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MR Paint
I read a lot of Nuzlocke comics online. Decided to make my own.

On my free time, I:
-Write music
-Binge watch a crap ton of anime
-Play Pokemon
-Wreck scrubs

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    Huy Tran
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Okay, but it's been amazing from the start and it gets BETTER?!

I'm so ready
This comic always somehow gets better every page.
Is that a story arc I sense?
MR Paint
June 28th, 2018
This is adorable and I'm hooked
I'm loving this so much so far
Bolt's adorable and instantly my favorite
Dear lord, this is gorgeous
Man I love this comic. Everything about it's getting so good so quickly. The plot, the art, the characters.

I understand lack of motivation, but you're handling it pretty well in my opinion
Kali already hella cute
I want that teddiursa teddy so much
Dude, Chet has me so interested, now
*senpai stalking intensifies*
This comic has me hooked already. The characters and their interactions are cute and hilarious and the artwork is really pleasing to the eye. I can't wait to see more.
Don't worry
I have terrible procrastination problems and broken memory. You'll be fine.
I think it was worth the wait.
This is one way to celebrate MSPEN anniversary.

This is an amazing way to celebrate MSPEN anniversary.
This is a piece of fanart by Jgamer for my comic's 1 year anniversary.

According to him, this is based of this picture.

Not gonna lie, I actually really like this piece of fanart.

I think he drew Memestick's hat better than me...

Anyway, go check out Jgamer's comics.

And happy anniversary, MSPEN!
Stockholm syndrome escalated quickly.