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awwwww I wanna to see some cute rubz. but this is still cute
I foresee hopefully a hug, and him just worried ky might get bullied emotionally or physically in boy mode
Ky should just help him not to say stuff like that, i'm sure he'd be more than happy to accomodate to Ky's every whim if he understood
YAY they're getting along. AND IT"S ADORABLE
well made it to the end...sad now TwT
amazing artist, amazing...what do you call a comic writer? obviously not a comic, that's a commedian, logic
I have it, this is radioactive homo erectus :3
9 pages in
lovin it :3
Me wan piece of Ruby :3 so cute X3
I need to get those books, i love this series so much
@EmilyAnnCoons: What is haveing a change of clothes for if i only have these comfy pants *tear*
It's adorable and agonizing they know about each other soon enough and we all know it lel. MORE ANA PLZ SHE SO CUTE
What surgery?
Come on, it's so obvious, the only surprise is a plot twist where it WASN'T SRS lel
Adorableness levels are at an all time high ^w^
@Breawycker: #puddlesidestory
May 3rd is coming fast miss Lynn. Best wishes! ^u^ Keep on bein awesome
*nosebleeds* KAWAII DESU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Philosophical question for you all: what is more foolish? Trying something even though you know could fail and the consequences for failure could be exceptionally bad? Or not even trying, even though you very well could succeed, and the reward for success would be exceptionally good? Is either really foolish? Is there a right or wrong answer?"

this made me directly think about me and my girlfriend. This comic one ups itself with every post in my perception
March 24th, 2016
@TallMist: He's got to be like, the only antagonist left besides Rain's sister :P