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That sounds disturbingly like the poetry I used to write when I was fourteen or fifteen. Is he taking a course on Milton? Because it kind of sounds like a hippie version of Paradise Lost.
Murky page
Slowly gettin' back into the swing of things!
Procrastinators unite!
Nice line-up. Wiley has a very compelling expression.
Is this the bit where we find out about how bad Return of the Jedi was? I was curious about that.
If we pretend last week didn't happen, this page is on time!
It's kind of thrown together...but hey, explosions.
Whoohoo, stick figures! Seriously though, good stuff, stick figures.
I totally missed that fight, I must have been asleep...but gosh, I was wondering where all those paper cuts came from.

Anyhow, if you're going to insult your own page--and it's not so bad, you know, gets the point across anyway--at least do it properly. "Crappiness" has no "y."
I think this page could be much better, especially the last panel, but I'm not speaking to it anymore.

Not sure if I'm going to use markers again, because they make it very easy to screw it all up, but it does make it much easier to see. All the screwed up bits are definitely Abies's fault, though. (Come on, what's the point of collaborating if you can't blame everything on the other person?)
Thanks, Yunis, you win the roommate-of-the-year award.
RIP Sir Walter Raleigh (about 1552-October 29, 1618) I like the caution tape, too. Also the way you're drawing Lucille now, she turned out very nicely in the second panel. I'll call you later and we can talk spelling and continuity.

Also, thanks, Gibson Twist, for checking out our comic, commenting, and faving...Seriously, I admire your work a lot and I was very excited.
Nerd Goofs: Best of '07
So I know no one's picked up on this yet, because no one's read this yet, but for future readers with a basic knowledge of Greek and Latin: sorry. I should have looked up the roots I used in forming the word homicthyus before posting....It was supposed to mean fish-human, right? Except "hom" is the Latin root for man, and "icthyus" is from the Greek for fish.

So I feel really dumb, but on a kind of superior level.

Anyway, after thinking it through, I'm not going to go back and change it, purely for aesthetics. I don't want to change it entirely to Greek because the Greek root for man is "anthro," which brings to mind anime characters with fox ears and tails. And Latin for fish is "pisces," and come on, hompisces? Homopisces? Homipisces? Don't like it. So we're sticking with flawed little hybrid homicthyus simply because it looks better.

And Abies--nice job on the anonymity--and excellent handling of the turtle. Hey. You know me and turtles. Go chelonians!
'ello. My name is ChelonianBlue and I'll be your other comic artist.
So here's page four, a day late, I had trouble adjusting the size. I know everyone was anticipating this page like mad and everything, of course, so terribly sorry about that.

Claude apparently curled his hair between pages two and three, so I'm going along with that...

You're up, Abies. Abi. Abe. Yep. Pronounced AY-bee-iss for those of you who were saying Abby's, by the way.