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August 8th, 2019
What an interesting art style. Reminds me of stained glass
Wow. Creepy intro. I like the mood you're setting
Ha, maybe I got my old spy shows mixed up. I just know there was an old show where a guy said "this message will self-destruct in...". Google tells me it was the Mission Impossible TV series. That was before my time anyway!!
Also, just to state the obvious, those tables are mighty small & nobody likes to be cramped when they eat
I was thinking more along the lines of Charlie's Angels, myself
Girly instruments in the women's bathroom. Probably an electric guitar and drums in the men's?
LOL, earning a steady paycheck from making art should be considered a gift from god
Well, that's a creepy way to end the chapter.

Those backgrounds look pretty good. If they were hand-drawn, that's really impressive!
This is great so far. Hope to see more
LOL @ Rotten Potatoes.

I'm sure they found a ridiculous amount of porn on those data devices too XD
I'm guessing this comic is cancelled?
Wow, impressive coloring work!
This is great so far! Are you going to finish it?
I haven't seen a sun that angry since Mario Bros. 3
Gorgeous composition of that last panel
Your backgrounds could def. use some more work, especially those rocks. Your forte is def. drawing the cats, not BGs
I always thought wolves were one of the most interesting animals to make a story about since I read Julie's Wolf Pack as a kid. This comic is impressive!
Fantastic comic so far. Quite a number of astute observations on the tech industry in general already. I really enjoy the humor!
Only a true geek would risk vandalism charges to graffiti the Konami code on a building!
That's weird because right before coming to this comic, I got notifications of mature content on other comics