i am pongldr
i like to make comics which are silly but hopefully quite cool to read. i tend to just vomit my ideas onto a page but would love if people actually enjoyed it.
I know I apologise alot, seemingly needlessly, and I know everyone here is very understanding and kind about it, but once again I'm sorry for the delay on this episode. It's gonna start taking me a bit longer to make them because I'm simply incredibly depressed recently. I can't really motivate myself to do anything so making these comics is alot more of a chore than it used to be.

I know I don't NEED to apologise for my own condition but I just want to make it clear that I'm still trying and I hope you can all put up with slightly longer than usual between episodes. Thanks <3
Sorry that progress has slowed down. I've been dealing with bad feels. It'll speed up soon.
@00Stevo: the school is all girls. Jon and Oscar are both out of school.
I'm really sorry about the amount of time this one took. Everything went wrong while making it. I spent longer than I wanted making the pages, and then my tablet decided to die on me, then none of it's settings were right when i fixed it, and It was all just very stressful.

Apologies desu.
@Micahjjg: gotta love big man tyrone.
@Follinette: it was a valiant attempt
@Ian Evans: ive done brick jokes quite often =w=; i do it with Manami and the Ocean too.
@00Stevo: look back to Part 74 :P
@00Stevo: eeyup. she got lost at sea one, got found by Cho-san. then she got lost at sea again from her pool and got found by Kohana.
@Micahjjg: lol he actually uses like the same 5 and they just happen to suit a lot of situations
@Ian Evans: lol i tend to make the most ridiculous character i can
@Follinette: its kinda weird. its usually for girls, with -kun being the male equivilent, but sometimes it's used in an endearing way, Onii-chan meaning Big Brother desu.
@Follinette: maybe! i didn't show it cus i figured people would start getting bored of kotori and cho if i did them too much.