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its not a joke. its just a sketch
Ha Ha! Wow! That was so Random :D
you DO have an odd mind...
but thats what makes the comic awesome! bravo :)
thats a flash movie right? if i remember correctly, i watched it on newgrounds once. i think im going to watch it right now actually...
January 6th, 2007
incredible artwork! keep up the good work!
i really like the artwork and the humor's wierd, but in a good way
heh heh
clasic comic wierdery. gotta love it :)
its okay but theres alot that could be improved on. the comic seems a little too static, even with the explosions and all. i like the humor though.
ha ha! thats so funny!
not bad
although there are lots of other sonic sprite comics out there (i even made one once) its always nice to see video game characters put in comical situations. keep up the good work :)
u gotta love total randomness
November 20th, 2006
very funny! im gonna fav this