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K-Fee, anyone?
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@Midnight-fox18: I am feeling a bit better, thnk you for asking! :3
@BlueEevee362: oh... sorry...
@WildfireK: that says stone temple pilots...
First comic in the series:

Sam deals with a problem known to him as:
alternative rock.
Hey, guys! After a short hiatus, i have come back to SJ, and not for reasons such as commenting and all that crap!

I will be posting on here, however not that regularily. I will also remake Jellybean Craft, which i deleted awhile ago, as Jellybean Macabre, which will basically be what jellybean Craft was before (with the exception of a huge plot, which I had tried to do before with Jellybean Craft, causing me to delete it).
@BlueEevee362: I am so sorry for you, dude... :(
who in fudge made this??? xD
Jesus fudge xD
September 30th, 2017
@Midnight-fox18: i was scared that i was gonna see... that one ship when i got on here. :/
howy cwap