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What is in a name?
I'm getting all these musicians confused, are we talking now about the guy who had his legs permanently surgically encrusted with gold & diamonds - Bling Legs Dupree? 'Cause he was really more of just a novelty act, I think.
@Seros: That's not that odd. In Real Life many of the things people seem to like to do for fun would already be considered torture by me personally :)

@Blitz: Are you sure that's it? FOT didn't used to be that low before the Like/Hate thing - usually in the low 200s I think? Unless everyone else's Like/Hate votes are pushing them ahead, but there weren't that many strips on Like/Hate. Does TWC let you go back and see an archive of your past raw vote total for each month?
Are all the other pizzas toppings on the first pizza, or is each pizza a topping on the one immediately below it? Because that's totally a different thing.

@hovertext: since this is the future, it probably does normally make super healthy pizza, which of course tastes horrible, like all healthy food - you have to disable the safeties to make delicious unhealthy pizza.

@incentive: Blind Legs Dupree? - is he any relation to Blues Legend Blind Legs Parker (whose ancestral historic home site was destroyed by Layla). Or it's just a common musician nickname ever since that epidemic of Leg-Blinding flu hit that big music festival back in '08?

And what's up with FOT being ranked way down in the 300s on TWC?! That's just not right!
Sounds canonical to me
...which Layla recognized immediately since she had herself run that same protection racket back when she was in elementary school.
You can take the girl out of the Evil Criminal Syndicate, but...
That figures. All the money Ichabod gave her to spend at the space truck stop Layla had already spent on new clothes, but she still wanted the Cormistapurp book, so she conned some poor little girl out of her book! Probably told her she was with the Intergalactic Childrens' Book Inspectors and the book's font was entirely out of regulation limit or some such thing - "Normally, there would be a lengthy jail sentence, I'm willing to overlook this just this once, since you're just a kid, but I'll have to confiscate that book." Poor little Aly was just relieved that she wouldn't have to go to prison.
Also: nitpick - we can only see 3 letters, but I'm pretty sure Layla spelled her own name wrong on the book. :)
Meanwhile, somewhere else, Ichabod is just about to use a hand dryer...
(at least he has eye protection, sort of)

Implanting tracking chips in passengers - The Cap'n realized that would be a bad idea based on his passenger list - Layla? NO. Vengeance - yikes! Nobody's going to volunteer to try that. Stilez?! Oh, that would go over well, given her history with scientists experimenting on her. Avatar - not even physically possible. Trigger would be fine with it, but then he broke his 30 seconds later.

Ninja Gnomes: They're actually very common. You just don't know they're there. There's probably a couple in the room with you right now.

@incentive: World-building trivia AND 80s neon art! Admit it: this would have gotten drawn even if there were no strip to incentivise! ;)
Also: Avatar scoffs at Vashti's merely petrified crystalline skin mod.
It apparently does not work in the title text
Darn, I was hoping you had figured out some way to embed specific images of your choosing in the comments, but it seems smackjeeves does all the converting on its own, so we only get whatever it arbitrarily decides to convert, which seems to be a rather limited selection.

⚠ Caution!! Dangerous Emoticons Below!! ⚠
...☢ ☣ ☠ ⚡ ☢ ☣ ☠ ⚡ ☢ ☣ ☠ ⚡ ☢ ☣ ☠ ⚡ shouldn't work,but somehow it just does anyway? Sounds like a student of Dr. Caligari's Mad Emoticon Alchemy!
We can't be letting Mad Emoticon Scientists run amok here, those guys never know when to quit: they will just create greater and greater emoticons until they create one so emotive that IT WILL DESTROY US ALL!!!!
(except Avatar, of course)
According to the smackjeeves forum, it is completely impossible to have emoticons in a smackjeeves comment. @dylgramac: Stop violating the fundamental laws of the universe! What are you, some sort of Mad Emoticon Scientist?!
@Seros & Blitz: Far Out There Character Emoticons would be so cool. Make it happen!! Happy Trigger! Sardonic Avatar! Angry Layla! Worried/Scared Ichabod! Scowling Cap'n! ;)

@comic: The hard part is all the time you have to spend insulting and trash-talking the Neutrinos enough to make them cry. It's a lot of work. Most of the insults just seem to pass right through them as if they weren't there at all.

Regarding Tabitha's clothing choice - eyes are a lot more sensitive to harm, and hands are a lot more likely to be harmed in doing experiments, so it makes perfect sense that she would protect those first. Also, it's been shown many, many times in cartoon physics that as long as you are wearing goggles, no part of your body will be harmed in an explosion.

@Incentive - more backgound world info for The FOT Game! :D
Dangerousness is all relative
A particle accelerator is likely one of the least dangerous appliances to be found lying about the Caligari household. Miniature Black Holes are probably something they keep in a jar in their kitchen cabinet. (They buy them at that store that sells kitten brains previously featured in vote incentives. But only when they're half off, otherwise they're overpriced)
The isolinear rod has somewhat the same purpose in a Jannettitron as the control rods in a nuclear reactor - it dampens the energy so it doesn't go critical. As long as any part of the rod is inside the Jannettitron it's good.

After all that effort, Tabitha didn't have the heart to tell her the rod is in backwards. (Just kidding, it's clearly a bidirectional symmetrically monopolar isolinear rod, so it would work either way. Bridget obviously knew that.)

Stilez must really, really like Ichabod if the first round of puking didn't dissuade her form continuing to drag him around. Though I suppose someone used to seeing splattered guts all around them has a high tolerance for grossness.

@Blitz: The poor Spellcheck was so discombobulated and bamboozled by "fierfek", "isolinear", and "Jannettitron" that it just gave up on the rest of the passage. No wonder your computer is acting sketchy.
@Seros/incentive - I would have expected that in the hyper-advanced future a rich kid like her could have afforded a refrigerated/cooled Gright costume. Maybe it was refrigerated and she ran it on the high setting too long and burnt it out? Or she got it from Ram Quatzi's Costume Emporium and it never worked right to begin with.
@Darius: She probably doesn't do much everyday referencing to begin with, given her busy daily schedule consists mostly of griping about things and teenagering.
I probably shouldn't let her hear me say that either.

@Blitz: (in Luke Skywalker voice) Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!! :(
Obligatory Cynical Social Observation
@Blitz: I would never imply that an education institution with a baby in charge would be any worse than the current educational system ;)

(although almost certainly more fun/interesting)
Stilez's version is probably pretty close: If Anime has taught us anything, it is that "school" almost always involves fighting battles of some sort, or training to fight battles, with very little, if any, pointless activities like "sitting in classrooms" or "doing homework" which have no place in schools.
this is exactly what happens any time I try to guess the lyrics of pretty much any song. begin obligatory speculation as to what the real lyrics to the Principal Baby Theme are. (I have no idea. something something class, something something test, la la la, It's Principal Baaaaaby!)

@Incentive: Will totally totally freak Layla out if she sees this.

regarding Stilez current attire vs. jumpsuit - casual-mode Stilez just looks much less dangerous than jumpsuit Stilez. Like she's on vacation from being a world-ending superweapon. she shouldn't change back until she's ready to destroy Threid. it's her work uniform. :)