, although assuming she isn't holed off, I doubt she'd tolerate any of them.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I dunno, with people like Scott, Cassidy, and Rosella there, who's really being punished?
@Tailslover13: Well, I didn't win, but at least I got 7th place. Maybe it was just a result of skimming sections of the season, but from what I saw I seemed to be a mess, and having the most OTTN edits seems to support that. Although I do find it funny how well my tribes fit me, especially the Random Weirdos, when it was just a coincidence. Although maybe I should revert to being a complete non-factor in the comments so I can have a straight CP edit and a perfect win again!
Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm pretty sure the winner somehow rigged this season.