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Pansexual lass, who likes BL for the mere fact that it's the one thing I'll never get to do.

NOT a trendsbian.

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Ooh. Can I get my hopes up for geek!Vlad?
Remy, hook up with Hanna. NOW. She's adorable and butch-y and cuuuuuuuuute.
And seems to be lacking in the dyke drama. GO WOMAN GO.
I'm actually the cheerleading captain at my school. XD
...I'm short. I can lead the damn cheers.

But this is so painfully cute! The cigarette, the cuddddles.
Huh. Jing will either be forgiven in a manner that he doesn't want, or will be mercilessly beaten.
It does not seem the best to advertise you didn't bring back souvenirs for your pyschotic friends when the sadist of the group has your head in between his hands.
But I guess Jing knows that they'll never REALLY kill him....right?
Francis is a very good brother.
Paris is sorta cute in his insanity.
Doesn't compute for Stacy
Romy's undies are cute. But Buzzcomix doesn't show the picture. Ah well.
Still, the comic is amazing.
....Yeah. This seemed likely.
And poor Ricky. He wishes he could be a real boy and grow balls too!
So, either its on the television or Johnathan will emerge much, much bleeding.
Naked girl! Sweeeeet
Well. That was a surprise.
But the inner dialogue of "I'm oh so sexy. My pheromones are legendary" is there, I bet.
It doesn't worry him because as Johnathan will undoubtably say

Hahaa. This is one of the things that comes with being a gay girl. You get great sex.
And horrible bitch fights.
But great sex!
Oh noes! Skye will have a new stalker.
Except unlike Xin, this one is slightly less sane. ...Wait, less sane....oh dear.
So Jing is crazy, Nozmo?
....Big surprise there, but I guess since Ruby knows eveeerything that means.....well, that means she's really creepy.
How much power does this club HOLD?
No wonder they and Ruby are at odds. It's a battle of "I HAVE THE NEED FOR MORE MINIONS!!1!!"
Vlad is getting ideas.
This is a bad thing.
Prediction: Something awful happens to Skye as a result of sticking up for Jing. Result of that result?
Skye NEVER does a good thing again and ends up the president of an evil corporation that uses PUPPY labor.
....That'll totally not happen. Please. Save the puppies
He's adorkable. Trying to pull off lines like that & failing in a glimmerous fop way...