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Some critical plot elements are more critical than others
@Blitz: So, basically, my original policy statement is correct: "Everything is canonical, unless it isn't" Or maybe that should be "until it isn't" :)

I do prefer the incentives being canonical, because unlike with some comics a lot of it really does add background to the comic itself - TKSoDD obviously adds huge background, or the thing with Trigger's creepy wire-doll adds background. And, of course, it goes without saying, the series with female characters being dressed in random increasingly revealing outfits is absolutely plot-critical information. ;)
Everything is canonical, unless it isn't.
@Seros: I think Word-Of-Blitz is that not all incentives are canonical. So far we know that TKSoDD and the dress-up incentives are canonical, I'm not sure if any others have been declared to be.

Even today, Stilez is still disappointed that Milspec Battle Robots break so easily.
Not to Nitpick or Anything, but...
@Blitzkrieg1701: You replied in the "Author Comments" section rather than the regular comments section. :)
It occurs to me that Avatar's statement somewhat implies that she doesn't sleep on any regular schedule, and probably doesn't actually need to sleep at all, but does so on occasion because she wants to. That would fit with the fact that her body can't decay or deteriorate and her brain is essentially a supercomputer (select "sleep" from the Windows start menu, but be careful not to accidentally click on "shutdown"!)

Also, it occurs to me that we haven't seen baby Tax in an incentive yet, which would be ultra-adorable, of course. Or does that conflict with the need to not reveal anything about Tax's past?
Maybe the ear things are telepathic transmitters?
It's obvious what Bridget is saying, I hear her just fine.

Technically, Mommikinesis would require the ability to *move* the kids with her mind (the "kinesis" part). Not to nitpick or anything. Because I would never do that.

Layla not sleeping: On one hand, it makes sense that a highly ranked executive in a criminal organization would be bioengineered so that they were never caught napping by their enemies, and it would explain Layla's permanent irritableness, but I'm inclined to trust Avatar's skepticism on this point, since if it were possible she ought to know about it, seeing as how she knows (almost) EVERYTHING.

@Incentive: It's Li'l Stilez!!!! :D Sooooooo adorable!
Between Trigger's Nannybots being constantly sabotaged and disassembled and now this, it seems like being a robot is a really really tough life in the FOTverse. Come to think of it, Mooney's presence wasn't particularly positive on robots either. And we don't even what to think about what happens to any robots in the Hector household when Megabrat gets hold of them. FOT Robot Law#1: Stay away from human kids at all costs. Either that, or Blitz was traumatized by a horrific robot attack early in life and is now exacting his revenge.
Apocalypse: The Noodle Incident
I'm sure the venom glands were thoroughly removed. Ever since that one thing with that planet, you know the one, mass insanity, civilization destroyed, biosphere rendered uninhabitable, blah blah etc. etc. they have been a lot more careful and that hardly ever happens any more.
Part Of This Horrific Breakfast
So, if you think that you are hallucinating that your delicious breakfast has turned into hideous grotesque demonic monsters, and the person next you you says "If you're not going to finish your Xal-Gox can I have them?", then you're probably still ok?
The tough part is when one lives in the FOT universe, how does one discern where the hallucinations begin and the Misanthropic-Ear-Genies, Zombies, Cat&Puppygirls, and giant blue energy-sucking monster weapons end?
If anything, being curled up with Stilez/Tax/Avatar would prevent Tabitha from being able to sleep just due to sheer excitement.

Now that I think about it, this actually completely explains the whole Tabitha-kissing-Trigger incident as well - when very severely sleep deprived, a persons judgment is highly impaired.
Robot Pudding: So that's what happened to all those Zero-G Jelly-based Killbots that Ram Quatzi pawned off on Layla. Figures she and her crooked organization would have found some way to resell them for profit!
(Ancient Page 97 callback!)
I reccomend Xal-Gox Ultracaffienated Version
Toxic Death Strudel is really no more shocking than the numerous restaurants I've been to in real life that advertise a dessert called "Death By Chocolate". Try harder, Future Shock Marketers! :)

Between Future Madscience Stayawake pills and Tabitha's natural supernova level of energy, I can't believe a mere night without sleep would faze Tabitha. I think she was up preparing for the StilezTax Study Expedition and building the supership, and this is her 4th or 5th night straight without sleep.

@Seros: Jenna: why so huggable?
A. She's a Character in FOT
B. Because Jenna
C. We know all she has suffered at the hands of Megabrat, and the universe in general, which generates a permanent intense need to hug her
D. All of the Above

Heck, even the real-life universe has conspired to prevent Blitz from completing Jenna's Patroen series! Poor Jenna :(

The beginning of a lengthy people-in-space-suits series? (Next entry - Avatar, dressed as usual)
Tabitha randomly pops up, insists that Stilez cosplay as a member of "Blue Man Group", and then disappears again. That's pretty much as plain as it gets.

