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Fantastic comic so far. Quite a number of astute observations on the tech industry in general already. I really enjoy the humor!
Only a true geek would risk vandalism charges to graffiti the Konami code on a building!
That's weird because right before coming to this comic, I got notifications of mature content on other comics
I'm sensing some double entendres here
Da-yum. Hottie alert! lol
The closeup on the shoes is very artsy! But on the bottom left panel, it looks like he's just leaning on air. really need to add a mature advisory for this as I totally wasn't expecting to see something this graphic here. Geez
April 22nd, 2019
That's some pretty badass artwork!
Nice colors & shading! I dig it so far
Woah, this is rough artwork. MS Paint? lol
March 23rd, 2019
This is a professional-quality comic! Great artwork!
Wow, you draw good! This isn't the type of storyline I typically like but it's def. interesting so far
That's an interesting place to store grenades, lol
LOL, I see what you did there...Jurassic Park reference FTW!
That's one seriously cool-looking monster
Woah, great splash page. Love the composition
It seems you've given up updating this on here, but I see you're still updating on Tapas
Their ignorance is too cute!
Hmm...this artwork is so rough. It's just not very fun to look at. I'd recommend cleaning it up digitally before posting
Yay for random Splatoon reference XD