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I love to draw.I draw my own comics and was inspired by a certain friend*cough*they know who they are*cough*to start the comic. Also currently planning a second series and have high hopes for it
Have a deviantart link:

And there's a discord!
Wonder what the letter means with it's medieval talk
yay on time!
qwq late again
really sorry again
Sorry for the lateness again!
TwT I'm terrible with a schedule. And I was out last Sunday so sorry again!
RIght on time! quq
weeeeeeelp here's the next one
any questions go here:
Sorry for the lateness again!
QuQ my bad.
Going on a new schedule for now sooooooo uploads are Wednesdays and Sundays
QuQ sorry for the unexpected hiatus. I'm usually on discord if you want to ask anything.(comic server: Aaaaaaaand the tumblr:
QuQ again sorry for the hiatus.
Annnnnnnd 22.This took a while.
Annnnnnd 21
^^: sorry. Also: (I forgot about this again.Join if you want.)
@Vappy the Vaporeon: I use Paint tool sai for the comic and for the text.
And 19!
Sorry for the long wait.....Hehe my bad.^^;
@Darvin: Thanks how did I not notice
Good news!
We got a discord now!Join if you want.Here's the link:
Hmmm.Yu-me seems worried about something.
Here's part 2 (don't mind that you can go ask questions there if you want.)
Here's part 2 of this comic hope you enjoy.
Here's the late comic
Sorry for this being late....again(Blame my procrastination)I've decided to cut comic 16 into 2 parts.Next part is for next week.
@Guest: Denise is bi.
Uploading this at 6:09 am in my time lol
Here's today's comic have a good day.Now back to bed for me lol.