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Happy Kiloversary!!

It really wouldn't feel like an authentic FOT celebration page if it wasn't at least a bit late.

The Vote Incentive appearance by [spoiler] is almost as much of a shocking milestone as the 1000!! Although it's probably just someone watching this on TV.

@Page count - and that's not even counting the magical ear genie comics! [edit: darnit, Seros sniped my comment first!]

**for those not already familiar with it, my comment-title refers to this:
@Blitz: We dodged a bullet there! :)

(though if you had timed this properly 10 years ago, the 1000 strip could have fallen on April 1...who knows what would have happened?!)
Nine. Hundred. Ninety. Nine. :o
Is it too late to start taking bets on what dramatic surprise is in store for us in the first four-digit-numbered-strip?

Tabitha's Mom makes a surprise in-person appearance!

A wild Princess Rheiko appears!

Layla's Dad makes a time-travelling visit from the past!

Jenna and Trigger elope!

Tax is revealed to be Ichabod and Stilez's Love Child!!

The Zombie Kids speak!

Patti and Layla have a touching reunion and she leaves to go back and run the family business!

Frank learns the True Meaning of Christmas!

Avatar gets a paper cut!

Vengeance smiles! (OK, that would actually be really terrifying.)

Ram Quatzi comes out on an empty stage wearing a party hat, holds up a small sheet of paper with the number "1000" written on it, and reveals that he blew the whole celebration budget on some scheme so that's all they had money left for.
I just assumed it was a mean snicker, since it was Layla. If it had been Trigger, for example, I would have automatically assumed it was the nice kind.
@Darius - they might not be in all that much trouble - the Cap'n has previously demonstrated that his mood can be significantly improved via the application of sufficient money:

@Skyscraper Girls - Y'know, I probably would never have noticed it at all if someone hadn't pointed it out before, Layla's ironically placed shirt logo, that is, but having seen it, now I can't not notice it. Particularly since she seems like she's trying to draw our attention to it here. At least you didn't leave the "c" out this time. :)
Tsk, Tsk, Layla. Don't snicker at the rich people. And not just rich, but insanely, mindbogglingly rich. Laughing in their face will just make it harder to fleece them of their money at some point in the future.

Incentive: Ram should know better than to use his own products, which is likely what happened here.
Conveniently not answering the original question of the new kids ages, I see :) :P

(Yeah, I wasn't sure about Megaweapon, because he has the self-control and personality of a bratty toddler who's never been told "no", but the vocabulary, cynicism, and personality otherwise of someone older than his actual age. Also I suspect his dad may have tinkered with his genetics a bit. For the Mad Scientist, there's a fine line between having a kid and receiving a free experimental subject.)
OK, I'm not going to ask for their exact ages, since we all know that people in the FOT Universe don't have exact ages, but can you give us their approximate relative age compared to the other characters (I'm guessing all 4 are about the same age as each other)

For reference, I'm thinking the order of ages of the current main cast is:

Avatar (actual age)
Stilez ?? (apparent age)
Avatar (apparent age)
Tax (apparent age)
Zombie kids (apparent age)

*Vengeance - age unknowable
*Blip - artificial, so does not have an age
Merry Christmas and Happy Finally-Done-With-25-Daily-Strips-So-Blitz-Can-
Skye AND Santa at the same time? Trigger's head exploded right after this, didn't it?
Hmmm, head-back cameos - let's see, there's Ichabod's mentor, the nitpicker who looks like Vengeance, and sweaty-groundhog-guy from Layla's family's company. I don't think I recognized any other head-backs. Of course there's also several of the numbered-most-important-people (who naturally won't admit being with Frank. Who would?)
Am I the only one who pretty much always pulled for the non-flashy wrestler to win? Probably so, I guess.
The benefit of reading these late: The half-posted sketch is always already updated, so it looks like these were all finished on time!

Also, regarding hat-kid's objection on panel 3 - I always assumed that the "last minute replacements" in wrestling were really just planned all along and were just part of the schtick. You mean they aren't?
@Zaelix: I dunno, she looks pretty deadly to me:

Nevertheless, I don't think Affluenza is supposed to kill you, I think it just makes you whiney and undeservedly entitled.
Only because the ring personas are not their actual canonical personas - no way a mere chair to the head would have taken out the real Vengeance. Then again, Vengeance was probably glad to get out of there himself, I suspect he just took a fall.
Vengeance complained to the FOT management that despite being much beloved by fans, he hasn't had any screen time in 2 years, and this is what they gave him. Guess he will know better than to complain any more.

The really sad thing is that people actually paid pay-per-view money (I assume) to see the guy in the turkey suit.
@Mike: You know whet he meant. Don't be so obtuse! ;)

@Blitz: Of course! That was what I assumed you meant in the first place!
@Darius: As someone who grew up mostly in Florida, where it's SUMMER at EVERY time of the year, I have to say that unfortunately that is how pop culture rules work. Pop culture is defined by a small number of people who live in either England or New England (NE U.S.) who have unilaterally decided that Christmas=Snow. Always made me feel like I was getting a second-rate Christmas, somehow.

Hat kid needs less caffiene. or something.
Why wouldn't they be able to play them with mittens? It's not as if they have strings. :P
regarding Astrid's costumer - this makes far more sense for her than a Big Boss Man theme anyway - after all she's not a uniformed cop (in real canon), she's undercover.