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I can't believe that nobody noticed this before, but it says "Why'd him belive you"..
The plants... the plaaaants... get them away from meee...
Wait a second..
Angela said that she won't give the book to her so she can learn to teleport... ok
It's "explain it to me", not "explain me".
Baby keeby!
He's too cute
Has ANYBODY noticed the fact that Dedede went through the wall?
I knew that would happen sooner or later...
All three yellow kirbies are dead now.
How is it not painful to have superheated gas on top of you?
You're oblivious, but you almost immediately noticed that? Ok then...
Chocolate pepper donuts, anyone?
Well, the sun is yellow, glass can be broken, and everyone loves candy...
@Knightkirby: Wonder what would happen if every kirby from every comic met...
>Try lighting all the torches using the ones that are already light.
Well, I don't think mario has ever USED a sword… Has he?
I got the lucky tenth on @Fighter Dee!
Every comment after ForestFire's seconded Fighter Dee!
Zijol doesn't know about Inilau, so some of these commands don't make sense.

Lets see...
1: the spider is defending from people eho come in
2: torch + chest = ?
3: ???
4: the spider isn't agressive towards Zijol
5: Zijol has no reason to run away
6: the spider is a minion of Inilau
7: the spider wants Inilau dead
8: Zijol + Inilau = ?

Oh, and Zijol was just drawing what just happened.