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Rebel_The_Dorumon's new base of operations.
I have a habit of making bad puns sometimes... I think I need help with that.

Status for PMD Primal Corrupted and Rebel In Kalos (RIK) is on HAITUS, because school is a complete--!

I'm still alive and kicking, MUAHAHAH!!! Jk, I'm not evil... Truly evil...

Gonna update PMD Burst on Friday (So basically any random time of the week when I'm able)
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Most awesome name, aside from Grumpy Cat, ever.
Not So Digital (And Again, Still Alive. Whoop, whoop)
Sorry for the long wait, the literal LONG wait...

I seriously need to create a habit that makes me do this more often.

Anywho, I have several more pages to upload soon (and by soon hopefully next Wednesday).
Don't be surprised if I don't upload for 3 months or more again, school is a complete--!

So, yeah, erm... I'm hopefully gonna be more active. I won't use digital art as that may also interfere with my school work, so I'm gonna focus on traditional art (plus that's WAY easier knowing this laptop).

Lotsa luv (Ugh... I'm never saying that again), BurstDewott
~#TeamSkullRulez (Opinion, I've yet to beat the game after 2 months)
~School Is Harsh

P.S. Printers hurt my head >_> Never have me connect a printer to anything around you...
I'm on time! (Sort of... Not)
I have a page uploaded after 2 flipping months and I'm proud of it!

And, I didn't miss my promise, just a day before the deadline... Did I mention I can't do action scenes in comics well?

If I haven't, I can't do action panels in comics well.
School Is Returning
Sadly, I may be struggling to work on comics next week due to EOCs. I'll try to upload and create comics when I have the time.
That... Is the cutest Houndour, I've ever seen....


Erk, I mean, uh... Yeah it's a cute Pokemon.
Spring Break Week Notice
I'll try to create some comics this week if I'm not occupied.
If not, oh well, I have a tight schedule.

Edit: Forgot to make this Visible on Smackjeeves, heheh... WHOOPS.
Well, isn't Del a peachy little troll.
Noir could win an acting award- er... If PKMN Mystery Dungeons have acting awards- if he could XD
"Whatta bunch'a jokers!" ~Reyn, Xenoblade Chronicles

The best way to describe a cute, hilarious little ghost.
Well, Zapdos is off to a good start- If you consider almost being fried by light and poison from a snake a good start.
@mcslurpi: K thanks, just making sure.
At least he's a ghost type...

Wait, that was Psycho Cut- Right?
Don't know why but when I read Victini's part of the comic, it reminds me of Bill Cypher's personality :T
Planned Updates
First off, YAY! First upload!

Second, I have certain days when I'm on and off- So, I'll work on these over the weekend. It may take 2 weeks for one comic to be released.

Consider yourselves lucky if I upload 2 comics in one day (Also consider myself lucky that I didn't have any HomeWork).
RIP Apple

'It was a nice, shiny apple too...'
@littleabsol: Maybe she's far or near sided, it's pretty common in some schools for people to have glasses for those reasons. Even I need them to see the board.
Ehhem. It's over 9000!!!

Okay, I'm done.

(Don't kill me for a DBZ reference)
(Trying too hard)
I guess his heart just DROPPED.


I'm such a sad person, besides the pun I was originally going to do was already done. And I didn't want to be a dead WEIGHT.

...Get it, 'cause he fell? ...Okay, that was just harsh now.

Better, he was just digging himself a hole to her heart- Okay, now I need to burn these puns in fire.
@Fighter Dee: Possibly Latias and Latios when they flew off.

....At least it's not roaming like in the main series.
The 'Love Triangle'
Hm... So is it like this?:
The Parenthesis are the relationships on the Right Character's side.

Bow <===Hatred (Unknown for Eve)===>Eve
Eve <===One sided-Crush (Stupidly doesn't know)===> Dusk
Clef <===Crush (Unknown for Eve too)===> Eve
Bow <===Crazy Loves (#AWKWARD)===> Clef

I am correct right?