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July 13th, 2017
This is what I've been wanting to hear.
Can I ask y'all how you determine whats a chapter? Like, do you plan out what's gonna happen and make sure it fits within around 25 pages? Or are you just drawing until you get close to 25 and find a good way to close out the current 'scene' thats happening and then just transition into the next chapter? Or is it something like exposition, rising action, conclusion in every chapter? (Id reread to try to figure that out but currently lacking the time :'D sorry) I really look up to y'all when it comes to comics and was hoping if y'all could impart some of this wisdom to me if possible :'> Maybe I shoulda asked this by email instead? XS
@Yoyo: They totally can kiss tho :( if their love is mutual. Which I think at this point they're totally into having a proper relationship. And I mean, I would be super happy if they did cuz heck thatd be cute, but also they dont gotta, awkwardness and cuddling is totally a great choice to go forward with this too. Lol.
I can't believe no one has commented on how amazing that last panel was drawn? Like, shit, that is one beautiful hand? And don't get me started on the coloring/shading? It's simple, but really does it for me <333

Seriously though, I extremely hope Kim gets hella jealous loool.
@Dee2017: Favorite comment ever. Thank you.

But yes, don't mind us, carry on <3
@estrachan: That's the thing though, is it just lust? They're openly discussing their feelings right now, trying to convey that they both want to try harder for each other and consider each other better. That sounds like forming a good relationship right there honestly.
@Rikos: But why? The mom was the one who had a "superstition", not set in stone rule, that it'd be better to wait until the full week is up before they first kissed to give the relationship a chance. The only thing they aren't supposed to violate is kissing to break the string out of spite or just to get out of the situation and be done with each other. Honestly, I think if they kiss now and they both hold feelings for each other then all should be fine, no? :)
@MTea: But can't they? Only the mom said that she had a superstition about kissing before the trial week is up. The only thing they aren't supposed to do is "kiss out of spite", or basically simply to get rid of the string. This is different is it not? This would be full of feelings and quite possibly love :>
@redmarielle: Eeeeeeeeey. EEEEEEEEEEEEEY. That's pleasant to hear lol. Also, I second the notion about slow burning stories. Good stuff man, 10/10
@Pholcidae : What page??? So if they do the deed their relationship together is assured??? 8D
@raephium: Yooooo, but but but they said they can only kiss if there is actually love! (Kissing and breaking the string "out of spite/ for the wrong reason" is the thing that's bad luck, and the parents only waited a week "to be sure", and also cuz the dad was nervous lol). So I'm assuming it means they are freed from the string, but they can remain together without the hassle of dealing with the string, because you don't stay tied forever I think seeing how the parents aren't (if I remember correctly). So I bet they could break it early and still be a'ight...OMG PLEASE KISS //cries
The expreeeessiiiiioooons, they're so good! D': <3
Meeting someone to see a department? Or an apartment? Lol, not sure if intentional, but don't think so? :'D
November 23rd, 2016
AHAHAHAHA, yep, me for sure rn. Seems like a lot of people are able to relate to sooch currently XD
@MangoChab: Why not upload your pages to a image hosting site like postimg.org, tinypic.com, or imgur.com? That way you keep the quality and don't have to worry about file size :> I learned that when I posted my first page of my comic, someone was kind enough to enlighten me because I was having the same struggle as you :'D
Yes, yay progression, but shit man you are a bad friend :T way to forget about your bff
Um I hope she ruins the moment? Because rude! How dare you blow off your friend twice! >:U Not even for the booty bro! Bros before hoes, gals before pals...lol
Why will the quality sink? :0 Because of the file size?
Heeeey, so I just wanted to appreciate the people who decided to follow this comic even though I have only one page up and no others any time soon. I'm sorry this comic is so slow going, but I promise it will bear some fruit as soon as I get some more planning and other menial tasks done!

In the meantime, I've also gained one distraction that will slightly hinder the progression on planning this comic. My brother got me a kitten, even though I thought there was no possible way for me to have one (turns out I could make it work). I've come to find out though that tortoiseshell cats are super hard to color D': (And I struggle at drawing cats in general...)

But seriously, thank you guys so much, I was super hyped when I got my first fan, but to already be at 10?? *dies* <3 I hope this helps tide y'all over for now, but also peak y'alls interests for later!