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So much planned, so little time.
Ok this is way late but I read this comic ages ago and thought I'd come back to check it out again. On an impulse I put on "Starships" at the start of this was. so unbelievably perfect.
Surprise! It's a not-Monday post! Because I love these guys and couldn't wait for next week.
It's summer vacation. That means...I can have time to make title pages! Enjoy it while it lasts.
Teo - permanently unimpressed since puberty.
So happy I finally get to draw these guys! So much love <3
I felt the need to make up for the lazy-ass landscape I did earlier this chapter :/
This page makes me SO happy and I have no idea why. Yay responsibility!
Damn, don't you hate when that happens? (Also, not boring at all. Dialogue is my favourite!)
ohgodIhatethispageIjustwantittogoaway. Please.
That tree. Is gorgeous O.O
@munen: Haha thank you! I'm working on a really dark scene (at least for me) in my buffer right now and it's a nice break to be reminded of this happy stuff ^^
Tried out a different tool for shading. Does it show?
Wait, this is a FANTASY comic? Whaaaat.
@munen: Thank you! It's lovely to hear from someone about the comic. Their relationship should get clearer as the story goes on ;)
This is REALLY cool so far! Can't wait to see where it goes. I'm really appreciating all the detail you put into the languages and cultures. It's obvious you've thought a lot about it.
February 24th, 2016
Loving this so far! Can I ask where your inspiration came from? I had a dream a few years ago that was SUPER similar to this and it would be cool if it's a dream other people have had, too.
I wonder if messy workspaces run in the family?
Robin I think you broke Waer.
Can't believe this is actually, like, on the internet. It wasn't even supposed to be a thing.