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I like cats, Sonic, Mario, and many other things. My (only)hobby is drawing and sprite comics(so I get frustrated when I run out of ideas for any thing)

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One of the favorite qualities of my cat is that her "meow" is a cross between a squeaky toy and a door that needs oiled and that she is talkative. The only time I don't like it is when I am sleeping or trying to concentrate. One of her quirks is that she HAS to use the litterbox. If she runs outside and is out for a while, she gets STRAIGHT to the litterbox when she gets back in.

I like how cats are so quirky.
Yeah, now that I am feeling better, I have been drawing more.

For me, I have always been the kind of idiot that tries really hard to make people laugh.(I have gotten better at that, but not by much) For me, it was that I knew what it was like to be depressed sad, so I wanted to see others smile and laugh. So I think that another reason why so many comedians are depressed is because they know it sucks and how much a good laugh can help, and that is why they wanted to become comedians.

I'm an only child. My dad was busy working or with whatever my mom was making him do, and my mom slept a lot due to side effects of her medicine that she had to take.(Which I am thankful for) and when she was awake... ugh. But we had cats, and they probably showed me the most affection that I received in that part of my life. I like to think that I was raised by house cats. I think of cats more than just animals or cats because of that. In a way, feel like family to me and they make me feel more safe in a weird way.

My cat has me well trained. If my mom knew, she would be jealous. One time my dad saw me petting her in my sleep. Earlier today I was playing a game and I would occasionally and mindlessly pause it to pet her some. After my room finally got cleaned, she would occasionally walk in and aggressively squeak at me. I put a chair next to my computer chair, and now she sometimes sits in it and purrs.
I feel sorry for my mom's cat. Her cat that we normally call Mr. Kitty is like Neko though. It is funny, whenever Mr. Kitty does something to irritate her, right afterwards his pupils get big and he looks sad and more adorable.(that look was what got him adopted to begin with)
I wish my mom was the kind of person that I should forgive. I am a naturally forgiving person(it takes too much effort and energy for me not to. XD) But I have to keep myself from forgiving her, because if I don't I know I will be putty in her hands. She is VERY manipulative.

She has been sending me letters(I read them just in case she says something that hints that she might drive 6 hours to stalk me or something.), and it makes it even more obvious that she doesn't care about how she has done. She came up with many theories as to why I don't talk to her. Of course, none of them really mentioned how terrible she has treated me, over the years or in general. The closest thing she got to that was something like "We just had a bad visit." That was SERIOUSLY down playing how bad that visit was. She TERRORIZED me. It was one of the worst visits that I can remember. And her theory that she has stuck with is that I am "mad at her" because my boyfriend and my best friend are "anti-mom" and I am getting their moms confused with her.(One doesn't have problems with her mother, and the other has very understandable problems with his mother) The day I last talked to her, she was trying to argue that she loved me. I told her that she never has. Before my parents divorced, and I had only eaten one meal that day, if I even said so much as "I'm hungry" she would go off on how lucky I am that she makes me food(as she was making food)and guilt trip me so much and so hard the entire time she was doing that. It was bad enough to where I would tell her that she could stop making me food, but she kept continuing like I didn't say anything. My mom's response to that was "Children and their parents should forget the disputes they have together." (The worst part for me about that response was not how hypocritical that was, but how the only reason I remembered that was because of flashbacks)

(Don't worry, I understood that you weren't telling me to forgive my mother. I was just explaining a bit of why I she shouldn't be forgiven, and I can go off a tangent complaining about her too easily because there is no shortage of material to complain about. Sorry if I complained too much. It is hard not to)

And for me, I am also bad at conversations because I am awkward and I don't have much interesting to talk about. If two people or more people are talking, I am afraid to say something because I might interrupt them and bother them. I have been getting better at talking to people now that I have been getting better in general. It is around the year anniversary when I started getting better and when I got together with my boyfriend. :D I am doing a lot better than how I was doing back then. I still have a loooong way to go though.
I hope things get better for you
I understand what you say about depression. I am having similar problems. My mom is very emotionally abusive and such, and so that has caused me a lot of problems. She is secretly sadistic, and she does whatever she can get away with. So I don't know all of what she did since I have a whole lot of repressed memories. In May I cut off all contact with her(I continued it as long as my sanity would let me) I have gotten a lot better since then. It is freaky the levels of denial she has while still not denying certain things she has done. (sorry for the depressing story but I figured it might make the rest of what I will say make sense)

But yeah, I understand what you mean about the demon you fight everyday. It is like my own thoughts, but yet they originate from somewhere else.(my mom) I have days where I can't help but think all sorts of bad thoughts about myself and such. Where I feel like I am a horrible person and I think about certain events that were harmless, but I still beat myself over for no logical reason.

I prefer to be a silent lurker on every webcomic I read, but I know that depression is really hard.(Understatement, but I suck with words) One of the hardest things for me is that not that many people understand. My dad knows how toxic she is(they were married for 14 years), but he is still confused as to why I have panic attacks. It is terrible trying to describe it to people and they respond as if logic makes a difference with the bad thoughts.(and then they still talk that way after you tell them logic doesn't make a difference) A lot of times it makes me more depressed. But it feels nice when someone does understand. And so even though I am a random person on the internet, I want you to know that I understand how terrible depression is. :)
I can't see the navigation buttons as well.
April fools, bummy doesn't have a bum.
When my mom complains about fingerless gloves being uselesss, I tell her it is so I can hold a cold can of soda and still be able to open it. XD
>Faite: Tell the Luzon monster that it could've had a V8. As it is mulling over what you just said put the Luzon necklace on it. Then keep it as a pet and name it Fluffy.
Tails & Knuckles
I gave my starter a girl name. Then soon afterwards I realized it was a boy. I couldn't think of a good name for my rival, so I named him Bob.
I was bored, so I clicked my username, then I put my mouse over the preview button under the banner, and confused myself.TwT

...Very imformative author comment, eh?
Its better than what I would've done. *snuck on*
I'll have very limited access to a computer tomarrow through August 9th. Then on August 12th is mah B-Day! Yaay!

And yes, that is Genisi's Hedgehog and Normal Form.(Or should I say 'Hero' form?:D*brick'd*)
Wuzzup? XD
I'm sowwy for not updating in a loooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnng time.. *ish lazy and not always motivated to work on comics*=_=
Baaa. I'm laaaaazy.XD I'll get around. Eventually.
Here's something that randomly come to my mind- Since Kruel's eyes have minds of their own, what would happen if its eyes disagreed with each other?