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Hi plz read my comic
@Mr Bear: Anthony is that you
I couldn't come up with a good idea for an April Fools' comic today, so I asked some characters from 3 am to make some for me! Except only Lennox did one because I couldn't come up with ideas for the others. I'll add to this if I come up with some great ideas by the end of the week but I doubt I will lol.
Oh yeah I should probably post this here. This is appropriate to post lol

If I ever brought back 3 am, I might bring it back as sort of a fantasy field guide/scrapbook with comics mixed in... I don't know yet though, cause the story would take even longer to tell that way. (or would it?) I don't know what art style it would be in either, maybe something close to the above? It's something to think about
I'll just keep growing older and farther away from being a teenager. How much will I remember?
I wish I got into college for vlogging
I'm officially not a teenager anymore. I guess that makes it all the more fun to write about them...?
At first I was afraid this design would make him look too much like a prim pretty boy. But then I was like who the f cares, it's Blake. I mean canonically his parents own a company or some shit
So basically yeah, Nicky will never get to be a magical girl, but Blake will. "That shit we got into in the 11th grade." To be continued??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Now that one Blake cat pic finally makes sense... kinda... okay maybe not.
This 5-page comic takes place a few weeks or months after where I stopped the comic. It's a part of Blake's story that I'd been planning for a REALLY long time. Never got around to it because he needed more character development first... but now I'm like who cares lol. Enjoy!
@soundofmind: Aww, thanks! Yeah, I don't really expect anyone to see these, except maybe if you added it to your RSS feed haha. Thanks for stopping by ^^
April Fools', it's not back. (Yet?) Please read my new comic, Patent the Sun!

April 1st is a holiday I haven't missed out on yet when posting to 3 am. Thought it'd be nice to keep it going.
I remembered this today

My gov teacher was a big promoter of mindfulness. Before every quiz or test he would make us sit in silence for 2 minutes.
September 27th, 2017
"You can't sit there that's a fire hazard are you going to buy the book or not"
September 27th, 2017
September 27th, 2017
That poster in the back is this ->
September 27th, 2017
This ocmic is one of the only things that gives me life........... AS AR ECAP SHE WOKE UP. SHE WOKE UP FROM A BAD DREAM.
Once an emo always an emo
Why did I even make this comic. Guess I thought it'd be funny to have these two dudes curse about their past... I think it's funnier if you knew exactly what kind of crud they were involved in though
Like Nanny McPhee
July 25th, 2017
@NessieNono: The concert turned out to be really awesome ^^