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I am a really nice girl, and I love to draw. I normally spend most of my time either watching videos on youtube, playing or, or trying to get better with my drawing. I love sweets, bacon, and meatballs, but I dislike some specific rappers (Drake, DJ Khaled, etc.), and gummy bears. Oh, I also love vegtables.
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who in fudge made this??? xD
Jesus fudge xD
September 30th, 2017
@Midnight-fox18: i was scared that i was gonna see... that one ship when i got on here. :/
howy cwap
@9rainbowtails: I'm ok... Thank you for asking
And there, in the darkest of night
On the hill stands a figure bringing light
Her fur, soft and white
Bringing peace to those in her sight

Though there are those who she sees that are depressed,
Until they are happy, she will not rest.
Those who were always mild
Shall change when meeting the innocent child.
Its crap. you do what to do to keep your family together... no one notices. your male parent calls you an awful name (b****)... he might be right. You do all the work that you need to do... but you let them believe someone else helped, or did it themselves.

So, the meaning of life is that it is awful, and there is nothing good about having the life i have.
I have been going through a lot of crap... Please don't judge me...
I disagree with Rios post. I'm putting this up here. Jelly x Sam will be my ship. And that is final.
@WildfireK: I saw my OC with the pineapple