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Angeline is a crazy person who loves both art and science. She is pretty busy, but she works hard to do all the things that she enjoys; those things include reading, writing, drawing, birdwatching, painting, making manga, and a whole lot more.
She can be quite random and has an unusual sense of humor.
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Mechanical pencil iz friend
Don't have much going on here...
Yet :B

College finals are almost over. So when I get on my summer break, I'll be pulling out the mech. pencil and working on this silly little story.

Why the antique artsy look? Because I want it to look that way! It also makes it prettiful. Rawr.

Anywho, this is the work I used to make the bannerz. It's basically the final design of the two main characters. Enjoy. ;3

I died when I read this! xD
Epic nonsense makes me giggle. The faces are too much! :'D I'll be using this as an instant cheer-me-up from now on. :3
All are important questions. Yes.
I feel very lonely... No one has posted any comments yet...

So I shall sit here and make cute faces! :3 =^.^= :D X3
I has returned!
Yeah... Been out of it for a loooooong time. ^^; But I have come back and I am updating with gusto!

Looking on this old pages makes me shudder somewhat... I have improved my art skills, and these pages are not up to par, so bare with me until I get through all the old pages... You will probably also notice an inconsistency of the style... That is also a characteristic of the old pages, so again, be patient.

Once I get through the old pages, you shall see my true power! Bwahahahahaaaaaaaa! XD
I normally just lurk, but I need to post.
This is amazing. The idea is very unique and the characters' actions are entertaining to watch. ^^
You lucky readers, you!
Today was a snow day so I felt generous. ^^
It's nice that we have snow days here...
(Especially since we have to do state tests! Ick! XP)