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I'm an aspiring comic artist.
I'm going to make something awesome...
Just you wait!

Other hobbies include game design, programming, and binge-watching Youtube.

My production schedule consists of equal parts work, practice, and research, with a side of sleep.
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Excellent GIMP Coloring Tutorial!
Following this tutorial, expertly written by


I used The GIMP in my attempt, and the results were comparable. The process wasn't much harder either. :D

Two major foul-ups I made were that I pulled the lineart from the tutorial, which was very low-res; and I didn't use a good soft brush to shade her collar, hat, and coveralls...
@Mandabear: Thanks so much! I am actually working on a picture with her and some skeletons or the like. I knew I wanted a cute-female-warrior type to contrast with the ugly critters
@Mandabear: Actually, I don't even remember how I went about drawing that, guess is one of those things that turn out well accidentally
@Mandabear: Haha.
This was one of my first attempts with a dip pen. I like Bleach more, but haven't tried to copy any of it.
Practicing lettering for a few hours.
This was taken from Christopher Sabela's "Dead Letters", issue #2. A great looking book with a very unique typeface.
@Mandabear: Of course that's true; most of these sketches were sight-copied out of tutorial books anyway... I have a lot of trouble with faces, so i rely on these guidelines.