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i am pongldr
i like to make comics which are silly but hopefully quite cool to read. i tend to just vomit my ideas onto a page but would love if people actually enjoyed it.
@ZSnazzy: always a terrible idea -w-
@Follinette: haha dont worry i figured that might be the case >< you're all good
@Follinette: the comics been spotlighted for a while now o:
@Ian Evans: homeless homies
@Ian Evans: u got it -w-
@00Stevo: classic pongldr subtlety uwu
@Follinette: lots and lots of milk -w-
@Micahjjg: true AF
@Micahjjg: her boobs have actually grown over time, if you look back at Part 1 she has none at all =w=
@00Stevo: agreed tbh
@Follinette: to the outer reaches of the universe
@ZSnazzy: thats a reasonable way to imagine her -w-
@Follinette: stealing desserts isnt a crime, its a way of life!
@00Stevo: that's my specialty! -w-
@Micahjjg: cant say ive ever heard of it but awesome :O
@ZSnazzy: Glad you're enjoying ^_^
@Golb989: im saying im bored of having to tell you not to comment dumb shit if you're not offering any other criticism than "this isnt something else therefor i dont like it."