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His freckles give me life.
Logan's face in that bottom panel is probably the cutest thing I have seen lately.
"Naia" could be related to the person in the picture maybe? >_>
There's my fave boy.
No need to get grumpy cause you got a hairtrigger for Kylee, dude. LOL
November 21st, 2018
Asper's brain (both now, and possibly later 😉): 🎵 Sweet dreams are made of these 🎶
Kim looks so content and soft. Protecc the boi, Kylee.
September 14th, 2018
Forcibly snuggled.
September 5th, 2018
That one snake that's like, "Yaaaaasssbih, get it".
*quietly chanting in the corner:* Make out, make out, make out
...dick. Dick in the box. XD
Arco? More like Arc-NO.
@SomiJuli Thank you! It may or may not be the actual face I make when reading comics and ship a thing. >.>

Question: are we one day maybe gonna get a Carter comic? Or is his story included in here at some point? (Y'know, the kind where he ends up HEA with a hot redhead in his bed. Maybe. >.>)
I hope everything's gonna happen. Cause I have a whole fleet of ships here. XD I am invested af.

Also. Logan. YoushouldkissaguywhoisntBrianjusttoseeifitclearsupsomeofyourconfusion.-cough cough- >.>
Would there be any chance you might consider selling these as digital pics? So people who want to buy them and support you, but ultimately cannot have physical copies (for whatever reason), can still do so?