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Shiro Kami
I Hate Being Lonely, So Please Be My Friend.
I Write Quotes On My Twitter Account @Shiro_De_Kami
I Want To Be Remembered That I Did Something In Humanity
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This Is Gonna Be The End Of Chapter 2 So Hope It'l Work Out In Chapter 3 And Hope I Can Spot All The Errors XD So Hope It's Fine, Oh And If Your Wondering Why The Quality Is Crappy? Well Because I Had To Make It That Way So That I Can Be Able To Post It So Hope You Can Still Bear With Me Guys
@WiispNightmare: Don't Worry Even I Don't Get The Thing That Does The What Now? @_@.
*Feeling Dizzy*
Hehe Stuff
Okay To Make It Up Everything Will Be As Promised Fixed Next Saturday So Hope You Still Can Bear With Me People. Still Getting The Hang Of The Comic Stuff And Problems And Stuff Hehe Stuff. So After This,Future Comics Will Look Different Than Before And More Fixed? I Guess? Were Trying Okay? But You Can Judge I'm A'ight With That.
*Story May Be Confusing But Will Be Cleared In Order*
Okay Sorry For Some Confusion But I Fixed Most Of The Things That Got Corrupted Because Things Keep Crashing So Hope You Guys Can Bear With Me For Now. *Got A Little Lazy On The Borders But On The Next Comic I Think Everything Will Be Fixed*
First Problem We've Been Having Is That Space So Sorry If The Quality Is Sometimes Crappy.
Oliver Is The Best!
Who'll Vee-Vee Meet
So I Guess Jolty And Victor Is Going To Introduce Vee-Vee To The Others, But I Don't Think Vee--Vee Will Be Taking It Too Well. But Who Knows? Maybe It'll Be Alright
Glay-Glay And Sylvie
Well. Glay-Glay Does Hate It When Someone Enters Her Room Without Her Permission.
Vee-Vee Finally Meets Someone
So, I Guess Vee-Vee Will Be Able To Live With Victor's Family Huh?
Late Post
I Can't Believe I Already Have A Second Chapter And I Posted This, But Who Cares. Like I Said I Become Bored :3.Don't Worry This Will Only Happen Once
@WiispNightmare: Good Thing You Renamed Him XD
Vee-Vee Finally Meets Victor
So Vee-Vee Finally Gets Noticed By Victor And Tries To Help Her Huh? Well that's Good
Vee-Vee First Arival
So Vee-Vee Finally Got Noticed By Victor And He Invites Her To Move In And Help Her Get A Family Out Of Victor's Family. Hope Victor's Expectations Go Well?
@Eevee_Reader: It's A Secret :3
Another Chapter Huh?
Okay, So This Is My 2nd Chapter Of This Comic Even Though There's Like Little Bits Of The First One. I Think I'm Getting The Hang Of It, I Think
The Last Of This Chapter
Well As This Chapter Ends I Have Plans For The Next One So I Might Be Posting It Either April 20 Or Maybe Today If I Get Bored. Hope You guys Liked This Chapter And Like This Comic So Far
Poor Vee-Vee
Looks Like Vee-Vee Has Enetered The Comic Wanna Know What'll Happen To Vee-Vee? Wait For The Next Part
Being Bored
Okay I Got Bored Again So I Tried Making Another One, But Since I'm Going To Get Busy These Days I Thought Of Posting Now Than Never, While I Still Have The Chance
My 4th Post
Okay So Am I Doing Good So Far? Ehh I Guess Not. But Since I Got Bored I Just Had Time To Make Another One, So Here It Is.
@Zappy the Raichu: Glay-Glas Is A Female Glaceon, In A Way She Is Very Annoying And Un-Understandable In Most Times.