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I'll have something here... At somepoint.
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Huh. Wonderland, Fiore, Dreamland Redux aaaannnddd... Yeah I dunno the last one... I wanna say Digital World...

This is gonna be fun though.
I'm also a chef so it's kinda biased. WOO!
Congratulations on 3 Years Niv.

Here's to continued success.
A bit of background I think should be given here I feel.

Virgil has a curse upon him because of an incident during his childhood. He CAN die, however his curse keeps him from passing over.

Even cremated he'll be forced to reform once someone calls on his help. Or in times of worldly peril.

How long it takes for him to reform/resurrect depends on the total damage his body, mind and soul took BEFORE he finally died.

So, an Example: He's been forced to watch his loved ones killed infront of him while being sliced up like a lump of cheese in a grater. After which he's been forced to commits great acts of evil on innocents.

This would render his mind and soul ripped apart. When adding on the physical torture he's lived though, when he was to finally die from it it could take him several years to come back to life. Longer still if he holds off on using the powers. (Side note: Holding off the reformation doesn't stop it, only slow it down)

Két's mum has quite an effect it seems.
When Ad-lib gets out of hand~
I can't post this week or Next due to a broken computer. I'm currently on a friends computer under the stipulation I don't do anything more than browse the web.

(Sadly I didn't think to stick my work on a USB as a back-up.)
Yeaaahhh, I dislike theater as well.
This entire thing pleases me more than I thought it would... Fluff.
Alternatively titled...

The Author is too damn lazy to really think of something.
You know, I carp believe they've been talking this long without Blair trying to gut Ket outta friendship.

To add, I'll also be testing the limits of the new computer, which will slow down the progress of getting anything new out.

Ps. I have started working on a script for an actual comic, so hopefully I'll have that done soon enough.

It will be called Limit of the Eclipse, starring Virgil (the Wolf) Hunter and Volvin (the Dragon) Crest along with some other characters I haven't done much for yet. Such as

Leon Vale (Lynx)
Haru Ryder (Hedgehog)
Alice Thread (Kitsune)
Marie Yung (Echidna)
Blair is a shonen protagonist!

Almost killing people = Friendship~
The fire doesn't look toooooo bad, really.

Though I can see what you mean about it.
You know... I really would, but... IT'S TOO MUCH FUN TO PUT DOWN!

Because, this obviously doesn't count or anything does it. -.-
Damn he keeps moaning at me.
Fix how specifically?
I mean the orginal idea was to get a female version done for giggles, with an idea to have a "thinner" style to the bangs and hair.
I have this weird feelign that the NEXT time Blair runs into Ket, he'll be back to his obsessive, stalker nature.

Or I could be surprised. I wouldn't know. I don't make the comic. :P
I need a name for this, I really do.

I'm none too happy about the wings in the "blocking" pose, but really, I tried to do it better... and failed. As of right now this is the best version I've managed.

I'll keep working on them.

Also this is the last "pre-uploaded" pages. Anything else will go up... When I put them up.
This is about 90% (-ish) custom.

I didn't custom the hands, cause I tired and screw the results.
Strangly enough, I was making this version before the "main" project version. However the other version fits in better with other Authors sprites (If I was to join any "big" author comic, and it's way less hassle making characters than this one.

Maybe I'll make more characters using this custom style and revamp anything I've done before that point with the newer sprites... We'll see.

({[Pre-Uploaded 3/4]})