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LMFAOOO. That's hilarious. :'D
Xin is love, omgz. <3
Wow! That girl looks really pretty, haha. XD
Norton is a security software. LMAO. ~
I lol'd.
wut. O_O
Thank you! LOL. XD
I'm just sooo lazy lately. D: I'll try to get some pages of Starweaver planned and drawn sometime this week. Thanks for the comment! n_n
Two more pages! O: Sorry for the slowness. v_v
Here are the pages I promised last week. I had internet problems all week, so I couldn't post them.
Hope you enjoy! ;D
Manga has been deeaddd.
Hoping to revive it with a few extra pages this weekend. ;D
Haha, thanks! : D I think. LOL. <3 I hope you'll enjoy this as it continues.
YAYYY. Finally about to start. @___@
ROTFL. Just kidding. @v@;; Can't wait to see more.
@__@ School is death. Sorry for the slow updates. D:
I lol'ed. XD
Thanks! : D
Last prologue... Man I'm taking so long with the pages. @__@
Now the actual story can start.
@ compare-ers:
Please stop comparing nozmo's webcomics to existing books and manga. I don't know about the artist's perference, but I don't think ANY artist likes getting comparison comments. n_n''
This page was sort of rushed. D:
The lady is Kei's mother. O: They're at the hospital.