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Studying to be a RN (Registered Nurse), I'm a dog person I do like cat but would rather have a dog more. I love Anime and Manga, my favorite anime is SAO (Sword Art Online) and for the last four years have been to TnT (Tokyo in Tulsa). And my Hobbies are Playing video game's on PS4 and/or XBox 360
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He know he know Riley have his avocados panties
Yea no I LOVE your long hair I wish I have hair like your
this page is sooooo adorable and cute. I must know the ending of the Mr. Slippers and Mr. Shoe story
September 24th, 2017
That dear look wicked cool
July 26th, 2017
@Pouika: I thought the same thing
I knew it, she kill him.
I have a bad feeling, like she's going to kill the king.
March 14th, 2016
I suppose that's one way you can call dibs.
Ahahaha oh no the media finally got them.
The moment to shine, what's on the other side of that door.
He scared the blush of him
I just love how you draw them in their animal form, they're so cute. PS this page is cuuuuuute.
This page is sooooo cuuuuuute.
How can people be afraid of him, he's so cute like a TEDDY bear.
They're so cute when they're in their animal form.
February 16th, 2016
Even the tip of Jessie ears are red, how cute.
Isamu look like Aoba from Dramatical Murder
This keep getting better and better, I love it.
You gotta be kidding me, It was getting good.
This is waaaaaaaay better than I thought it was going to be.