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You can call me Ranboo. I'm a big fan of warrior cats, Pokémon, and anything fantasy related. My hobbies include drawing, reading, cooking, and playing video games.

My main comic I work on is The Reincarnation Stone.
My fist comic was No One Likes To Help. It is really old and had horrible everything, but it was a learning experience for me and how to make comics. Feel free to visit it and make fun of all the spelling errors and contradictions my twelve year old self made.

I do take requests at my art site if you are interested.

Also I'm a big fan of teaching morals or lessons. Most of my comics have this hidden lesson or more than one. TRS is riddled with them.

Please comment on my comics. I love reading people's thoughts on my stories. It really helps boost motivation and happiness of the author. I hope that one day I make a comic page that get over a hundred interesting comments that I can just read through.

So go check out my comics if you haven't already and comment. Please.

Thank you for reading.
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@AMKHeart: no. It's a brush i made myself
Dragon quest slime!!!!!
Opal spent time with her, but murdered her. Yeeeeaaaah. That’s waaaay better than taking her for granted.
I love cricketkit
If you take away the first part he says "Exploring ruins my whole life"
Okay, WOW. I already love this comic. You've got a lovely style, with clean lines and characters full of shapelyness(Is that a word? I dunno). Also I love how the beedrill breaks the pattern of swarm of breedrill (EVIL) and is just a concerned lady. Awseome job and I can't wait to see where this comic goes!
N, you’re about to be stabbed in the back
Mirja be the super mom
@Paperclaw: Sorry I took so long to respond, I just read this now, If you are still feeling it we can work something out over PMs
@Snick: *Ships these babs*
*Secretly wonders if this is the goahead to ship these babs*
@jaketheflareon231: This was three years ago. That comic no longer exists
Welcome to the new age
Weeeee haaaaave HOUNDPAW CHAPTERS!
Mama Goldenfur
You'd think they'd separate and quarantine her since she has the bad.