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i am pongldr
i like to make comics which are silly but hopefully quite cool to read. i tend to just vomit my ideas onto a page but would love if people actually enjoyed it.
@dylgramac: she actually kinda is tbh

and we all know villains are usually more likeable than the heroes!
@00Stevo: it was only a last minute decision between us 3 ^^; i didnt really publicly post about it.

I'll have you in mind for the next time I do a collab.
these last 2 pages were made by the wonderful ruma. go check him out here.
This is the first page of this Collaborative Special episode by another artist, Ash Ketchup. Check him out here:

More of Part 100 coming soon!
September 26th, 2017
@Ian Evans: lol yea
@Ian Evans: u fuckin know it
@00Stevo: uhh no sorry. i tend to just leave it up to readers who read it a lot to just recognise who's who. everyone has their own formula which makes them stand out. atleast i try to do that.
@Golb989: =3= i know the exact one you're referring to.
@Micahjjg: me too desu

romance of all kinds must be cherished

though mr principal is quite obsessed with yuri having only discovered it recently, im sure he'll soon discover magical yaoi
@Micahjjg: i cant tell if you're serious or not but i'm sorry either way
@Ian Evans:
@Golb989: well the majority of my stories i base on some aspect of myself -w-;
@Golb989: are u saying im the idiot cho san? -3-
@SophiaTheDork: suteki sutekiiiii uwu
@Follinette: happy to have you back! <3