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You can call me Ranboo. I'm a big fan of warrior cats, Pokémon, and anything fantasy related. My hobbies include drawing, reading, cooking, and playing video games.

My main comic I work on is The Reincarnation Stone.
My fist comic was No One Likes To Help. It is really old and had horrible everything, but it was a learning experience for me and how to make comics. Feel free to visit it and make fun of all the spelling errors and contradictions my twelve year old self made.

I do take requests at my art site if you are interested.

Also all my comics are cuss word free. I don't use them. I'm fine with them. But I don't use them.
Also I'm a big fan of teaching morals or lessons. Most of my comics have this hidden lesson or more than one. TRS is riddled with them.

Please comment on my comics. I love reading people's thoughts on my stories. It really helps boost motivation and happiness of the author. I hope that one day I make a comic page that get over a hundred interesting comments that I can just read through.

So go check out my comics if you haven't already and comment. Please.

Thank you for reading.
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Ok, my sister had a couple friends over who were all into art by some degree, so I did a collaboration with them.

Sketch by me
lineart by 12 yr old A
Color by 12 year old B
Text by sister
@Midnight-fox18: Why in the world did I add a monocle?
Enter my favorite character Goldenfur.
You get another one. Meet all the med cats.
The name thing will be open until the cats receive their warrior names. When the time comes I'll use the name with the most votes.
Ok. so I know this is really lazy to not color, so I give you this to make up for it.

please look at it.
“I like fire” hrrrrrrmmmm. Sounds like an arsonist to me.
Riverclan right now.

Also I’ll take cameos.
Have a warrior cat?
Want them to show up in this comic as a background characters?
Probably to be seen at gatherings, on patrol, or in a fight?
These easy steps will tell you how it is done!

1. Hit the comment button
2. Type that you’d like to cameo
3. Acknowledge that the your cameo must be a warrior
4. State the name(s) of your warrior cat(s)
5. Describe or link a picture of your cat(s)
6. State the preferred clan (might not get the clan you want, but I’ll try my best)
7.Riverclan is not allowed to be clan for your cameo
8. Max three cat cameos

Didn’t he say he had a dead older sister?
I love her. Give her to me.
And the everything explodes and then everything explodes and then everything explodes
I mean Dawn never said he couldn't wear a creepy mask when meeting with Harmony.
-Some of or one poochyena joins Briar's team?
-Briar joins Poochyenas' team?
-Briar, poochyena and tailow make a team together?
-Poocheyena don't join Briar's team?
-Briar explodes?
Ohhhhh. Myu, your mother sees you. Fighting is unladylike didn't you know?
Wait geodudes can fly?
when the fire nation attacked