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I'm a piece of trash and belong in the garbage.

Also I draw random stuff of my comic and post it on my instagram from time to time so beware, if ya don't wanna be spoiled for like...kind of small stuff, then don't go there XD But if you're more than interested and don't care, feel free! I also do (or will do) not canon stuff of them on there!
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IM DYING OMG jalksdhfalskdjfh Ive been catching up on a ton of pages and all of this cute is HURTING ME BUT IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE AHHHHHHHHHHH this is amazing, love love love
This is literally the cutest thing ever. So glad they didn't kiss, but this still felt so SO intimate in the best way possible (I hope???). Also I really hope they don't (Howier doesn't?) forget this all in the morning.
Double update! No promises, but I'm going to try to do one more page sometime this weekend or maybe a little later than that. We'll see. I need to learn how to draw faster .-.

I'm excited but also not excited because it's time for a scene change which means I have to draw a new background. Glad to progress the story, but fuuuuck backgrounds are so tedious lol.
Trying to simplify coloring style again. I think I'm getting there.

Sorry for the lack of updates, gonna try to make up for it somehow.
November 21st, 2018
I love this series so much!!!! *u* <3 Cant wait for the next update! :>
Happy Early Thanksgiving for those of y'all in the US! :>
Trying to keep consistent with the coloring style of the last page, kinda really like doing it o3o

Next goal: to keep a consistent upload schedule >:U (preferably more often than once a month pffft)
Trust me when I say I wanna see the story unfold as much as the next person OTL
FLIPPING OUT IF WE...WHAT BOY, IF WE WHAT???? AHHHHH thats gonna haunt for a while now. Please don't be a horrible tiny little sneaky foreshadowing moment ;_; Putting that aside this is so fucking cute my heart literally can't handle it, I love this series SO DAMN MUCH
@lori n: Yay, that makes me super happy to hear c: Sorry it's so slow going ;u;
@Riaya: Mmmm, not sure if joke, but just in case - Kaeden's the one apologizing (I'm assuming cleaning such a horrible gash would hurt some lul) :< Sorry if its not very obvious OTL
@Javajonez: Wow, thanks so much! :O I really appreciate the kind words and I hope I don't disappoint! <3
@KaiterSkate: Thank you, I tried really hard on it :'>
@Guest: <O< !!
@Moondragon: Thank you! ;o;
@BSM: Thanks, glad you think so c:
Lots of Kaeden on this page o_o

Also, trying to change things up a little, been experimenting with coloring styles.
@Erstina: Glad you think so! :'>
Thanks for the support y'all ;u; ♥

That top down view was such a bitch to draw x_x