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Just stumbled upon your comic earlier. Awesome style <3
Love is in the air~
Puck's new form is just as adorable as his old one. Also Cogito's adorable as well, on her own terms of course. Robin is happy as fuck (is it allowed to use this word here?), so is Kato. Bimm the motherly type as always. Glad to see the crew reunited
Your pace, not anyone elses. It's always a pleasure to come back here once in a while (over all, it's a hard life, it's busy for everyone) and see that you're continuing the story. I also love the art improvements a ton.
I stumbled over this comic yesterday and couldn't stop reading. It's an amazing feat you did here - mixing up pokemon, adult themes and really awesome humor in a way I wouldn't have considered possible, until now. Thank you for your great work!