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I love to draw.I draw my own comics and was inspired by a certain friend*cough*they know who they are*cough*to start the comic.
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Annnnnnnd 22.This took a while.
Annnnnnd 21
^^: sorry. Also: (I forgot about this again.Join if you want.)
@Vappy the Vaporeon: I use Paint tool sai for the comic and for the text.
And 19!
Sorry for the long wait.....Hehe my bad.^^;
@Darvin: Thanks how did I not notice
Good news!
We got a discord now!Join if you want.Here's the link:
Hmmm.Yu-me seems worried about something.
Here's part 2 (don't mind that you can go ask questions there if you want.)
Here's part 2 of this comic hope you enjoy.
Here's the late comic
Sorry for this being late....again(Blame my procrastination)I've decided to cut comic 16 into 2 parts.Next part is for next week.
@Guest: Denise is bi.
Uploading this at 6:09 am in my time lol
Here's today's comic have a good day.Now back to bed for me lol.
Here's today's comic I hope you guys had a good day.
@Darvin: I believe I will go back to school after Labor Day.I live in America.
Sorry for this being late.
I was very busy with finals last week and finished the comic today since I'm on summer break now.Hope you guys enjoy this one.
What's your favorite pastry or baked good?
Here's today's comic.
Early comic today.
Since I missed 2 Sundays I've decided to upload an early comic today just to make it up to you guys.Oh and thanks for 20 fans!You're stll gonna get Sunday's comic by the way.
Here's 10.
Sorry that I'm very late guys I just got my computer fixed today and I already had this one done so here it is.
I've forgotten how many days since I last used my computer.
Number 9 is here.Have a good day people.And happy Mother's Day!
Here's number 7.
Sorry guys my computer is broken at the moment so I couldn't do this digitally.I hope you enjoy this one.