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Hey gameguy...

one question...

Do you remember me?

Aww you haven't been making many Youtube videos OR comics. D:

Edit: Nevermind about the Youtube videos, seems as if I accidentally unsubscribed to you. Subscribed again ;D
I agree
Ok SERIOUSLY people? Start posting!
Scary teim plz?
I think you broke the 8-Bit world...
Yay. We need a story line -3-
....I don't understand how someone can stay in the same exact position for so long...
I feel bad for Bowser now D:
I would SO buy that!
When you make puns, the fact that you put bad puns in a comic it's hilarious
Why did ANYBODY bother with this? Anyways a meme is supposed to be with your own chars...
If you're ganna shade in the shoes... might as well redo the whole sprite...
I really am tired of recolors... We shall banish them from Smackjeeves!

EDIT: Especially crappy ones!
I like being original!
Yay! No hypnotizing me!
What kinda games do you play? I've only met about 5 girl gamers in my life..
ZOMG This is alive again!?!?!!
Agreed Dark Dragon