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Nitpickers are always 5 steps ahead of you
Mariska should totally make the obscure random connection to one of Ichabod's previous 10,000 scrapes with death: She's a professional Nitpicker after all!

But, of course, that same logic would confirm that Ichabod had already warned her not to bring it up, forseeing that she would make the connection, due to his own Nitpicking instincts.
That hovertext is completely true! (seeing as how i live near said location) so, what station is it on?
Regarding the incentive: the stuff he's doing still seems kind of evil-ish sounding - was he an evil regular mad scientist even before he was a mad mad scientist? Or Tabitha's definition of "mad" is probably still a bit more generous than most peoples'.
Surely Ichabod is genre aware (or at least Mariska-aware) enough to have already assumed that she had already told them all the things about him that they weren't supposed to tell him she told them.

Speaking of such things they might have been told, does Mariska know about the TKSoDD incident? I would think so, as much as Ichabod likes to tell stories. So when Layla Quartment gets introduced, Mariska goes "Oh, so you must be the kid of that guy from that incident where----" at which point Ichabod is gesturing wildly from behind for her to shut up, because that's not a story Layla is supposed to know.
The apple is back! And seemingly always with only one bite out of it. which means:
A. Ichabod only takes incredibly tiny bites
B. Ichabod only ever takes one bite, and chews it for hours while carrying the apple around
C. Ichabod has a huge supply of fresh apples in hammerspace, and only takes one bite out of each before discarding it back into hammerspacetrashrecycling
D. It's some sort of future regenerating mutant apple that never exhausts, so it only looks like it just has one bite taken always
Initially, I was wondering why the little melodramatic guys were bequeathing the Cap'n an early 21st century Apple branded MP3 player.
Avatar scoffs at the part about "sure inevitable death"!

Hmmm, now that I think of it, wouldn't Avatar be some sort of an abomination in a culture that apparently prides itself immensely on getting killed in experimental ship tests?

Avatar: "I'm completely unkillable"
Little Test Ship guy: "What?!?! She's a Heretic!!! Dieeeeee Heretic!!!!!"
Avatar: (sardonically, of course) "You seem to not be understanding the problem here"
I think Mr Leola Root lost this argument before he even started.

Not that the line between plants and animals in the FOTverse isn't already pretty blurry, what with the living Christmas trees and various other Mad Scientist creations. There's probably at least a few people in the FOTverse who consider themselves carinivegivores, and limit themselves to only eating Planimals.
Avatar: Blame the author - his Anime viewing has conditioned him to subconsciously add random uneccecessary bath scenes every so often.
I take it back. Layla is right. She's forgetting the hovertext for this strip. That's what she forgot!
No, Layla she's not forgetting anything. Particularly the "keep the heck away from Trigger" restriction she is supposed to be under. which she assumes that "buying him dinner" would fall under, considering the implications of that relative to her previous offense.
Layla's previously established (pg 1071) fujoshi instincts are tingling here....
@Blitz & DD - I'm quite certain that, given her interest in said subject, Tabitha is well aware of Stilez's ability to be incredibly dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the galaxy's 2nd greatest collector of Stilez/Tax-related information after Ichabod. (Although it's still smaller than her collection of Avatar fan gear) What I think she's implying here is that the commonly accepted theory that Stilez is just universally dangerous to everyone in her vicinity all the time, like a Supernova, is incorrect, and that as long as Stilez likes you she's relatively harmless (she wouldn't hurt you on purpose, although by carelessness is another matter). Ironically, the only person on board who is still terrified of her (Ichabod) is probably the 2nd least likely person in the Universe that she would allow to come to harm. So her verdict is: Stilez, safe for friends, only dangerous to threatening enemies.
On the other hand, as she observes, a pack of rabid spoiled ultrarich teenage boys probably is dangerous to anyone around them, and given these particular kids propensity to cause havoc on a galactic scale, they are probably significantly MORE dangerous to their friends than to their enemies, this food fight probably being the least dangerous thing these kids have done all week.
Actually, now that I think about it, that same statement could probably be made about Ichabod, albeit not in exactly the same way. And we'll just not even address what similar statements could be made about Tabitha, while the Galaxy continues to recover from the damage her ship caused getting there. Actually, is there anyone on that ship who's not dangerous?
Even More Nitpicking
your Conventional Wisdom link in your author comments doesn't actually work (it has an extra %20 in it)
No Such Thing As Too Much Mad Science
What?! Don't be silly, there's ALWAYS a need for EVERYTHING to be influenced by Mad Science Style Development!
(But don't tell Avatar I said that)

Also, Mariska's ship may not be as safe as she thinks, as it appears she's having time loops having time loops in her speech bubble.

@Darius - How do the Cap'n's Eyes even work? Does his suit measure his biological degree of exasperation and then project appropriate eye expressions onto his screen?
Their planet has an adorably violent history....
Bizarre?!? There's nothing bizarre about those perfectly cromulent names! Now you have hurt Capt. Fuzzywumpus's feelings! That name was passed down to him from his Great-Grandfather Fuzzywumpus, Hero of the Great Snugglefluff War, and one of the few survivors of the Terrible Hugfuzzle Massacre of '06. Any soldier worth their sugardoodles would be proud to have the Fuzzywumpus name!
@Darius - To any non-Layla person, that would clearly be how Ichabod's friend is responsible, not Ichabod. Regardless of how unreasonable Layla might want to be, Ichabod is a Professional Nitpicker, so she knows that she can't use some lame argument like "your're responsible because she's your friend" as Ichabod would easily poke that obviously flawed argument all the heck through with giant Nitpicker-sized holes without even breaking a rhetorical sweat. She has to come up with some at least somewhat reasonable-sounding argument as to why it's his fault so that she can blame him directly, or at least come up with something so hopelessly convoluted that it will take him a while to unravel it. One of the many reasons why she hates him is probably exactly because he's one of the few people who might actually be a match for her in twisting convoluted logical fallacies to her rhetorical advantage. Even worse, now there's TWO Nitpickers, so that means she will soon be outnumbered in any argument. She has to come up with some ironclad blaming here for it to even have a chance of being effective.
@Darius - That's more like how he's related to it rather than responsible for it or at fault. Any reasonable non-Layla person would see the boys as 100% responsible for it and at fault, since they stole a gazillion-dollar spaceship and Mariska is just retrieving it and them, and Ichabod as only peripherally related, but I'm sure Layla's devious mind is working overtime to connive a way that it is somehow obviously definitely totally Ichabod's fault that those poor innocent impressionable young lads were forced to flee in a borrowed ship form the mean old nitpicker lady who was harassing them. Or something like that. If I had another picture of the world as seen through Laylavision™ it would be of the 4 kids with halos and angel wings and looming over them menacingly is Ichabod and Mariska with horns and a pitchfork.

Also, Ichabod and Mariska would be about 80 years old, because that's what anyone over 25 looks like in Laylavision™.
I notice that you established as canon in the alt text on the old linked strip that the ship's ring segments are constantly moving around at random, so don't forget to animate them that way if you decide to animate it. :D