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Darkstripe AF
Ya boi

He's dead. But he came back to see if things were okay

Nothing changed so he'll go back to Playing Splatoon 2
It's Me
Beep Boop, I'm leaving my country in about 30 minutes to board a flight to AMERICA for three weeks.

I don't know why I posted this but I'm giving you cheerful warning in case I tackle one of you on the sidewalk while saying "You know I had to do it to you."
@Pinkeevee222: NOT SO FAST!

I caught your surprise news post, now I will decipher it and broadcast its meaning to the rest of the world!!!!






You use a fake 'Latin-dummy' text, didn't you?
@WildfireK: I was on my phone so..

@SylviaSylveon189: Sylvia!
It's been a while!

How has it been?
@BowtheSylveon: eh-nope
@AssassinPerson: I had my fair share of experience with drawing birds....

Angry Birds...(Before the movie came out)

Lol, I guess I just need some ref and time to draw things I normally don't draw.
Our heroes have finally landed in the past! Now its time for them to save the Eevee Islands from ending up like it did before...

Destroyed and sucked into a powerful PC system...(Your doing them a great favour, guys!)

Honestly Bow is happy to land up in a bush and Zappy is just having some flashbacks.

Also no colour, why? Cuz, it's hard to colour this in and it affects the detail of the comic.

Other than that, I would like those who had their cameos in the orginal comic to give an update sketch(or just tell me they're the same). I don't want to draw them the same wrong way.

For now, get your drawing tablets out and MAKE SHIPS!

Oh wait, wrong line...

Stay Tuned! As the journey conti-*pineapple'd*
@HarrisonButterGem: Eh,I can't have too many new elements yet in the beginning but I'll think about it later.
@WiispNightmare: alright, also could you send an updated pic of your cameo? I want this to be perfect...
Hello there! For those who don't know. This is the AF Eevees Redux! While I may have said in DLOAM that I scrapped my idea of the re-do but looking through the old tradional pages of AF Eevees sparked something in me, something that made me decide to bring back those adorable furries of mine(some of which belong to my faithful readers)) and mix it up a bit.

Unlike a normal redo of a comic, this is basically a timetravel comic. For the readers who have read my comic, you would know how the story would go but now our Guardian and his companion have traveled back in time to change everyting. Most things will change for the better, some will spark new enemies that we haven't seen before. Love and romance with flutter around and the cuteness and joy of young mons such as Messie, Mabel, Meep and Peem with grow stronger than ever.

Fasten your seat belts, we're in for a wide ride!

And as always...

Stay Tuned!
@Midnight-fox18: CUZ YOU'RE SPECIAL.

You can say you're stupid but let's face it, stupid people have the biggest hearts and are the most funnist people to be around.

@LittleLunaTheEevee: Heyo!

I've been reading through your comic and I'll say.


Actually I can update my comics on the new template and I see where the rookies are making the mistakes.

You can access "My Comics" at the bottom of the page on your profile...

I'd say the admin really had some bad placement ideas.

With the new template, you can stil update your comics but sadly you can't make new ones....yet.

Hope this will help you continue your comic!

Dere's Bow and...Darkvee(Darkstripe Eevee)


And...*hits head against the table*

A-and..*hits repeatingly till head starts to bleed*

JOHN CENA!!!*falls out of chair and lays on the ground.

It was really stupid to run out and claim a gem box in a open field.
@Zappy the Raichu: ILLUMANTI CONFRIMED!!!!

Or this could mean I get gems...

Yesssssss gems...
Heyo! Welcome to my comic: Daily Life Of A Musketeer! For those who noticed, this was orginally the AF Eevees redux. I did some thinking and thought that I need to sadly retire from that comic. It was started off too quickly and without thought with a immature goal of getting as many fans as SSEC. I'll still remember the laughs, the good ol' Darky,Zappy and Bow and the adventures

But for now, AF Eevees will be on permanant hiatus and be considered a 'musem' comic.

However, this is the start of frest, well-paced comic! This comic was already made on DA and will moved to here on Smackjeeves for all eyes to see. The first few comics will obviously have less quality, and there will be some errors by the speech bubble(a few missing conjunctions) but the comics will get better and better.

And now for the 'first day' of our comic!