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A sculptor, gamer, writer, card-collector, artist, table-top player, and general nerd. I dabble in a lot of things and have a passion for my main fandom, Pokemon.
As promised, just squeaking in on time, an update. I'll do my best to have another one next week for you guys :)
@Epicarp: @Epicarp: don't worry, you're not that guy! I reeally haven't been communicative for months about the status of things and that's difficult for someone wanting to at least know what's up and ehen to check back.

I'm the biggest stopper in the works at the moment and have been for varying reasons for a long while, but I don't want to keep you on the hook waiting with no info. So I'll make you a promise, there will be at least one update on Feburary 15th. My plan is hopefully the train will be on the tracks and the updates will be at least 1 a week from then on but I only want to promise one, so that I'm sure I can deliver it. On that update I'll let you all know how things are looking for the time frame of the next update. Thanks for still caring!
@burningtyger: Various things, but I'm the one causing the hold up at the moment. Sorry!
@Guest: Mine did for awhile. But me and my wife here have pledged to be gayer than ever and stand strong <3 We'll be with you.
@epicarp: Hey there, kinda, sorta yes. Really mostly me not having the drive to get the script together. I am in the middle of an attempt to get a big update ready for you guys, so hopefully will be a bit more worth the wait, but I do apologize for the unannounced break.
@Blubb: It's meeee. I always am slightly nervous that someday at a con I'll be laughing and someone will tell me it's creepy! XD

Though this one was more edited by stkbayfield.
@ArrN: Haha I think those two categories tend to go hand in hand!
@ArrN: It's true. We're all the worst.
@ArrN: He would fly into a white hot rage from that one. His mom called him that.
Hey gang, there was a little accident in the page order which caused page 3 to be posted as page 2, in the fixing process, two comments got deleted, sorry about that!
@burningtyger: It depends a LOT on your setting, your GM, and your friends! In lots of what we play, we are relatively peacekeeping players, I especially tend towards heroic characters, but WoD is a dark setting, if only because it's often a game of seeing who you can trust, forming bonds/making political choices of who you're going to piss off, etc outside of your main PC group more than it is a game about physical combat.

Though Mage is specifically a setting about hubris and what depths you would go to to get more knowledge and power and crap haha I'd say Hunter and Werewolf are the most combat oriented but even then there's plenty of social maneuvering to be had and it's always filled with people who are... shall we say... morally dubious?
@G.: The Thin Mints comment is so good that I want to make that Sam's character profile description haha
@blubb: Thanks a lot blubb! I appreciate all the generous support you guys give, your comments have kept me smiling.
HI. So this info is coming late, but basically I've been not feeling very well and had to work a lot of hours on top of that so I haven't written for a while. Not to mention 2/4 of us are moving right now.

I'm gonna get back on the script writing horse soon enough, I hate to leave you guys hanging with no warning, so I apologize for not having this message up sooner. I wanted to let you guys know I'll be aiming to have updates start up again on August 11th.
@Blubb: You warm my cold, dick-joke-writing heart, blubb.
@RogueOne: You have this one on the money, Francis grew up on a farm, she would so be his survival dots. I imagine him miserable in a tent while Francis guts a fish out on the river. This would be a great episode of the TV show.
@Jeana Star: A sympathetic name is a person's "true name" ie the one that have at birth. Billy's sympathetic name isn't Billy because it's not his "real" or original name. It can be a bit more complex than that but basically it's the reason Mages have nicknames etc, it's so that people can't cast from afar on them as easily.
@blubb: It means more than I can say to hear that, thank you so much. I credit most of this to Alexis, who has been helping me a lot more with writing and did the new sprites which I think are lovely. You made my day though, seriously.

Also if that Booyah is a subtle message to me that you want to play Splatoon in squads with me then... just say the word ;) I'm only barely in S rank so I go between A+ and S a lot but... I'm not terrible. I promise!
@Catsassin: He got them at the same time, It's kind of a fast mention but it's in the last sentence of the first paragraph of the update. I was gonna let you know specifically (since you were one of the few people who saw this page put up before we took it back down and I fixed that part of the script and you commented) I apologize about that. Basically I've been doing rewrites and that was one of the things I had fiddled with a few times trying to get it to work.

So tldr, Asia is collar free and safe and I suck at writing clearly.
@Epicarp: Sorry for the wait, it's on me, I hadn't gotten things edited properly on this scene and we accidentally posted a page without the script finished and things got a bit off the rails. And I got writer's block trying to settle out a few finer details.

I'm working today on getting a good buffer so that you guys won't have any interruptions like this for awhile. Thanks for checking and for staying so patient. My assumption is by Friday or Saturday so we should have 2-3 pages up to make up for things. That's my hope at least.