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There's amber gemstone
Corrupt lapis
this makes me question breeding with ditto electabuzz is cool and cute but
its kinda weird cogito didnt just crush the ball with no remorse
Just like owning a real bird
Blastoise is freaking adorable barely holding on to steelixs tail
I am getting a low key racist vibe from blaine
I just noticed that was a chick
@Jax_Lolz: All hail the mighty helix
Are we sure robin is the hero
@Vulqostrun: Or just you know brother in arms
To be honest I'd be a coordinator before a trainer I think it would be so cool to mix and mash moves for cool effects I've always wanted to see dragon rage from Hoen mix with a spiraling move like twister or hurricane with some fire to finish the sparkle
op psyduck
I really wish i did this with that psyduck I had instead of giving it go a new trainer I gave it to someone in the cerulean it was high level because I forgot it in daycare so I just gave it away I had to track somebody down to take it hope its okay
There is a small fire lizard about to let everything go up in flames
stevens face is my current mood
wait i thought the crystal gems bubbled gems not kill them
I think its so cool you included your budgies In the picture by making odd colored chatot