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@Hovertext: Because they are Bahhumbuglicious! That's why!
(This message sponsored by Grich Bon Bons, a division of MegaChem, Inc.)

Kevin, for once, has a valid point. That particular characteristic counts for a lot in entertainment.

Steampunk computers are the best kind.

@Incentive: Actually, I think that is Johnny Depp, played by Gright, rather than the other way around. Depp doesn't have the acting range to play a challenging role like Gright.
Thus marking the second time the mute kids have been associated with singing :) ade-page-12/
Now Trigger is thinking this criticism is entirely unfair "But...but...everybody thought it was ADORABLE when Jenna did it a couple years ago!?"

(sorry, Trigger, it's just not quite the same)
Somebody call the Candy Cane Police
@dylgramac: I'm from pretty much the same place Blitz is from, and I can attest that 98% of the candy canes I've ever seen are good old normal peppermint (with the remaining 2% as green&white spearmint, which is already borderline candy cane heresy!) Jolly Rancher candy canes?! Madness indeed!!
Sadly, I suspect this wasn't actually a result of the match, but rather the result of the friendly pre-match handshake.

I thought for sure candy cane cereal would have to have been an idea that already happened in RL, but google says no. How could the cereal companies have missed this obvious gimmick to market a slightly different flavor of candy, oops, I mean, "part of this nutritious breakfast", for kids morning sugar rush? Hurry up and patent it now!
Punishing Megaweapon never gets old
I was looking forward to Bridget Bodyslamming Megaweapon through the floor and into the basement in the Sub-Sub-Flyweight division, but it appears unfortunately he's just going to be a spectator.
Plus, it saves time when you can reuse costumes from old vote incentives and not have to design new ones! Efficiency! ;)

I just assumed that Kevin and Dr. V had met at a meeting of TGWHBHURBLQC. (The Guys Who Have Been Horrifically and Utterly Rejected By Layla Quartment Club, of course).

Also: Go Jenna! Kick her butt! You can do it!
Who knew that only 2 strips in we would already be getting so much unexpected Character Development?

I am, of course, referring to long-running but mysterious FOT side character, The Can of Beard. I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've got any idea, even slightly, of what a Can of Beard contains. (I always figured it was just a name and would actually have nothing to do with beards) It may even be the first time a character has even mentioned the name, rather than it just appearing as a prop. I'm still hoping for that six month long voting incentive side story featuring the Adventures of Can of Beard to get approved by the FOT Board of Directors. For that matter, who knew that FOT even had a Board of Directors? I'm envisioning them in a shadowy, cigar-smoke-filled corporate boardroom in giant leather chairs around a huge oaken boardroom table...and the camera pans around to reveal it's actually CW Blitz & the CW Mascots.
@Darius - Stilez would not win against everyone in the story, there is at least one character who would beat her. Stilez vs. Tax - Tax wins every time!
In fact, Tax would win pretty much any match against anyone who actually knows who she is, because who in their right mind would even think of laying a finger on Tax, knowing that Stilez probably has no concept of the difference between a match and the idea that SOMEONE IS TRYING TO HURT TAX MUST KILL MUST KILL MUST KILL MUST KILL MUST KILL?
FOT+Christmas+Wrestling. It was inevitable.
I'm just surprised it hasn't happened before now. ;)

@Incentive: The really ironic thing would be if the character's actual name turned out to be "?"
All Artificially Created Creatures are not Artificially Created Equal
Of course, it goes without saying that some artifically created lifeforms are totally alive and sentient and definitely count as humans. Like, say, for example, Adorable Zombie Kids. (Adorableness=Human. This is why Avatar still counts as human, despite having no remaining OEM parts)

Of course the cast has become girl-heavy. Nothing wrong with that-It's pretty much to be expected for the Trigger Harem Anime ;)

@Date confusion - This is what I was afraid of! My previous strip comment altered the future, and now the flow of time itself has been so distorted the strip posted early! I'm really in trouble if those Timecops ever stop chasing Tax.

@Darius: regarding your @Kids remark - But if you ask them, those 4 kids would say they have saved the galaxy dozens of times (or whatever) and never caused any harm - that's the whole purpose of Mariska's huge conspiracy to make them think their amateur hero club actually is doing good. They don't know it's all fake. And now you've ruined it by telling them!

@Blitz - regarding Layla's response to being an evildoer - Aha! That's exactly what a real Evildoer would say!
To be fair....
Technically, Blue isn't wrong. Given Layla's resume as Evil Crime Syndicate heir apparent, calling her "Evildoer" is not inaccurate.
I hardly know what to say - I've been entirely discombobulated by the bizarrely unusual earliness of this post. Who are you and what have you done with Blitz? :)

Green seems like he would enjoy spending time with Alphonse discussing things to be terrified of.

@Incentive - Nothing that unusual. Seems like just the usual Thanksgiving leftovers at the Caligari household.

@Hovertext: Admit it. If you had a landing pod, you would design the exit doorway with Dramatic Backlighting too. There's really no other reasonable choice.
@Blitz: Wouldn't the rich people know them, or at least her mom, from Patty/Pattie's family, since they were regular Rich People with their Soda fortune? Or maybe they were just such jerks that even the other rich people didn't want to know them.
@CptNerd: That really makes the AltHovertext's observation even more ironic, in a creepy sort of way. I think there must have been something off in that turkey....

@Darius re:Layla - Nah, the Galaxy is a huge, huge place, there's no chance of running into someone she knows just because they're rich. No, wait, that's not right, I must be thinking of some other galaxy - the FOT Galaxy is a tiny place where people run into each other constantly! I guess there is a good chance she knows them after all.

(And if not, they're perfect targets for some sort of improvised scam or flimflam to separate them from that money)

@Blitz/dialog rewrite: Oh no! I've inadvertently altered future events! The time cops are sure to get me for this!
What?! Xal-Gox weird? Surely you jest! A mug of delicious Xal-Gox has been a part of the traditional Thanksgiving festivities since forever!

(Ever since the Pilgrimoids crash landed their starship and were rescued by the native Indionians, who introduced them to delicious Xal-Gox. OK, technically, they weren't really Indionians, but the Pilgrimoid captain, Christopher Magellan, was confused about which planet he had landed on and thought he was on Indionia. So the History Vids, sponsored by Xal-Gox, Inc. teach us, therefore it must be 100% guaranteed true!)
Also, Dr Jarre's bird looks suspiciously normal. No extra legs or heads or scales or anything. That's just creepy.
Happy Thankgsgiving! :)
Unless you are a Turkey, in which case, my condolences. :(

So, for all those folks in those other countries that have a Christmas but not a Thanksgiving, how do you know on what day you should get up at 3am and cram 5,000 people into the local Walmart, Toys-R-Us, or MiffyMart and beat each other senseless trying to get the latest trendy toy for your kids? (which they break the day after Christmas) Is there some other day designated for that?
Welcome, New Commenter!
Probably the latter, since the alt-hovertext emphasized "one" in caps, as opposed to there being a whole bunch of holes in the ship. Nitpickers must really make a *lot* of money for the Cap'n not to have kicked Ichabod off a long time ago if that is the case.
Even more ironic because the role of Bridget in this scene is played by Tabitha whenever her Dad goes on a similar rant. Probably best not to point that out to her, though. It might maker her mad....oops, I mean "angry".

Layla - the correct response, as any parent knows, is "yes, i saw, you did a very good job sabotaging." whether or not you actually saw.

I almost forgot why Ichabod didn't want them on board the ship - he wants to keep them apart from the cute, adorable, harmless kitten & puppy duo. Hard to believe they've even gone this many pages without stealing the scene.