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@Darius - regarding the characters not being on the ship - it seems Tabitha has developed her most fiendish Mad Science invention yet - a device which can project cute costumes across the vast reaches of interstellar space onto anyone, anywhere in the galaxy. Now, nowhere is safe!
Is Stilez actually capable of having her feelings hurt if she actually figures out that Ichabod doesn't want her around? (Totally separate from the question of whether she's actually capable of figuring that out)
Now, now, Avatar, it could be worse. She could be dressing other people up to look like you. Now that would be kind of creepy-obsessive. But as long as she doesn't start doing that, you have nothing to worry about. ;)

@Blitz - you can't blame Bridget, it looks rather like she's actually trying to get away from Tabitha here ... "Moooooom, you're embarassing me...AGAIN!"

@Ichabod: But she is already focused! Very, very VERY focused.

What kind of name is Operation GSTHOOH? Doesn't Ichabod know that the most critical part of an operation it giving it a Catchy Acronym Name? How about Operation "Catgirl (and Tax) Both Get Out Now!"? Otherwise known as Operation CaTBGON? (pronounced cat-be-gone, of course) That plan can't possibly fail!
I wanna see what's on the other side too! Turn it over!
Stilez insisting on being read to just confirms what we already knew: Tax is clearly the "adult" in this relationship.

The last time we saw the convention hall, I think:
http://faroutthere.smackjeeves.com/comics/1027287/page-39-no-theyre-not-done-look ing-around-yet/

I wouldn't have thought of Layla as much of a Skyscraper Girls fan.

Apparently Trigger and Stilez share something in common other than hair. Or maybe it's the hair that causes it?

Tabitha is imagining even more new outlandish outfits to dress Avatar up in right now. And Avatar knows it. Poor Avatar. :(
It seems likely there would be at least some Nitpicker groupies - they're highly paid, influential, seem to lead far-more-interesting-than-average lives, even sometimes semi-famous (infamous?), and given the septillions+ of people in the galaxy there's sure to be a few who find that fascinating. Surely there's blogs and magazines and whatnot that follow nitpicker exploits, with people being fans of their favorites, and some of those would be more serious than others. For that matter, Stilez is only there because she's following Ichabod around, she may already qualify as one! (In fact she does appear to have a suspicious tendency to show up everywhere he goes, hmmm?)

If there are Nitpicker groupies, then it seems likely that pretty much everyone, not knowing her backstory, upon meeting them the first time, will assume that is what Layla is. Which will NOT please her at all when she finds out people have been assuming that.

Do we know that many of Ichabod's prior companions have died horribly? I only remember Avatar discussing the one who got vaporized. I don't recall any other deaths mentioned. I don't think Ichabod would be so irresponsible or callous as to continue to adopt companions if their death was a very frequent result. What does Word-Of-Blitz say about this?
@DD: I suppose it's possible that they may be full Nitpickers, but calling him Mr. Ichabod seems to imply to me that they aren't on the same level as him (but shouldn't it be Mr. Kendall?) and it feels like if they weren't newbies they wouldn't be surprised by the fact that Ichabod was already headed to their destination, because they would have heard about the fact that that sort of thing tends to happen to Ichabod a lot. Or maybe they're not part of the Nitpicker organization at all, and they're just easily impressed Nitpicker groupies.
This one is absolutely less safe than Tabitha's ship, because there's absolutely no frikkin way ever that she would allow her precious kids to fly on a ship that had more than 0% risk involved.

Of course, the shape of any given ship is determined by the properties of hyperspace, or subspace, or quasispace, or Tabithaspace (it's blue!) which it travels through. However, for a ship that travels in real space at sublight speeds, there actually is friction in the vacuum, because it's not a perfect vacuum, and it does become very significant at non-trivial percentages of the speed of light. Enough to completely melt your ship, in fact. I've seen estimates vary from about 3% to 25% of the speed of light where ship-melting will become a problem if we ever try to go that fast (space is lumpy, so I'm sure it varies by location also)

As to which ship is faster, there's really only one way to know: Tabitha will pull up along side Mariska's ship, rev her engine, and challenge her to a drag race across the galaxy. Naturally, the combined effect will destroy most of galactic civilization for a few centuries, but we have to know which is faster. Some sacrifices must be made.

So...Mariska has Nitpicker apprentices? Or Ichabod has been assigned apprentices and she's bringing them. Ooops, forgot to mention that to him.

Always remember to toss your trash (and childhood dreams) or some poor unfortunate bioengineered wasterecepticaloid will go hungry! Nobody needs that kind of guilt on their conscience.
Yes, after all, it's not as if he's still standing right in front of the communications panel and I could very easily just call him back right now. She's totally "forgetting" on purpose.

@Incentive: What I don't get is since she has a convertible why drive with the top up? She should put the top down so she can feel the Solar Wind in her hair! Much better than being in that stuffy atmosphere. Plus it totally freaks out anyone in other ships when she flies past them with the top down and waves.
Just when the Galaxy begins to recover from the damage caused by Tabitha's ship, Mariska's ship tears through the same quadrant and destroys everything again.

