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Hates: slow computers, not being able to understand things, when people call him annoying for no reason.

"I tried hibachi once, but you know that cooking thing looks like a table... now I've learned the hard way to never put my elbows on the table."
~Someone you don't know, New York.
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I wonder if the Devons of the world read this and laugh... evil sons of bitches.
The sound effect here is a slap to the face. Poor Mel...
Happens to the best of us.

I seem to have been missing during these updates. Therefore, I don't know what's going on. Therefore, I will look and see.

Funny page, by the way.
I can't draw sewers.

And like the title says... I'll eventually get better at inking/drawing in general. I hope that the story is strong, though.
I like that last sentence. (smiley face)
Okay, now that I'm logged on I can post a more filling comment.

YAY!!!! My first SJ comic in... a while? It's good to see that you guys (especially Pyro) are still doing the whole web comic thing whilst I busy myself with work.

Yup, it's been a while. Funny stuff.

Oh, and Pyro. In my boredom I was looking through the P-M archives (you know what I'm talking about) and I wondered... was I a horrifically annoying co-author?
Wait a minute... there's a PRINT COPY?

I need to come here more often.
Wow, this has gone far since I last visited. :)
I drew a Paint picture.

I don't think we're dead quite yet.

10 bucks on Andy! 10 bucks on Andy!
Next scene:
Peter goes flying across the table.
Peter is silly. Dumb, but silly.

And immune to death glares.
a. Poor, poor Peter. He's about to get a neck snapped.

b. "You're not the only one?..."
Look who's naked!!!

Aaaand once again the drama of the last few pages is ruined. Not in a bad way though.
Aaaaaand cue laugh track.

That was... that was... wow.
I... still... don't... know.
I think I know, but I'm probably wrong.

Ohhh Peter... poor, poor Peter...
Now let's see how Christo likes it!!!

Ha ha, can't wait.