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I'm a piece of trash and belong in the garbage.

Also I draw random stuff of my comic and post it on my instagram from time to time so beware, if ya don't wanna be spoiled for like...kind of small stuff, then don't go there XD But if you're more than interested and don't care, feel free! I also do (or will do) not canon stuff of them on there!
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Itty bitty blush is the best kind of blush kjfa;slkdjf
@Onyxlight: yaaaaaas
That neds declassified school survival guide gif though? Lol, never thought Howie would be so inept at cooking XD
@P J: Its...its just a joke panel XD I'm pretty sure we've already seen this panel before and they reused it for this joke, and to tell us when its actually gonna update lol.
January 14th, 2018
That sexy back dho?
So it's not a page, but at least it's something! Been wanting to do a holiday specific picture for awhile now but I was too busy during the semester, glad I finally could. Also, decided to use a lil cuter style than what I usually do because it's a lot easier and quicker to do, haha. And super fun to boot :> (Though sorry it's so messy asdkjfaljs)

Hope y'all are having absolutely wonderful holidays and enjoying winter to the fullest! Another actual page will be coming soon, I promise! Until then, have the bois enjoying some hot coco and being silly!
@DFallen: Thank you so much! Will try my best! c:
1. Southern Texas!
2. Akuroku (KH2) or MakoHaru (Free!)
3. Def could see Chris Hemsworth as Kim. Kylees a little tougher, I'm honestly not very good at remembering celebrity names unless I like them a LOT, and the ones I do are few and far between :T

It's nice to see a couple other fellow Texans tho :D (Born there or not) And even cooler to see how wide spread your readers come from! (Is that grammar/sentence structure correct? My brain shut down...)
December 6th, 2017
Unflavored greek yogurt? How rude! Lol. Its an amazing diss though, I love it XD
Im so excited, this is amazing so far *^* Goooooooaaaaals
December 4th, 2017
holy frick this is super interesting
I need more blushing Kim in my life. Great chapter, and can't wait for the next *^*
Done did (again). And omg Hiro no. That's the complete opposite of what you do during sex. Ya gotta let ya partner know or they ain't gonna be able to try something different to actually make it feel good! Aish, what am I saying, the boys an idiot/young&ignorant, doesn't even know that it *can* feel good. OTL

That pickle dho lol
@BGee93: Thank you so much! Hope I dont disappoint, and that you continue to enjoy! :>
God I love your style. Your coloring is amazing, and that line work, I can't even! Such goals! Also, these boys are too adorable XD
Welp. Took me waaay longer than I thought it would to finish coloring this, but I suddenly decided to do more detail than I've ever done while coloring (or what feels like it at least). Still trying to find a style that looks good but doesn't take forever to get done. So far not doing too great, but I'm working on it!

Really enjoyed drawing the paintings though on the wall (even if most can hardly be seen), and the mirror ♥ Now on to finally getting to the homework that I've been putting off to get this page finished @u@
@daydreamnoise: Holy heck! Thank you soooo much, that really means a lot to me!! Like, I've been following your comic for I think a couple years now, so to find out that someone who inspired me to post my own fantasy story actually likes my comic...WHATTHEFRICKTYFRACK?! Hope I don't disappoint! asdfasf;kj;asdlf
Practice makes perfect ;) It already looks super good, but I understand that feeling of wanting to convey a scene a certain way and it not turning out exactly how you imagined it.

Dat back and butt dho <3 And especially dat Aiden blush~