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Tune in next week, Same Avatar Time, Same Avatar Channel....
@Darius - I don't think this particular incentive was part of the recent series of future-concept art, so there probably won't be any alt-world arcs of Empress Layla. Though I could be wrong.

On the other hand, today's actual strip looks like a panel from alt-world Superhero FOT: In today's adventure, our hero Invulnerable Girl has encountered her one critical weakness: Food-Based Monsters!! What will become of her?! Fortunately, Science Girl and Zombie Girl have come to her rescue! Although Invulnerable Girl still doesn't seem quite sure if Science Girl is actually a hero, or just an excessively friendly villain.

Meanwhile...elsewhere...The Stilezilla continues to devour the poor citizens of Gummitropolis...
I also like salmon roe on sushi, and from what I recall, "real" caviar is a ...stronger...taste, yes. Though that may be because it was just on some sort of cracker so all i was tasting was the caviar. To be fair, I'm not saying it was horrifically bad or inedible, just...meh. I don't plan on paying excessive amounts of money to try it again when for the same price I can get several days of actually tasty food :)
Fish Heads Fish Heads Roly Poly Fish Heads.....
@alt-text: I had it once a long time ago. tastes like nasty fish eggs. typical example of a food people like because it is expensive, instead of the other way around. you're better off eating gummy socks.
You can't fool us, Future Candy Industry! Gummy Feet are just relabeled leftover stock of Gummy Stockings! -page-2/
The bowler hat is the most critical part, for very important scientific reasons that I will let Tabitha explain in detail. (as she's an expert on costume science)

Or, as Arthur C. Clarke said, Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Plot Armor.
If we're only talking preference, I don't really care for any ultraprocessed-snack-cake-candy-cracker stuffs. Way too sweet, too salty, or both. Mostly both. I don't think I've actually had an Oreo in decades, for example. My preference more resembles Layla's. (Meat with a side helping of extra meat) Though it used to resemble Stilez's (Everything, with a side of Everything else). Back when I also had Stilez's metabolism. :(
@Darius - It's possible they may be sold in some parts of the U.S., just not near me.

I did find a New York Times article from 2017 that proclaimed "Tim Tams now going to be sold in U.S.!" so maybe I have to drive to New York to find them?

Hmmmm...let's assign Blitz the task of checking on that next time he goes to a Con in Boston or DC.... :)
@Darius: Heretic! Burn him at the stake!!!

p.s. had never heard of Delta Creams before. apparently it's a local delicacy and they don't have them here, despite ironically being owned by a U.S. company (Campbell's soup). Wikipedia says: "similar to an Oreo, but sweeter and not so much cocoa".
Maybe it's not actually heresy to eat them improperly unless you're doing it with a real Oreo, so we may have to acquit you on a technicality here.
I didn't understand it when it was a thing.

I assume that means that even then I was already old.
I'm not good at naming things. :(

The Patreon rule should be you can make Blitz watch an Anime of your choice, but only if you buy it for him first.
I just came up with a great original idea for a comic!
What if this very comic was the one that was up on the wall? Then it would be like one of those endless repetitive copy zoom things right? Wouldn't that be cool!?
Safe Bet
Probability Of Emerging Elder God: 37%
Probability Tabitha will end up wanting to dress said Elder God in cute outfits: 99.8%
Some Things are Just Wrong
What Stilez is doing is no worse than those weird kids that would take the Oreos apart and eat all the filling and leave a stack of crackers. HERETICS! It's a delicious sandwich of Sugar, Fat, and Yummy Preservatives! It is meant to be bit into and eaten properly together!
@Darius - I don't know about that - she pretty much gets like this whenever either one of her kids does something either particularly adorable or impressive, which is probably almost constantly. It may not be the exact same reaction, but it's similar enough that it falls into the category of what Avatar is referring to.

@Blitz- We may need to get a flowchart of your explanations for delay above, as far as which things delayed which other things which delayed the other things, I'm not sure If I can follow it without some sort of visual aid done in Powerpoint ;)
(Avatar probably understands it, though)
Awwwwww...kinda disappointed now that it wasn't the 2nd one...Stilez and V look so cute together!
He probably had to remind her of this stuff a lot
Layla's dad probably had to nudge Patti and hint to her that she should be giving an appropriately appreciative response first.
Which she then contracted out, assuming that's what he meant.
I can't stand not knowing how unimpressive it is?
You know saying that just makes me want to see it even more.
It is the solumn sworn duty of a Nitpicker
You know I will keep track of it if you miss FOT's Jeeversary now. :D
Everybody is in on the Conspiracy but Me
@Darius - I did say it was just a Space-Internet conspiracy theory. They're usually wrong. But that never stops them from spreading like wildfire.
(Or, a conspiracy theorist would just say that denying it proves that Darius is part of the conspiracy!!)
I think this comic link is appropriate here:

Or do we not celebrate anniversaries after the 10th one?