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Hi I'm the creator if the Joseph and Yusra comics :)
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@Loptr: As someone who grew up on a tropical island. Yes we have horses. Large inhabitable islands only have sand on the coastlines but have regular dirt inland.(Not even sure why I have to explain this)
@Anon: You may be thinking about it too hard. That's like asking if there are safe spaces for the South Park kids. I just assume the kids are off doing their own thing and are ignoring whatever craziness the adults are up to.
@Teroniss: Keep in mind one of her minions was working with her on an internship so I don't know if she has/ spent that much money.
I do :D
@25: 25 you need to chill.XD
@Rurina: Good point, I just didn't want to show her hair casually just yet. Maybe she didn't get around to taking it off yet?
Oh wow this is a gem of comic. ;___; best comic I have read on smakjeeves, and I appreciate that it's a complete story instead of something that endlessly meanders like so many other comics. I feel inspired. Thanks so much for your hard work.
Awww soo cute (I am sorry I've just writing the same comment over and over again) ^_^;
Bwaahhhh soo cute!!
BWWAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Soo cute so polite soo *wfagfakjs *dies*
Bwaaahhh the feels
Woah love the sudden intense color pallete :O
Awww so sweet. This wa sposted years ago but it's really riveting i'm enjoying it
@Lamango: Len :) It was mentioned only once awhile aback when she met the Alien
hmmm suspicious....pretty boy rival appears. This is going to go one of three ways

1. He's an antagonist (kinda cliche but it's classic)

2. He's actually a nice guy and genuine competition for Kenji (shoujo manga route)

3. He's neither and is not interested in Avery and is another cool addition to the cast. MAYBE ship with EO >_>; that would definitely be unexpected

:D Given you ideas wonder where you are going to take this any of those would be awesome. I am super invested.
aaahhhhh cutie!!!
@scandinavian: Second this! We demand more Frankie! More Frankie! More Frankie!
January 25th, 2017
Listen to the smart jelly.
January 25th, 2017
Aww burned!
I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks so much for reading and the nice comment <3