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hobies = gaming, maths/scince, skiing
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@SkunkWitch: on page 115 mycealis says "i thought we agreed laconians were all bullshit. a story made up to make us feel like we had a purpose in life" literally indicating hat he thinks laconians are fairtales

hope this clears confusion if you see it
That... makes sense.
i somehow feel that we are still far from the end of this story, and that tag is still there as far as i know.
lopunny is great in this, perfect addition to this cast

edit: oh wait, gardevoir's there, and so is gengar.
@XD-MADNESS that is a good possibility, my thought was that the girl from the bell place was victini since she is a she and was stolen by cipher men as reshiram says on the same page. hopefully we find out who reshiram and zekrom want back
Why wouldn't they have a happy reunion. victini isn't out to stop them and that black shadowy thing that looks a lot like darkrai in the first panel isn't going to- oh. well, maybe not a happy reunion
gardevoir looks epic in that final panel
so this door did appear before
lugia, ho-oh, kyogre, groudon, (i think)
rayquaza, giratina(maybe), dialga, into palkia if i remember correctly
oh, he's learned some ways to deal with dark types
totally not focusblast which is notoriously inaccurate and has no issues if all your friend stand behind you as you use it
choose to remain confined?
why, can't he resist it or does he have a suicide plan?
gengar is a genius to not freak out about what victini is doing to that orb thing

but what could he have done really, he is still tagged
at this point in time we should all now know why darkrai believes that their is no hope
@Axies, why not wigglytuff the explorer progidy
it's explorer's of time all over again
on the chapter page, 375, it goes : rayquaza, yellow broken (probably giratina), then probably dialgi, palkia, xerneas, yveltal

but on this one its rayquaza then a cyan broken one (kyurem)
so their may be a slight inconsistency,

also, the one beside the johto 2 is probably kyogre if i had to guess
currently not sure what's creepier, victini or the comments

also don't resh and zek want victini back in someway

for whatever reason they were blurry but it looks completely fine now, i probably got on too early and that may have been the issue. doesn't really matter now
btw, thanks for working on this awesome comic
last two panels look fine now