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None of your damn business...fine, im 5'5" brown hair and eyes, mid build. im on only for friends.
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i agree
Da hell?!
holy hell man!
hurry up and update man
*sits there impatiently*
Stupid genius
anji is a stupid genius, hes gonna get killed by baiken >.>
keep that information to yourself, im going to have nightmares now...and forever
i REALLY didnt need to hear that.....
February 3rd, 2006
holy shit
nice detail
o.o" read closer
hmm, maybe he origanlly was on scania, anyhow hes on broa now, so eh. oh and update allready..!
*muiltu gab finger jitsu*
stab, stab, stab, stab, HAH!
the guy behind you, it says "bickies", teh full name is "Doombickies" hes a maple freak, (by the way , your on broa server..)
Its maple story
Its called maple story
proto has relationship issues.
need i say more, hes abusive lol
*acts all matrixy* i know kung fu...
kung fu manga, very....original*cough* lol sorry, very good manga by teh way.
its nto fair...
ive tried 6 computers...i cant see the comic, and this has most response *cries in agony* NOOOOOO!
racist jokes are funny, we all laugh at the yet we say bad things about them.....hypocritical bastards...anyways great comic and funny ass joke
wow its true...
its ture....san andres is imitatibl, and i thought all these democrats were full of bull shit...XD
is the lazy eye chick o.o
i just noticed rhino's stalker is siting behind him, looking at him with he rlazy eye lmao!
wow surprised you kno wthe ganeva con.
last time some one said that, they thaught it was a restraunt.
January 23rd, 2006
Paint nades suck >.>
i just shoot the persons hand, they drop it and ....BOOM >:)
paintballs hurt
i dont care what people tell you, paintball's hurt, his neck is going to look like a swollen....nvm...