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assuming panel 1 last sentence should have a "not" in it
@Darius: that just means you've forgotten TWO things, you forgot you read the comments and forgot the thing they were about, that's twice as bad!
We are celebrating the Jeeversary this year, right?

...although I'm SURE nobody forgot, see comments section of this strip: hing-i-just-mentioned/
@Darius: I don't think Norman's drinking is part of the plot of the show, none of the show clips I recall have ever shown him drinking, just news reports - I think that's his personal habit outside of work. As I recall, he apparently has some issues about how he's less popular than the 2 girls even on his own show.
Given the availability of the permababyfication procedure and the difficulty of working with actual babies, it seems extremely likely that Norman is not the only permababy in show business, and that all babies are played by adults. There wouldn't be any benefit to using real babies, much less randomly rotating babies and hoping they do something entertaining, it would just be a huge amount of extra trouble and work. People hate doing extra trouble and work. Directors like their actors to follow directions and scripts. Much less the fact that the baby isn't really the star of the show, and there's no way those 2 girls are going to want to have to adjust their acting around the antics of random babies, which might detract attention away from their own central star roles. Their agents would never stand for that.
@Blitz - this is so true, which is why i've always found it oddly ironic that the entertainment industry is exempted from child labor laws - of all the industries kids should be kept away from that one is close to the top of the list. so, maybe that's why we have Norman “Principal Baby” Leitch - someone in the future finally realized what a bad idea it was to have kids in that environment, and now child roles are only allowed to be played by people over 21 in age. the rare case where the FOT future is less dystopian than the present.
Dictator of the Universe sounds fun, until you find out how much work it really is
It's true, scruples are a horrible crippling burden in life. Is there any way I can have mine removed? I mean, other than spending all those years in Law School.
Life imitates Art?
This isekai coffee shop based WN is currently in the monthly top 10 on, which means there is a non-trivial chance that it will eventually be made into an anime. And you know what that means: Actual RL lewd coffee body pillows!
Ichabod: "OK, if you really want me to come down to Nitpickers Guild HQ to complain about this in person I will, but there's no way I can keep The Cat from tagging along for the trip...."
This plot has the Yoink seal of approval
@Author comment on incentive: Now we know how this must end:

Mom: Tabitha... I am your mother.
Tabitha: [shocked] No. No! That’s not true! That’s impossible!
Mom: Search your feelings; you know it to be true!
Tabitha: (pause)
Tabitha: Oh, no, wait, that's right, I already knew that. That's why I'm down here.
Ichabod isn't the only one making bad choices
Hmmm, maybe not such a good move on the part of the Nitpickers Guild management, let me see if I can nitpick what might be wrong with this plan to get back at Ichabod....

Hey, Stilez, did you know that the Nitpickers Guild is making Ichabod's, your first ever friend in the entire universe, life miserable just because he's your friend?

And then this happened to the Guild: -2/

(yes, I know it's not technically canonical. yet.)
@Darius - there wouldn't need to be sufficient plot for the mangers to green light the project - the entire thing is funded by the Japanese National Coffee Council. There was no requirement for plot at all. If you get any plot, it's an extra unexpected bonus. The only requirement was enough prominent placement of coffee and it's importance in each episode. They just didn't realize ahead of time that it would increase the sales of lewd coffee-related body pillows more than the sales of actual coffee.
Also, how do you pronounce "La Faulx" anyway? I fear I've been pronouncing it wrong for the past decade.
We could get 5 strips/week, if only Blitz were sick more....
so, then, this would be...the Domino effect?
La Faulx is unforgettable. Even if we try. :)
@Darius: "supposed to be" is the important term in that statement. It may have been supposed to be the whimsical Humpty from a children's story, but they missed their mark by a huge margin and ended up getting the version of Humptey that came from a Horror movie remake of Wonderland. I kept expecting it to open up a candy egg, pull out a little squirming human being, and pop it into it's gaping maw. Mind you, as a kid, I never really got the "whimsy" of wonderland, I always thought it was a pretty creepy, scary story of a lost girl trapped in a world of insane people with a creepy grinning cat, some lady who wanted to decapitate everyone, and so forth. So if even the original creeped me out already, this is 1000x worse.

Regarding the Kinder Surprise, Wikipedia says 10 deaths out of 30 billion eggs sold, so one per 3 billion. Of course, just like all the other useless statistics we are bombarded with, no context is given is to whether this is more or less than is usual for any widely sold small toy, so we have no way of knowing if the danger is exaggerated.
More knowledge you can never un-know
I guess some people like coffee, and some people really like coffee.
The Manga was great, but the Web Novel version was even better - having a slow motion fight scene described verbally over the span of a dozen chapters released sporadically over the period of a month really brings out the tension! Although you really have to read it in Japanese to get the full effect, or so I hear.
and if it does well, expect a dozen more like it.
@Blitz - Well, yeah, sure, if they were to do it *well*. But how often is that actually a concern? Just animate 60 seconds of flowing slow motion overcoat moves, swap them up in various different orders with various different backgrounds, and you've got a good 13 whole episodes! 14 if you count the OVA where the same characters do the same moves, but in bikinis!
La Faulx even thinks that thing is too creepy
@Blitz & @Darius - Those are both 100% entirely valid reasons. I guess I owe our politicians an apology, they got this one right.

But now I am going to have nightmares about that...thing. This is revenge for putting the Get Smart theme music in your head, isn't it?
@Darius - We do not have such things here at all, as our Politicians bravely protect us from such terrifying dangers which might threaten our nation, see "United States" section of

(Meanwhile, Tabitha probably gives Bridget chocolates with actual weapons inside. Because a kid can never have too many flamethrowers.)