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I'm a famous nobody.
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    Nelson Mandela
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Discovered this comic two weeks ago and already read it tree times. This is gold.
OMG, this blush is so cute, i like this boi (even if he's an ass, whatever, still precious) XDD Can't wait to see more!
This is the best thing ever
August 12th, 2016
@rena.b: I'm soo happy you do! *-* I was afraid his personality was a little too much... XDD
The water. Oh no. Looks bad. Somebody's ass is gonna get kiiiicked. XDDDDDD
It can be nothing but a dildo.
I just realised something. If this guy has wings... then he is a X-men! Okay, this is my new theory. XDDD
I'm litteraly dying, right now. Her face. She like lost her virginity from her eyes. XDDDD
OMG, I don't no why, but I'm all excited, now. XDDD
You don't have to. You just will.
I knew it! OMG, Hendrix, please, be the perfect lover. Protect him!
Me : ''Wha! A new page from ''Arco''! :)))) *clics* Wait, this is the wrong comic? I'm on ''The Maple effect''? No! This is an other crossover between the two of them!''
OMG, I'm so excited. XDDDDDD
I have a feeling things are going to be even more interesting. ^^
Aaaaaand noooooow KISS.
OHHH NOOOO. Tell me this is not going where I think it is going.
Knowing a secret makes anyone feel special.
Oh my! This smile. This blushu blushu. Too much cuteness for my heart!
Osjdjndldhgayskdlfmdudhbsuxm. I'm dying.
Stay calm. I MUST STAY CALM.