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July 19th, 2017
I think Kargo is too much into the mock battle, those dilated pupils... while Fjodor's are normal

Hope he doesn't go too far as to mistakingly hurting the old one DDD:
@JetDaGoat: maybe he can by giving it some chicken wings? LoL
Oh no!
Most beffiting name for an Espurr, or so is in my opinion~

Also First!
July 2nd, 2017
Not comic related but..

i was checking the characters sheet and Roamer's is duplicated, and i can't recall who's missing... maybe Zilas? i don't know... just a heads up!
I just love darkrai's face on third panel xDDDD
Luke's a Real Captain cutiebutt <3 <3
April 18th, 2017
@Maus: I think that he's 8 years old, as said so in his ref sheet but i can't be too sure about it
April 18th, 2017
I'd love for this amazing guy meet up with Kainan or even Keirr <3 <3

Kargo would learn some valuable lessons from him, too. I'm a fan of Fjordor's alright
April 7th, 2017
i have a feeling Kainan isn't really thrilled or convinced about all this. His eyes in last panel says as much. Or maybe i'm just imagining things..

And i'm the only one who wants to count all that gourgeous Sky Dog spots/moles? No? Ok uxu
There's some dogs missing...
Where is Raela... and Nitta?? I didn't see them anywhere on this page DDDD:

Are they dead??!!??
March 14th, 2017
I just wanna keep reading... ;/////; please update soon

You are on favs now, btw
February 23rd, 2017
First comment <3!
February 5th, 2017
i love Roamer's smile, srly xD
February 3rd, 2017
Ok, i'm just guessing here but judging by body language in that huge male -and it is only my opinion- he might just be testing the newcomers, his tail is relaxed, contrary as of kargo who's ready and poised to attack

Also, he may be huge, but he's old. And against him there are two big males (Kargo, Rogio) with enough battle skills to take him down while Roamer and Rhov are more strategy-type kind of dogs oxo they'll find a way to rescue Fera without hurting her in the process

I'm just blabbing, don't mind me...
February 2nd, 2017
I knew i recognized that structure and ears oxo though i wasn't 100% sure that stalking dog was rhov

Poor Roamer :/ he's gonna get super scolded
December 5th, 2016
So handsome <3
November 1st, 2016
Something doesn't feel right
Ranach suspects: it pretty much shows in that smile and the fact that he's taking time to follow Rogio. Maybe he had some dog watching over him and knows about his and Roamer's reunion...
Is it just me or that place kinda looks like Distortion World?
September 24th, 2016
Heart attack
i almost had one, this update took me by surprise as i read the last page not so long ago in the morning. Damn Meteors :/ hope Johan follows Roamer and get the trash out from Ranach's tribe

Love the coloring, the artwork as always <3