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What about vintage "WWF"?
Or will the World Wildlife Fund sue me for copyright infringement too?
(Because there was a huge danger that people would confuse the two organizations, of course)
*Insert blatant plug for TWC votes here*
At least people will get a chance to vote on TWC each day when a new strip goes up, rather than just one vote for the whole bunch, right?
It's amazing the things you can accomplish when everyone else is drunk.
Far Out There: The #1 Webcomic of 2019 !!!!
That should be enough sleep for this month at least....
Hmmm, it's hard to say if she's just covering because she hates appearing vulnerable, or if she's like me - I almost never remember what I dream about.

Ram Quatzi's Infomercial - Now I really want to know. Maybe when the current run of Vote Incentives is over it can be a vote incentive? It would be a shame to waste perfectly good cameos. I'm sure I see Kiki and Madam Ventricle in there. How long has it been since they appeared in non-holiday strips?
Doctors Prescription
Note that after viewing the above link, the following vote incentive must be viewed to prevent sadness poisoning: s-page-36/
Ram Quatzi: The True Spirit of Christmas
I just realized that Ram Quatzi didn't make an appearance at all this year! I haven't checked, but it seems like he always shows up.
It just doesn't feel like Christmas without Ram trying to sell us offensive and likely negligently dangerous products!
So apparently Layla's insistence on never sleeping was not about being too busy after all.

And Tabitha's insistence that she was finally right by making Layla sleep and not at all clueless was...a giant Flag being set up. She really should have been more genre aware.

Still not the saddest December strip ever, though: e-universe-page-19/
Maybe these guys with the HP Lovecraft restaurant would let you license a food truck:

They could use your help with their food naming. Hardly any creepiness at all. What are they thinking??
She did float completely alone and adrift, utterly solitary, devoid of all companionship, through the endless void of the universe for hundreds(?) of years, so she probably has quite a few ways of occupying herself while waiting. By comparison, this is pretty minor.
Blashphemous Relics of a Fallen World That Was Cursed By Its Own Hubris? Isn't that just a fancy way of saying "stuff I picked up laying around my home planet"?
I hope Layla appreciates how extremely agonizingly painfully difficult it was for Tabitha to pull herself away from Stilez & Tax. She's probably going to have some sort of withdrawal symptoms.
He might be behind you right now.....
Vengeance is actually in a lot more scenes than you think. If he doesn't want to be noticed, then you don't notice him.
OR as the Caligaris call it - a normal holiday average menu item.
Upvote on the alt-text!

Sorry, the internet has conditioned me such that I feel there is something missing if I can't upvote or downvote every last single idea I see.
TV will never change
Ooooh, that mean ol' Superintendent Grouchsplainer! she's always trying to get Principal Baby fired just because she has some stuffy old-fashioned idea that babies shouldn't be in charge of schools or some such nonsense. Fortunately, despite their differences, the kids always pull together in the end and come up with some wacky zany plan that (even though it never works as planned) somehow manages to save his job...until next time.

Or at least I assume that's what happens.
"a few characters too many"? In Far Out There? Never!!
for some reason I suspect the camera crews on STBN spend less time focusing on the flashy spectacle and more time focusing on the reporters reporting it. (Jenna still thinks they don't spend enough time focusing on the reporters)
that's probably not the simplest way to sabotage things, but probably the most fun!
Merry Christmas!

(my brain's obviously mot working at full speed today - first thing I thought when I saw this was "Wow! Penciling that intricate border must have taken FOREVER!" i guess i momentarily forgot there were computers and internets and stuff....) :(
Do you think I can have a line of dialog this time?
No. No you cannot.