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I'm gunna skip over all of this re-intrucing and jump right into pretending I never stopped posting. I however, have been following the comic faithfully all this while, so have no fear. You already noticed it, but the ring is a little mal-sized. I would like to instead point out the fingers of the guard in panel 1, specifically the index finger and the middle finger. It's not that they aren't well shaded, coloured or anything like that, they just seem a bit akward. Maybe just a bit odly shaped, but enough to make me make a double take. On the whole, however, the strip and the past few dozen (putting all my eggs in one basket) have been beautiful, and your art is getting better and better. I'll be here reading regardless of if I force myself to post, so if it seems like I have abandoned you, the truth is far from what it seems. My only request is that you upload something to the voting websites that we fans could use as a desktop background? Right now I'm just fluxuating between WoW backgrounds and pictures of Space.

Keep it up, big sis!
*cry* I'm a bad little brother, I never check quick enough to post. *cry*

Anyways, this one rocks! No complaining about skew lines this time too! I still love the swirly background text affect, it's really cool!

My one question: what's so interesting about that toothpick drake's holding?
YAY! UPDATE! Hehe, nice mom. I wish my mom were like that. But alas, I am doomed to suffer...
I WANT DOORS LIKE THAT! They are very pretty wood carvings. I also like how the inside of the barn looks, I would have thought that'd be hard. The only thing I don't like about the last panel is the beams. Drake is awesome, but the beam hes leaning on, and the horizontal beam that goes off the page in the background, aren't parallel(spell check). Drakes posture, however, is done very well, :)
*cry* no updates *cry*
Is Probably a war medal of some sort. Sorry for not posting Dai! Just WoW and.... well.... erm, just WoW. Sorry! *beats self with nearest blunt object*

It's pretty though! Only beefs: 4th panel, the town. I see that shading/scribbling! I SEE IT!

3rd Panel: Stopping the background so ubruptly there is kind of awkward. If you had faded a bit more, could have worked though.

Well anyways...

(>^-^)> *HUG!* <(^-^<)
Oops! By golly no! I didn't mean that it didn't make sense, I just mean that, well, sapiness and me have a bad history. Involving much tearing of hair and murdering of spouses. In the end, we just don't like to meet face to face.
I agree with Roy here Dai, kind of a sappy page. Drake looks better in his hood though, so that makes me happy. *glee!* How goes your summer? I saw Cody and Matt O. at the Acalanes graduation, I was happy to see them.
Now, I know I haven't brought it up, but the front on view of drake in a hood looks really wierd. It looks way too two dimentional, and his face looks kind of square-ish. Being a personal fan of this fashion trend, I take offence. Hmmph! But other then that, it looks Beautiful! I love the written word background and the crazy swirl effect there, very awesome. No I gotta Bowdoin outta hear, so see ya!
OOooh! Pretty Colours!

Good Bye big sis! See you when you visit us from college!
Yay! Time to kill things!

P.S. n the zoomed out panel, look at Fitz's left leg. Deformed much?
HAHA! Deserved it! I love you Beau Beau! *Has new favorite character*
The drawing is sketchy in the first four, and definetley(i can't spell that word) not your best for the rest of it, I'm sorry but it's true.
The lines are funny though!
Yay! Next Chapter!
Oh, I forgot, whats up with those little yellow squares in the four corners? Have they been there the entire time and am I just blind, or are they new?

And I also forgot my Critique. Look at Drake in the second panel. I'm not sure what it is, his head just seems to be in a kind of akward position.
Pew Pew? That's not how you usually pronounce it...
I SAW THE ENTIRE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SERIES THIS WEEKEND! My favorite was probably number 2 just because of the line "This isn't Mission Difficult, Ethan. This is Mission Impossible, difficult should be a walk in the park for you."
Luthar kicks ass. Tom Hanks looks like Beorge W. Bush in one scene. All around, not a bad movie.
Back to the comic, I love the drawing of Alex, his face looks a little sad though, the cape and the horse are cool though. You're getting too good at drawing horses, it's scaring me.
I don't know why the crow is there and I don't care. It's cool. I don't like Drake's neck in the third panel. Fix it.
Yay! An update! I especially love the last panel.
Joan and the horse, dai, Joan and the horse. When they are in the background, it is sketchy, too sketchy. Oh, and you forgot the white behind the last speech buble. But it is still better than other peoples, but not amazing work for you.
Oh! I love it!
Oh, Mina! I love your art! hehe, it made me laugh.

Dai! Mina's other fanart is listed as Fanart3, not Fanart1 like it should be.