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Hello! I am Fishfilet! I enjoy delusions of grandeur! I also enjoy graphic novels! I don't like most manga but there are some things that have a place in my heart! I love exclamation points! I also love the word "also!" My favorite color is red! I write most of my comics with my friend Spudge! Especially To Hell With Good Intentions which I don't update nearly enough! Sorry!
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Awesome awesome awesome! God, your flashes keep getting better and better. 0w0
November 6th, 2008
I think it's super groovy. It's all pop-arty and cool and noir-ish. I love it. And his shadow on the building owo
Awww, but he's coo' :D
Whoa, this made it to gurochan? That excites me. Thanks.
Ahhh, it's coming together.
This comic is amazing. I am officially hooked.
Hooray! :D
That is fucking beautiful. I can't handle my amazement.

Love Gian's expression. Yes yes yessss
quite lulzy yes. :D
Wow, is anyone else considering Hyde_n_Psyc's suggestion? I kind of want to draw that. xD
Well, I think it looks great. :D Quinne is a badass angry hottie destined for greatness.

I love that first panel omg xD
That's fantastic, especially for a first time!
lol I tried to make the car look like it aged about 20 years in the elements. That's hard to do in black and white I guess. xP It's supposed to be all rusty and gross.

Maddy-Dex team GO! Zippo + pipe survivalllllll Yay I got his pants right. I can't wait til Maddy finds a weapon. And I like holding hands panel toooooo. It looks all cute and shit. xP
O GOD I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED I invented a door! *fail* I am going to try very hard to be true to the map during this comic, though. xP

The otherworld adventure beginsssssss? Omg I love Dex. This page kinda blows though.

I keep forgetting to show Maddy's totally awesome down-the-street stitchy scars from when she tried to kill herself. Ohwellz.

I just realized I don't actually know what Dex's lower half looks like. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE HANL :DDD
She's so pretty. xP Stop dissing your art because it is beautifulllllllll
xD I love ittttttttttt so awesome.

Okay I am updating this thingg, like, tomorow. *draws*
Sorry to destroy all the good arts with this. I don't know what my deal is.

I felt really bad about the last little story I put up. Self-esteem goes boom.

Anyway, I promise something good soon.
Awww, wow. I'm really relieved about the dog. xP Your character makes me empathize.
xD Awesomenessssssss! <3

Oh gosh. Should I upload mine now? xP

I've been doodling these characters on the bus. xP