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You can call me Ranboo. I'm a big fan of warrior cats, Pokémon, and anything fantasy related. My hobbies include drawing, reading, cooking, and playing video games.

My main comic I work on is The Reincarnation Stone.
My fist comic was No One Likes To Help. It is really old and had horrible everything, but it was a learning experience for me and how to make comics. Feel free to visit it and make fun of all the spelling errors and contradictions my twelve year old self made.

I do take requests at my art site if you are interested.

Also I'm a big fan of teaching morals or lessons. Most of my comics have this hidden lesson or more than one. TRS is riddled with them.

Please comment on my comics. I love reading people's thoughts on my stories. It really helps boost motivation and happiness of the author. I hope that one day I make a comic page that get over a hundred interesting comments that I can just read through.

So go check out my comics if you haven't already and comment. Please.

Thank you for reading.
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Sorry, It's been awhile. Had to do school stuff.

Here's an opinions questionnaire on this comic if you haven't done it yet.
Nooooo Mirja!
Keila has invincible skerves
Nooooooo! Carla bab!
Hey, Kelp! We got these babies here! Guess what! you've been promoted! You're the new mom! Yay!
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
@cloudpool: Oh wow! That’s really pretty! I like the colors, they are very eye pleasing.
@WiispNightmare: You’re Alive! We were wondering where you went! How are you?
And there we go again
Wiisp? Are you here? we miss you.
Level up!
do do do!
Would your magic dream cat like to learn a new move?
Learned fire dash!
@FireFox Leafy: Also I love your sona's design, It's like a grass type vulpix!
My first shiny was a carvanha that I hatch purely for the purpose of completing the pokedex to get a shiny charm to shiny hunt a shiny rockruff. never got that rockruff
ghbbnnnnbnnjjvummbjkjbkjb sass
Obviously Kuma is the ursarang
I just found this comic and Oh wow I love it! The art style is something that I don’t see often and I love how all the characters have distinct shapes!
@POKEMON160: don’t worry, I can fix it
Cyuuuuuute! The bab