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Somehow I have reached the point of hearing Lindsey Jones(the voice of Ruby Rose) voice Rain... Is that bad?
If I were in Rudy's shoes, I would invite Cole(tte) to sit with me and my friends at lunch and also tell him that they're all really accepting.
Rudy x Cole... I ship it. It already seems like they have some good chemistry and that Cole trusts Rudy quite a bit
Rudy likely reads Snow, Twilight Roamers by Yoselyn Amara, and Possibly Objectional Material by James Jacks
@haxorus29: there's no such thing as "normal" however it's not a mental illness either. it's a physiological difference, it can be stated that it's a form of intersex, and a mistiming on the womb, we are just the same, our minds never matched how we viewed our bodies, we acknowledge it and seek to correct it.

Look at it like this, you live your whole life with an iron mask on, and you wear a suit of armor with spikes on the inside, so that it cuts and hurts you, it's a slow torture that can drive people to madness, we're conditioned to defend our mind against it but it can get to be too much for people and they're unable to get the help they need, so they feel they have little choice but to take their life, thus ending their suffering and torture.