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an angel and the devil
not much. we are identical twins and love yaoi comics and harry potter fanfiction. (yaio of course)
also like:
our gay art teacher
violin(we both play)
Draco Malfoy

Dont like
Green leaves that parents make us eat
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yay, ur back and u come bearing sheep dogs!!!
oh oh its Rissy, five bucks on Rissy
he is totally hitting on bo.
sorry richared but that was not a very convincing yes there you should have slaped her and shouted NO I love him so there!! that would have been funny!
how you got from golden ball to wooden ruler we will never know
is.. is .. henry sick?? is he gonna DIE!!! has he got TB?!?! please dont make him sick... ok so mabey we're reading a little to deep but he's coughing to much for our liking.
poor moe, so unappreceated, right we have NO idea how to spell that...
well he has got a point there.
hehe we love this new prince, he looks like an utter idiot!
that asain dude is soo cool.
aww its like a fairy tale, so cute, was his mum the kings mistress or something
hes so freaking awsome
ahh we always thought AK was the rebel, good plot twist
hehe they are soo like the ouran twins, love the name , Francis, hehe
umm younger brother? clone? digital image? ILLUSION!? we are really confused
ok so it was a doppleganer.
hehe he really forgot about her. did she even notice?
bet thats his first time eating alone, he looks like a kicked puppy.
oooh do we sense an angsty past story on the horision, and how come bo's mom could cook if she had hoofs to?
well cats can do strange stuff, we found ours in the fridge once. love the bit where its all intense and then the tummy spoils it.very cute