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Is the robber wearing a ... watermelon mask?
Grew up in Kansas City MO, not the worst of mid-west weather. still, there is a week in August that might cool down into the 80's at night after triple digits during the day. then a week in February that might warm up to the teens after negative at night. In California now, and really appreciate the lack of weather :}
Rather late to this thread, but first archive binge here -

The damp towel after a shower is good for cleaning glasses. Soft enough for the lenses, and fibery enough to keep too much grease from accumulating on the frames :}
Did Mr. Cross get a commission off Kevin's new debt?
working through my first archive crawl. Judamaru has a very special sense of "romance".
working through my first archive binge, just have to give props on the water cooler!
here is vote for upper left
checking the time to be sure it was not really late enough for sunset?
incentive: mmm, what brand of defensive is Layla being about Trigger? brother or boyfriend? Does she know herself? That bit of an age difference will not seem so much in a few years :}
I feel ... sorry ... for Stilez? But, yes - everyone else may get a short reprieve from dress-up :}
The usual lament of an archive diver - AAACCKKKK the "next" button quit working!!
Welcome "back"! Looking forward to some justice and lawn care, maybe even a few SkinHorse filks?