It occurs to me to wonder - why would zombies even need to sleep?! Of course, Bridget answers that question in panel 4:- because sleeping kids are frikkin' adorable, that's why!

One would think that Bioengineered Superwarrior Stilez would be conditioned to react violently to a random attack while asleep, and reflexively knock the attacker through a wall before she could possibly be aware that it is Tax, but she doesn't. Therefore: more evidence of mysterious Stilez-controlling pheromones or psychic field or whatever emitted by Tax. *furiously scribbles notes in mystery-of-tax notebook*

I don't know if I've ever seen a FOT TWC-character-thing come up? I think at least a third or so of the comics I read I noticed through clicking on their TWC-character-vote-icon, so at least for me they're effective free(?) ads, you should make them do more FOT ones!
It happens a lot more than one might expect...
Danganronpa: Monokuma, the headmaster, appears as a remote controlled teddy bear. Asura Cryin': Tokiya Kagayaki, the science club president, appears at school initially only as a remote controlled Koala because he won't leave his house. You're welcome. :)

*gives self congratulatory pat on back for actually knowing an anime-relating thing that Blitz didn't know*
Since Layla got angry when Tabitha kissed him, Trigger is wondering if he is supposed to be upset about whatever is happening on the other side of that door! :o

Of course, Layla has to warn him not to come in despite her having locked the door, because Sabotage Master Trigger would be slowed down for all of about 2 seconds by a locked door.

In the hypothetical Trigger Harem Anime, the door opens on its own right now despite being locked, and despite Trigger not having sabotaged it. Because comedy!

@Blitz: A giant old-timey wash barrel is exactly what I imagined they were using, even before you said it. Comic representations of the future have convinced me that most future tech will look suspiciously exactly like 1800s-early 1900's tech, except with some dials and lights on it.

@Seros: incentive: What, you don't want a challenge? ;)

Next week's announced vote incentive: WHAT ACTUALLY IS HAPPENING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT DOOR. (which turns out to be something completely innocent, but FOT temporarily reaches the TWC top-100 from people checking to see)
The Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled!!!!
The ending of the vote incentive series really fits in well with the current events too - Layla's exasperated but grudgingly admitting that she enjoyed it. Wait...you totally planned this thing all along when you created that vote incentive series years ago!! You Mastermind! I bow before your intricate and detailed planning skills!

@current incentive: if she's bothered by the report of a few extra random mammals or mammal-like-substances in the mix, then she really should avoid reading the other report on what eating fried foods does to your body in the first place. :o

Also, will Kiki and Ventricle ever make it back into the main comic again?
February 15th, 2017
@Seros- I was going to let you count the rest of those up for me. ;)
February 15th, 2017
Not that anyone is counting....
If you include 1195 CW strips, the total number of works in the Blitz Portfolio is now over THREE THOUSAND.

February 14th, 2017
Since Blitz provides the Webcomic to everyone for free, wouldn't that make us unpaid slaves of an unpaid slave? Wow, we really are at the bottom of the totem pole!

Due to the unexpected popularity of Nitpicker vs. Nitpicker competition, they came out with one of those "dueling monsters" type card games - "Nitpicker Battles", very popular with Nitpicker Otaku around the Galaxy, or so I hear. For example if you play your "Ichabod" card but that's not sufficient, you can use your "Cosmic Vertion Beam" card to summon your "Sophia" and "Claire" cards and that pretty much beats everything. Of course those really rare cards are pretty hard to come by.

Then later they made an Anime based on the card game. Because that's pretty much required.
February 14th, 2017
@Blitz - Of course Bridget is reading a B&G comic that doesn't exist YET. It's the future! There's entire libraries that will be built to hold the millennia of works in the highly popular Becky & Gilb genre :D

In fact, now that I think of it, I bet Blip's manufacturers designed his model to look similar to Gilb to appeal to the many fans who wanted their own little alien, but just different enough not to infringe on the copyright. Basically, he's a knockoff. A real Gilb-brand(TM) bioengineered pet would have cost way more than $14.99
February 14th, 2017
@Seros: Upon further examination you are correct on the 55 Genie strips (I suspect a majority of readers are wondering what this even is) and I bow to your superior nitpicking thoroughness on the incentives, I only counted them, I didn't check for duplicates:(

Of course, that destroys the symmetry - the volume of bonus material is actually larger than the original comic!

A further question occurs to me regarding the argument as to whether PMATS and B&G could be considered subcomics of FOT - are two opposing sides in an issue each allowed to hire their own nitpickers to nitpick each other, or does the guild not allow that? If so, what would a Nitpicker's Battle look like? Besides being an Uber-Wall-Of-Text, of course.