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I am a high school student and Editor-in-Chief for Greenwood High School's The Daily Chomp. Corgis! is the official webcomic of The Daily Chomp.
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    Christine DiMeo
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How much do you want to bet that Louis' laugh is actually *awful* and Daniel just thinks it's the best thing in the world because, well, you know, he's Daniel.
Oh my dog, the foreshadowing to Ch. 13...
Don't worry, Emmark. You know who else was an orphan? Superman. And Harry Potter. And BATMAN!!!!
(And yes, believe it or not, this is next segment is an origin story of sorts.)
This was originally going to be the site banner (minus the text, of course) and there would be a different transition page of Emmark looking into the rippling water of the river that will make an appearance later in this chapter, but I was having too much trouble making the letters ripple, so I had to scrap that.
Maybe one day when my art skills are greater than those of an elementary schooler...
And Faddice knows a thing or two about falling in a dumpster
If you can't tell already, Pembroke High is a very snooty school.
Pembroke is quite a rich city, with two high schools: Pembroke High and Ginger High. Though they're technically determined by geographic area, the two districts are pretty clearly divided to put the majority of rich kids into Pembroke High.
Considering that these are the descendants of the royal corgis, that means that they go to the snootiest high school in the snootiest city inhabited by the snootiest of animals. That's some serious snoot.
That's racist
A Komondor is a breed of dog that is prized for having the glorious dreadlocks of a mop. Like seriously, Google it.

Also, yes, Faddice tends to call everybody "kid" when she's in a bad mood. (Which is most of the time.)
If I could make every page contain an adorable Corgi hug, I would. I swear it.
In other news, check out the new "Origin of Corgis!" section under the "NEWS" tab to learn about the backstory and inspiration for these funny little critters.
Don't you just hate it when your arch nemesis summons a stretch limo to burst through the walls of your public high school just to humiliate you?
Ah yes, this is just how others react to seeing me for the first time, of course.
Now we will proceed to investigate the Case of the Suddenly Disappearing Eyelashes. (Hint: the culprit was a clumsy cartoonist who is not very good at drawing tiny little lines.)
What was I saying again?
Okay, we get it already...'re really talented. Congrats.
Francine is basically what Disney princesses would be like if they were evil.
Also, Joel is really bad with the whole "she is our enemy" thing.
If you can't tell, Joel is very used to this by now.
And yes, Addisol really does have an emergency fashion closet on wheels. Her family is so rich that she literally almost drowned in a pile of money once. (She only uses credit cards now.)
I would say something here, but I am choking on sparkles. *cough* *cough*
So, spoilers I guess, there are all four main characters. Though I feel like it'll be pretty clear when you see them.
Fun Fact:
The average Pembroke Welsh Corgi is about 10-12 inches, and only like 4 or 5 of those inches are leg, so if Faddice is short for a Corgi, well . . . she short.
So, funny thing . . .
Faddice may or may not look like the exact Corgi equivalent of me in real life. We're also both huge nerds who are far below the average height and aren't the best at making friends . . . Believe it or not, it was completely by accident.
Corgis! Begins
Welcome to the first page of the Corgis! storyline! Here we meet Faddice, one of our main characters. (And in case you were wondering, it's pronounced "Fad-iss".)
The Adventure Begins
This is the title page of my new webcomic, Corgis! Corgis takes place in an adorable post-apocalyptic future world in which Welsh Corgis live, work, and go to school like humans. It follows the adventures of four high school students: Faddice, Addisol, Emmark, and Joel as they face the usual problems that teenaged anthropomorphic dogs do.
**I'm still figuring out the site, so please bear with me while some stuff doesn't look right.**