@DD: Regardless of how many favors he counts it as, it is guaranteed they will argue about the favor count balance for the rest of their lives anyway. Because Nitpickers.
I suppose that makes sense, considering that webcomicers have to bribe people with additional free art incentives just to get them to make two clicks to vote regularly, and even then only a fraction of people vote, I guess they'd really have to be some crazy fanatical nuts, um, cough cough...I meant to say dedicated supporters to click through all that. :)
The key to Success is setting Achievable Goals.
CW drawn version of yourself is right: this was a good use of your time - you got a vote incentive and then a filler strip out of the vote incentive - TWO-FOR-ONE. That's "efficiency"! A+

Mention it over on FoT, and it's also "advertising" - THREE-FOR-ONE! Bonus Achieved!
@Blitz - I've seen it as high as 6th (!) I think last month or maybe the month before. The key is to get every single reader to log in to vote at 3:00:01 AM (EST) on the 1st.

Regarding the Like/Hate incentives - it looks like every incentive from any given strip has about the same number of votes, which means everybody else does just what I do - vote Like on every pic from the one strip I like, and "skip" on every other strip. Probably because only diehard fans of any given strip are going to spend their time paging through hundreds of pics every day in the first place. The result is: it probably doesn't matter which pics anybody posts - their fans will upvote them and everybody else won't, even if they actually like them. Which, of course, defeats the whole purpose of introducing people to new strips....

@Giant Ship - Layla sees it and says she used to have one just like that when she was rich. Before *somebody* got her fired. *glares at the nitpicker* She may be exaggerating. But only a little.

@Darius - (responding to comment on current incentive you posted on previous strip) I agree it could only be from Tabitha. Besides, nobody but Tabitha would think that Stilez, Destroyer of Worlds, Bane of Humanity, Scourge of Civilization...would make a really cute plushie.

also: I see that THERE IS ACTUALLY A VOTE INCENTIVE ON CONVENTIONAL WISDOM?!?!?! Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?
@Darius - If Megaweapon had any interaction with Stilez of any kind there would be no more Megaweapon, and if Stilez were really mad the planet they were on would already be in flames. Besides, it's just a staged match, not a real fight - Jenna's probably there because it's a celebrity charity match to benefit homeless starving orphan baby bunny rabbits, and Stilez is there because Tax saw FOTCW on TV and thought it would be something fun for them to do. Tax is Stilez's ringside "manager". Tabitha is Jenna's manager, that's how she knows about the effectiveness of Hug and Pet Attack. See, Tabitha's "research" really did have practical applications!
@dylgramac - I never really cared for that band. Something about them just rubs me the wrong way.

@DD - The FOTCW wrestling league matches are all scripted anyway, so weight classes don't really matter. Now in an actual matchup, my money is on Jenna. Evidence seems to indicate that Stilez's combat programming is only triggered when she perceives a threat to her or Tax. Admittedly her perception doesn't always match with reality, but it's completely impossible for anyone to see sweet, harmless, adorable, pathologically-nice Jenna as a threat*, even Stilez. Jenna uses Hug & Pet attack on Stilez. (naturally, it's super-effective!)
*disclaimer: if you're a teenage boy she might look a bit scary in boy-crazy mode, but Stilez wouldn't set that off.

@Ichabod - you should count this as 2 favors - saving the kids from Stilez, and preventing the collapse of half the galactic economy.
@Ichabod: It's always unfortunate when your friends don't get along with your new cat, but you're just going to have to get used to that now that you're a pet owner. :)
I suspect Ichabod would probably assert that "when he's right" and "when he's Ichabod" are pretty much the same thing.
If Vengeance's aura is something detectable outside his presence (as Tax's reaction would seem to indicate) then I suppose Alphonse would probably panic and run from the room at least a good 30 seconds or more before Vengeance actually enters and so Bridget probably wouldn't connect the two events. Of course, he would run directly to Tabitha, and then Tabitha would be upset at whoever had scared him. Now, if anyone should be resistant to an aura of creepiness it should be Tabitha, what with all the terrifying abominations of nature she's had to deal with over the years (some of which she may or may not have created)
@Darius: It probably would difficult, particularly with a character who lacks pupils, but then I have no artistic talent, so drawing pretty much anything sounds difficult to me. Notwithstanding that, I don't think that's how it would work, because Vengeance's coolness is mostly something the audience perceives after we have got to know him for a long time and because we don't have to be up close to him in person. In-world, the aura he gives off is creepy / disturbing / unsettling, particularly to anyone when first encountering him (except, apparently Stilez, who is immune). I'm a bit unclear, though, as to whether this is entirely because of him being creepy just in the normal way of a very creepy person, or if it is actually some sort of psychic aura that he is able to generate, or a combination of both. I'm thinking more along the lines of if Alphonse were there also that she would be glaring at Vengeance for terrifying poor Alphonse, considering that he would probably be catatonic by that point.
Vengeance+Bridget is another interesting interaction we have yet to see in-comic.

Though now that I think about it, since one character rarely talks and the other can't, that might be a tough one to do.