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I animate, do comics, draw, and other stuff. I like Pokemon, Harry Potter, MLP, a bunch of anime, Doctor Who, and other random stuff...
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    Shadow Winters
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@EeveeEon: when are you going to update the ask t.e.a.?
Mid, for some reason it's not letting me PM... I wanted to let you know
@aabobb : role playing is basically an RPG game, such as Zelda or Pokemon ect.

@Pinkeevee222: I've heard rumors of your comic having a miku, and i have a miku in my animated series, and hatsune miku... Too many miku's!!!!!
@5Albany-Light5: ((last line)) same here
Celestine just like 'what is this kid doing here...'
In my shipping view:

Gareth: No! Mi sis is stealing my man!
My fav character so far though is Jackson.
So far, I have seen my two sides in this, my happy side was the headphones Eevee ((I bring headphones almost everywhere and wear them on my neck for no reason)) and my bad side is Jackson it seems, especially when it's 90* outside, summer heat...
"Yay" I say and play a slightly different rithym
@Midnight-fox18: "Aslong as there's Jareth" I smirk. I pull a violin out of thin air and start playing softly.
@Midnight-fox18: *Beings Jewl and Ray onto dance floor* "Kiss!!!" I yell at them. "No way shadow!" They yell
I do not own this song, I am just sharing it with the world!